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Suggestion for "Loves" + "Past Purchases" sections

I think it would be nice if the "Loves" section could be organized. At least the ability to group like items together either in a folder or what have you. Even if the products in your "Loves" could just be organized and grouped based on the headings on the website (makeup, skincare, fragrance etc). Alternatively, you could also allow people to create their own folders/headers to group the products in their "Loves" section however they want, maybe someone would want to group items they want to remember to buy as a gift for someone.

It would also be nice to be able to drag and drop them to change the order as a way to basically prioritize or rank them based on what I want to buy next, similar to the concept of a queue.


Along the same lines it would be really nice if there was an ability to add a comment under the products listed in the your purchases section. That way you could put notes about whether you liked the product and would want to buy it again or notes about any tricks or tips for using that specific product, so on and so forth. 


I'm sure there are many other relatively simple features that other people might want related to this.

Re: Suggestion for "Loves" + "Past Purchases" sections

I thought that would make it easier. But here's a question, my boyfriend never knows what to buy my for any occasion, birthday, Christmas, anniversary so lately I've been sending him to Sephora where  I can get the gift and the points but is he able to give my name and pull up a list of my Loves? If that were possible then I would always get what I want. Anyone know?

Re: Suggestion for "Loves" + "Past Purchases" sections

I would even be happy with simple catagories like nails, eye, face, etc. For me, that would be so much more useful than most recent loves first. 

Re: Suggestion for "Loves" + "Past Purchases" sections

I actually wish there was a separate "repurchase" list that isn't included on the "loves" list. I share my loves list for the Rougie exchanges that I'm involved in. I'd like to be able to separate items I currently have and will repurchase later from items that I don't have but am interested in trying. I also like the idea of being able to organize the list by categories and being able to change the order of items.

Re: Suggestion for "Loves" + "Past Purchases" sections

THIS. I would love to be able to differentiate between my wish list and my purchased list!

Re: Suggestion for "Loves" + "Past Purchases" sections

100% agree. I've been thinking the same thing ever since I started using the Loves List feature.

Re: Suggestion for "Loves" + "Past Purchases" sections

Thank you for starting this thread!


I would LOVE (no pun intended) if we could add notes to our Loves list. Some of the items I've listed are for gifts, some of them are products I'd like to try in the winter months, some of them in the summer months, etc.


For example, if I come across a lightweight moisturizer that seems appropriate for the summer, I'll add it to my Loves list even if it's winter. But I want to be able to add a note to not buy it until the summer.


I've resorted to keeping a separate Word document on my computer with these notes. It would be so much easier if we could add the notes on our Loves list instead.


I like the way Amazon does it. It lets you add comments to your wish list, prioritize the wish list, and my favorite is that it lets you add items to your cart, but then you can click "save for later". The "save for later" list shows up every time you access your cart, but the products aren't in your cart--they're right below the items in your cart. That way, you know what to buy next without actually buying it yet.

Re: Suggestion for "Loves" + "Past Purchases" sections

I was just thinking about this, too. I wish that I could filter the Loves list according to what I want to purchase. If I was looking for a cleanser, I want to be able to see only the cleansers on my list so I don't have to scroll through everything else to find them. I also love the idea of prioritizing the products, too.

Re: Suggestion for "Loves" + "Past Purchases" sections

I totally agree - that would make the "Loves" section so much more useful. This has been brought up before and some posters said they created boards on their Pinterest account to organize their beauty purchases and favorites so that's what I did. But I do wish Sephora would follow your suggestions - it would be much more convenient that way.

Re: Suggestion for "Loves" + "Past Purchases" sections

Gawd YES to being able to move items around on the 'Loves' list. I spend a looong time every few days going thru and un-loving then re-loving things to get things tidy and organized. 

Re: Suggestion for "Loves" + "Past Purchases" sections

Hi Ella,


I love the idea of being able to prioritize/rank the items in the loves list!  There are often items I've added that I consider to be "next purchases," but they are down near the bottom of the list because of the date I added them. Sometimes, I have to go through and "unlove" and them 're-love' them to get them to the top of the list, as the most current item added is always the first one.


I would also love to have a "favorites" list in my Beauty Bag, so I could quickly reorder things without having to scroll through all my past purchases.


Great ideas!

Re: Suggestion for "Loves" + "Past Purchases" sections

To unlove them and relove them to get them to the top of the list is a great idea!

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