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The Summer Lippie Challenge!

It’s the first day of summer! I don’t know about you all, but this is one of my favorite seasons of all time. Not just because school’s out, but I feel inspired to be more carefree with my beauty routine and tend to reach for my summery lip products. Knowing how much everyone here loves everything lip and hearing how much fun you all had last year with summer lips, we’re starting the Summer Lippie Challenge TODAY! Show us your pics, swatches, or hauls and don’t forget to share your thoughts.


Whatever your take on a Summer lip is, we want to see it!



Here's the challenge: Sift through your lipstick stash and pull out those summer-themed lippies! Nothing is off-limits. Wearing your sheer SPF lip balm one day and your HG Tom Ford lippie the next? Share it here every day!

The Summer Lippie Challenge!

Hi all! I can't believe i'm logged in without being kicked off and asked to re-enter my password 800 times...YAY go me! I better make this quick before it happens. I went to Sephora today, re-stocked a few lippies. Picked up Too Faced Queen B, just love this shade so much. Also restocked Too Faced Suck It which fellow BT'er @gonerogue recommended a few months ago and I just can't get enough of, on my second bottle 💋. I tried to love the Nars Orgasm lip balm, it's just too natural looking for me...I mean it IS a lip balm, I came, I tried...I no likey.

Re: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

@GG84 I had the same technical glitches this afternoon! 🤨

@GG84, thanks, that reminded me I need to push my Queen B...

@GG84, thanks, that reminded me I need to push my Queen B to the front of my stash, havent used it in awhile. 😊

RE: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

Getting this Summer Lip Challenge off with a bang!! Just joined LiveGlam’s Monthly KissMe subscription. 3 lipcolors a month and this is the June box!! Gorgeous colors in the theme of the Month : Coffee!! They smell amazing, soft and powdery and fresh, highly pigmented and feel very comfortable on! Can’t choose which one to wear today!!! I thought Glamaccino would be too gray for me when I saw the email update, but in person, it’s just gorgeous and might be my favorite color of the month!

Re: RE: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

@KrishAtl When I saw the swatches on your hand the Glamaccino was actually the one I preferred! I’m glad that you like it as well! 

RE: Re: RE: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

It’s such a pretty color @keana1. It’s so versatile! It can go totally glam/rocker with a purple glitter/gloss over the top, or can be more muted/conservative with a brown/nude/mauve gloss. By itself it’s a very pretty color. Perfect for weekends.

Re: RE: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

Ooh gorgeous colours, I can’t wait

to see the looks you create using these @KrishAtl 💕😄

Re: RE: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

@KrishAtl That Glamaccino is a gorgeous color!

Re: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

I didn't know it was National Pink day until after I put this color on. Oh well I'm a rebel like that anyways. Kinda has a light pink look...But today I am wearing the new JS Soft Serve. I originally wasn't going to get this, but saw a swatch I fell in love with. I shouldn't have gotten it. Its so streaky. I had this problem with one of his other colors like this. 

Soft Serve.jpg

Re: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

@Samtian, it doesn't look streaky in the photo, its the perfect bright color on your skin tone. How did you overcome the streaking?


I had some colorpop liquid mattes in a orangey red and peach pink that were horribly streaky. All I did was add  4 drops of castor oil to the bottle, shook it up and it went on alot better. It was an insy tinsy streaky, but soooo much better I can wear it now and get my money's worth, lol. 

The Summer Lippie Challenge!

My new favorite hot pink, sorry kvd backstage bambi. 😊 Its Tarte creamy matte lip paint in adorbs. I was so scared to wear this and now im glad i did. Even the tarte liner Totes, that goes with this, is great on its own-like a glossy version of it and slightly darker. I love it!!

Re: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

@Buootiful Ooh girl that is stunning on you!!! As for the streakyness, I didn't do anything. But I'll have to give your idea a try!

Re: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

Great pink it goes right with your name @Buootiful

Re: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

Thanks @femman !

Re: The Summer Lippie Challenge!


I like this color a lot on you!  You have such a pretty complexion, goes well with the lip colors that you choose.  🙂

Re: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

@Samtian That shade is lovely on you, although that’s too bad it’s streaky. 

Re: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

For National Pink Day, I am wearing Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Candy K. A soft pink is always a go-to for me in the summer!






RE: Re: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

Gorgeous color @gonerogue!

Re: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

The pink is fabulous @gonerogue  Really liking the cheeks also

Re: The Summer Lippie Challenge!

@femman Thanks! I believe I was wearing Benefit's Rockateur (?) that day 😉

Re: The Summer Lippie Challenge!


 Great choice!  Candy K. is beautiful on you!  🙂