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The Hydration Challenge

Hydration GIF.gif


I've seen a lot of talk about 2018 resolutions and one of my biggest goals for 2018 is make hydration a habit. Rather than talking or thinking about this resolution (like 2017... oops!) I am starting a hydration challenge. Let's get focused on hydration, BIC!



The goal? To increase our hydration levels so we can all feel incredible both inside and out.



Here are a few tips on staying hydrated:

  • Eat water-rich foods (cucumber, greens, grapes, etc.)
  • If you're sweating, you need to drink more H2O!
  • Drinking caffeine? Replace that cup of coffee with a cup of water. (This is in addition to your daily recommended intake!)


This thread will be a space to talk about the hydrating products you're using and to check in on how much water you're drinking. Let's set goals and help each other meet them! Use this thread to share how you're feeling whether you're thirsty, your skin is extra-dry or to offer hydration tips for the rest of us!


Let's get hydrated, BIC! 

Re: The Hydration Challenge

@fatimamummy juice, fruits and veggies all count IMO, I've been all about the smoothies these days Smiley Happy For soda, it depends on whether or not the drink is caffeinated. If it has caffeine I would try to replace the same volume of soda you consume with an equal amount of water. 

Re: The Hydration Challenge

@KatieBT I have pretty much given up caffeinated tea and coffee but I’m still struggling to replace regular soda with some healthy alternate. One day I’ll do it πŸ˜€

Re: The Hydration Challenge

Thanks for the tag @KatieBT Love your shadow in the photo!

So do we think this counts?


Not sure who has been tagged yet!?! @sister13 @Lazybeautybeast @mezzotown88 

Re: The Hydration Challenge

You must have been spying on me today @PrettyPaint. I forgot my water bottle so I didn't drink nearly enough today. 😣 Time to catch-up! Um....I don't think I saw @GG84 and @bakeamuffin. Sorry if you already got tagged ladies. 




Re: The Hydration Challenge

That’s a cool bottle! @Lazybeautybeast

Re: The Hydration Challenge

Forgot to mention @KatieBT. Thanks for the challenge and can't wait to see not the eyeshadow is! 

Re: The Hydration Challenge

Thanks for the tag, I did need a reminder! @PrettyPaint @KatieBT



 @CakesCakes @Mcakes @veronika23 @jozkid 


Re: The Hydration Challenge

This is so late....but life is getting the best of me lately! Still trying to stay hydrated and find time to check BIC when I get the chance. Thanks for the tag @sister13!! 😁 I usually forget to carry water bottles with me but it’s been easier since I received the BKR bottle. It’s so cute and I like the handle on the cap. EE3A3D79-1586-46FD-8090-1E34A7BDD1DB.jpeg


Re: The Hydration Challenge

Super cute! @CakesCakes

Re: The Hydration Challenge

Thanks for the tag @sister13!  I posted below... although not my pics... it was way too early when I posted Smiley Very Happy

Re: The Hydration Challenge

Thanks for playing @PrettyPaint! If this doesn't count I don't want to know! 

Re: The Hydration Challenge

This is such a cute pic, @KatieBT!  I am dying to find out more about your top secret eyeshadow!!!😍

Re: The Hydration Challenge

I know!  Me too! @KatieBT @Tamara76

Re: The Hydration Challenge

Thanks for tagging me @KatieBT Smiley Wink


I’m having dinner (homemade butter chicken), drinking a half glass of wine along with my usual dinner drink, cold tap water in my trusty beaker glass from the California Academy of Sciences!




Tagging @unfungirl @lmi82 @ZombieMetroAnt @Tamara76  @veronika23 @Kim888

Re: The Hydration Challenge

@k617 thanks for playing and cute glass! I love Cal Academy I need to snag one of these asap! Great excuse to go there Smiley Happy 

Re: The Hydration Challenge

@k617  OMG LOVE that glass! Nerd after my own <3 !!!!

Re: The Hydration Challenge

That's a cute glass @k617!  I always have different reusable bottles/cups/tumblers with me. Not my pics but these are some of my fav. that I own. I have one more in my sights Smiley Very Happy

Image result for starbucks iridescent tumblerRelated image

Image result for swell milkyway

Re: The Hydration Challenge

I have that s’well bottle @veronika23. It’s one of my favorites! 

Re: The Hydration Challenge

It's just so beautiful @PrettyPaint!  Corkcicle came out with a series in the same finish. I want that large tumbler!!! Yes I have a problem with cups/water bottles... especially in those types of finishes Smiley Very Happy

Image result for corkcicle tumbler unicorn magic

Re: The Hydration Challenge

@veronika23 I think your cup/water bottle problem is a good thing! Making water fun to drink is awesome. Life should be fun, thanks for the inspiration! πŸ’œ

Re: The Hydration Challenge

Aww thanks @JessyAnne πŸ–€  Love the mermaid and unicorn vibes but I also like things like the BKR bottle in the black spikes. Can never have enough black either Smiley Very Happy


I definitely agree with you that life should be fun! Smiley Happy


Image result for bkr water bottle black spikes

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