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The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou





As many of you may have noticed, Wellness is becoming a hot topic at Sephora. @LexBT and I are all about supplements, self-care, and staying hydrated so you can imagine how excited we were to test out Moon Juice’s newest Supplement: MOON JUICE - SuperYou Daily Stress Management


Now we have heard amazing things about this supplement from co-workers, this product has a bit of a cult following here at Sephora and we’re starting to see why. SuperYou is a supplement only sold in the US (for now, fingers crossed for Canada!) that contains four adaptogens: Ashwagandha, Amla, Rhodiola and Shatavari. Click on the “Ingredients” tab on the product page to learn more about the effects. Overall, we are hoping to manage stress both physically and mentally, increase alertness and to balance hormones.


We have each been taking SuperYou for about ten days and are already starting to notice the effects. We will be sharing our thoughts in this thread for the next few weeks. If you have any questions, ask away!


Is anyone else taking SuperYou? Share your experience in this thread!

Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

My latest update 2 weeks in: I'm SOLD. I took a page from @makeitup305 's book and went a day without taking it and I could tell the difference at about 1pm that day. SuperYou has basically killed my afternoon post-lunch crash, so when I skipped a day I really felt exhaustion start to creep in. By 4pm, I was done: brain fog, couldn't concentrate, and yawning profusely. I picked back up on SuperYou the following day, and all was well in the world again.


I'm heading into wedding week and will be taking SuperYou and NOT working out (no time!), so will report back with how that goes..

Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

Yay!! Please let us know how the wedding week goes!!

Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

@LexBT glad to hear it’s working for you! Best of luck with the wedding. Happy holidays!

Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

Hi all!


Wanted to share another update with you all as of Friday, which was my two-week mark of taking SuperYou. I continue to notice myself feeling more calm than usual... I am really loving this supplement! I also noticed @JeffreyBD mention that he noticed a difference in his waist size after taking this for a few months so I was wondering if this was affecting my hunger. My love of snacking ebbs and flows and I have been going through a phase of snacking less since taking this. Not sure if that's a coincidence or the Rhodiola is actually suppressing my appetite... I definitely still get all my meals in Smiley Very Happy It could also be a side effect of stressing less because I have been known to stress eat. Regardless, I'm mostly loving that I feel less stressed out and can definitely see why so many people are hooked on this product. I am going to use my $25 Holiday Hooray to get another bottle. Now I just need to figure out what to get with the other $25 on my transaction to reach $75! 

Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

Hey @KatieBT I'm Obsessed! I have been on it for about 3 months now and this product has CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I have lost 2-3 inches on my waist and my arms are more lean. I have an elevated mood throughout the day and increased focus. And my hair, skin, and nails are responding amazingly! I've notice better firmness and elasticity as well as a clairty and radiance! I honestly give this product 5 stars!


I would recommend any of the Moon Juice products as I've been FREQUENTLY visiting their Melrose and Echo Park locations here in LA and have been DIVING DEEP into Wellness also!

Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

Keep re-reading this comment... SO amazing!! Love it so much, thank you!

Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

@JeffreyBD WOW I’m glad to hear you’re loving this supplement, what incredible results! I have heard so many wonderful effects so it’s great to hear when a product lives up to the hype. I‘m already getting nervous to NOT take SuperYou after about two weeks and loving the way I feel, I’ll have to place an order ASAP for Holiday Hooray!


Now I’m very curious... which Moon Juice products are you using? 


Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

This is right up my ally!  I am all about supplements and health/self-care.  I must check this out. thank you!  Smiley Very Happy

Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

@jen143xo Please do! And share your thoughts if you do decide to pick this up and incorporate into your daily supp routine. 

Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou


The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

My concern with a lot of these supplements are snake oil and not based on science showing they have an actual benefit. Are there any studies for this particular supplement?

Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

Hi there!! Ingredients in SuperYou have been tested in randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials measuring serum cortisol and a number of other biological markers, showing how these adaptogens help to regulate stress in the body.

Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

@LexBT those curls 😍😍😍


can't wait to see/hear your thoughts on this item, I've never heard of it!

Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

I'm impressed that this supplement doesn't use silica as a filler.  I just don't see why that is ever used in supplements, as it doesn't have any nutritional benefit, and can set off allergies and asthma.  

I'm looking forward to the day when someone makes a similar supplement with all the wonderful anti-inflammatory ingredients but without astragalus and ashwagandha or the other herbs that stimulate the immune system.  I know that's good for most people, but there is a growing number of people (a growing market!) who can't take those.

@MoonJuice  could you pretty please make that happen?

Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

I actually saw this in store at Nordstrom and was pretty intrigued. I've been taking Ashwaghanda pretty consistently for about 2 months and I can definitely tell when I missed a day. I've been interested in taking Rhodiola too, since it's supposed to help with anxiety and fatigue. I'd never heard of Shatavari but it seems like a good addition Smiley Wink I'm now torn between trying these or the HUM NUTRITION - Uber Energy™ Adaptogen Supplemen

RE: Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

@makeitup305 , Regarding the ashwaghanda, do you notice any difference in memory/focus? Where do you get it from? Thanks!

Re: RE: Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

@missxmas I haven't been tracking memory/focus too much but I guess you could say I'm more focused because I feel less run down? I buy mine at Sprouts but it's available from multiple retailers online- it's the Himalaya brand. I chose that one because you only have to take one a day versus some of the other ones I looked at.

RE: Re: RE: Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

Nice!!! Yeah I read about recent scientific research that has demonstrated the effectiveness of it on focus, memory, mind health. Awesome to hear it really helps with energy!

Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: The Wellness Diaries: SuperYou

@missxmas I think it helps that I drink it before my coffee in the morning and so it balances out my crash around 2. 

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