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So what's your experience with Flash shipping?

I know that some people signed up for it, so I'm curious about your experiences.  I ordered something yesterday before 1pm and I got the order confirmation, but I still don't have the shipping notice.  I must say I'm irritated, in part because I paid for it to ship out on the day I order (if it's before 3pm), in part because everything in the order is from the sale page and those things come and go so I'd like to be assured that I don't have a problem, and in part because I want confirmation it's really going to come on Monday.  We've been having afternoon thunderstorms and flash flood warnings.  I'm in no flooding danger, thank goodness, but I don't want a package sitting outside if there are going to be thunderstorms and I'd like to arrange my schedule.


Yes, it's nice to get shipping free on on $25 order, but I liked the convenience of being able to plan my arrivals better.


My other shipping experiences have been great.  One placed at about 5pm shipped out that night and arrived the next day because they sent it by air.  But if this goes on a truck it won't arrive until Tuesday and until I get a shipping notice, I won't know.  I called the VIB hotline and she said I should get a notice today, but couldn't tell me any more.  Now I'm feeling like I'm going to have to call again right before I need to leave to be somewhere later today, and it's frustrating.  I used to get shipping notices within 24 hours before this program even started most of the time.


So, how have you all done with the new shipping program?  I hope you've found it good.  Excuse my rant -- I'm annoyed and there isn't anyone else around to complain to.

Re: So what's your experience with Flash shipping?

I have mixed feelings about this program. My first order took 4 days to be shipped the second and the third ones arrived the next day I placed them, but yesterday (Sunday)  I placed a new order about 2 pm and so far my order hasn't be shipped yet. So I don't know what is going on. Before without the flash program I got my orders faster.

Re: So what's your experience with Flash shipping?

I'm also curious about the part in their "terms" about certain products are eligible.  So does this mean most of Sephora items are only part of the program??  I'd like to join if I can avoid having to order the $50 min for free shipping. 

Has anyone had any of these problems??

Re: So what's your experience with Flash shipping?

Hazmat items cannot be shipped by air.  They have to go by truck, so if you live more than 2 day ground away they won't meet the Flash deadline.  (For example, spray sunscreen is Hazmat, I believe Nail Polish remover is, and Perfume might be as well.) 


I know if you put a spray sunscreen in your basket it will warn you that the order has to go by ground.


I don't know what else might not be eligible.


Re: So what's your experience with Flash shipping?

I'll be honest- It hasn't changed delivery times for me since I'm near the warehouse. My stuff still gets sent UPS ground even with Flash.


What it has done is saved money on those small orders- no more wasting money on shipping a $20 item if that's all I needed.

Re: So what's your experience with Flash shipping?

@Mafan Thanks for starting this thread!  We definitely love the feedback especially since this is such a new program. I'm glad so far you've had good experiences with it.  Employees aren't eligible right now, but if we were I would be all over it. lol

Re: So what's your experience with Flash shipping?

I usually get my package the next afternoon. I get the shipping confirmation letter about an hour or two after my order is placed, but I typically can't track any of my orders because they ship so fast.


Only on one occasion did it take me about 3 days to get a package, which was partially related to it being the weekend, and partially due to some crazy bad weather on the east coast.


Typically our UPS is good about putting packages in plastic bags/wraps if it is raining or supposed to rain.

Re: So what's your experience with Flash shipping?

Ughhh, I'm so jealous! It is always 4-5 days to my husband's house, and then I have to wait until Friday when he visits for the weekend. I want flaaaaash, lol.

Re: So what's your experience with Flash shipping?

Can I join your jealous party? Smiley Wink Happy for the ladies who were lucky to got the emails though Smiley Wink

Re: So what's your experience with Flash shipping?

Of course you can join the party! The more the merrier! I hope they open up another round of signups soon!

Re: So what's your experience with Flash shipping?

I hope so too! Can someone recap exactly how the program works and what it costs to join (when they finally open it to others).

Re: So what's your experience with Flash shipping?

$25 to join; starts as soon as you officially pay. You can start placing flash shipping orders right after; 2 days is the advertised amount of time. From that point on there is no minimum to ship; you can order a $1 nail polish if you really feel like it. Non refundable; lasts 1 calendar year after you pay for it.


Orders must be placed by 3pm in order to ship same day (12pm for 1-day shipping orders). If order is placed after the deadline, it will be shipped the next business day.

Only available in the Continental US.
Excludes Canada, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, P.O. Boxes, APO/FPO, HAZMAT orders.

Re: So what's your experience with Flash shipping?

Just to follow up, I got my shipping notice and can now setup next week's work schedule. 


I'd still be interested in hearing other people's experiences.

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