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Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

Holiday is sneaking up on us and we are oh-so-excited for you to see all the newness launching! One brand we can always count on to deliver holidays sets and adorable gifts we love is Sephora Collection and 2019 will be no exception. We are sharing the first look at all things holiday for Sephora Collection this year. Read on to see a handful of the holiday-themed products launching in the next couple of weeks! Please note, all of the makeup and brush sets will launch on and Sephora.CA on 9/17 and skincare is coming to you on 10/1. We also know a few of the prices are missing so we will share once we confirm that information.



6. Bright Delights.JPG

Bright Delights - $28 USD / $36 CAN

If lip gloss is more your jam (and you're all about that holiday sparkle), this set is hard to pass up. Six glittery shades with names like Clink Clink, Bubbly, and Cheers are perfect for party season. I might even try layering them over the lip stains from the other kits when I'm feelin' fancy. I already know you’re going to love the holographic pouch that comes with!



4. Mini Cream Lip Stain Set.png

Mini Cream Lip Stain Set - $14 USD / $18 CAD

If you’ve been a member of the Community for a while, you already know about this BIC-favorite. If you are new to the SC lip stains, consider this your starter kit. These three shades, including one of my personal faves, Always Red, are perfect for holiday - and beyond!



5. Cream Lip Stain Collection.png

Cream Lip Stain Collection - $28 USD / $36 CAD

When the mini set just won't cut it, you have the option to go big with the full-sized 6-piece lip stain collection which includes two metallic shades to upgrade your holiday lip look.



Snow Glow Fce Palette.png

Snow Glow Face Palette

Consider this 4-in-1 face palette your ticket to shimmery, winter skin. I like that the two highlighters aren't overly-glittery so they are great for everyday wear - but the bold blush definitely lives up to its name! I also love that this set includes a mirror for on-the-go application.



8. Cooling Eye Pads.pngCooling Eye Pads - $6 USD / $9 CAD

I must admit, I think these cooling  eye pads are much cuter than the old cold spoon remedy.. True story – my roommate does this every morning and I always have a giggle! Pop these in the fridge for just 15 minutes and they're ready to go. I am thinking I’ll need to snag two – one for me and one for my roommate Smiley Happy



Frosted Advent Calendar.png

Frosted Party Advent Calendar - $45 USD / $59 CAD

It’s almost ADVENT CALENDAR SEASON! I'll go ahead and spare you the spoilers on all the goodies included in this 24-piece beauty advent calendar… because the fun is in the surprise! But let's just say goods included run the gamut

of skincare, makeup, bath products. Way better than chocolate, am I right? 



Frosted Party Face Masks Set - $15 USD / $21 CAD

Have a friend obsessed with multi-masking? Consider this three-piece kit a perfect match. You’ll get three texture-rich masks, enough for about 5 uses each: one hemp mousse, one peeling grapefruit mask, and one tingly toning peppermint mask. Holiday movie masking party, anyone?


1. Frosted Party Skincare Surprise.JPG

Frosted Party Skincare Surprise - $10 USD / $14 CAD

This surprise-filled ornament contains two masks, a coconut hand balm, and a charcoal nose strip, so it's perfect for any mask-lover on your list. Just don't forget to take mask selfies in your best holiday jammies for the Mask of the Week thread!



Frosted Party Duo.png

Frosted Party Freezing & Peeling Mask Duo - $10 USD/ $14 CAD

For the person on your list who likes to have options, give them the best of both worlds with this cute sheet mask duo. The freezing mask cools and hydrates for an instant toning effect, while the fruity peeling mask helps to refine texture and brighten.


 Arctic Eyes_1.png

Arctic Eyes_2.png

Arctic Eyes Eyeshadow Palette - $10 USD / $13 CAD

With a mix of matte and shimmery shades (eight total), this is an adorable, affordable addition to any palette collection. Check out the swatches and make sure to BYOB (bring your own brush)!



Winter Eyes_1.JPG


Winter Eyes_2.png

Winter Eyes Eyeshadow Palette - $24 USD / $31 CAD

This 16-shade shadow palette doesn't scream holiday (aside from the eye-catching packaging!) and honestly, I'm okay with that. The jewel tones are wearable and mostly shimmery, aside from a few matte shade, including a dark jade that I wish I had the guts to rock on a regular basis.



Tinsel Time Liquid Glitter Set - $14 USD / $18 CAD

I'm a sucker for liquid glitters, and this set of four definitely satisfies my craving. Layer them over your favorite shadows for some extra glimmer or wear them solo. My favorite is probably Disco Ball because it's the sparkle standout, but I'd definitely get plenty of use out of all of them!



14. Glitter Wonderland Loose Glitter Set.png

Glitter Wonderland Loose Glitter Set

If you're a loose glitter pro (more power to you!), you’re going to need this glitzy set. Four festive shades can be tapped onto any eyeshadow look or even added to your favorite holiday lip. The texture of the glitters is super fine ("micro-glitters"), which makes me even more willing to bring out my inner fairy.



15. Winter Time Eye & Face Palette_1.png


Face and eye palette.png

Winter Time Eye & Face Palette - $18 USD / $23 CAD

This twinkly palette blends the best of both worlds - warm and cool tones, shimmery and matte, eyes and cheeks. Three highlighters and six shadows make for perfect holiday looks, plus the palette includes a mirror to make sure you're party-ready on the go.



19. Glitter Top Coat Mascara.JPG

Glitter Top Coat Mascara

Normally I'm not one to bedazzle my lashes, but this glittery topcoat (in silver or gold) has me intrigued. Use it as a finishing touch post-mascara application to look more festive or even swipe it on a pair of falsies to give off major holiday

glamazon vibes.



Lit Up #LashStories - $8 USD / $10 CAD

For lash newbies, this pair might look intimidating at a first glance, but the criss-cross effect provides natural volume when you just want to level up your party look. The gradient length adds just the right amount of drama to the outer corners.



Stay Polished! Collection of 6 Nail Polishes

I always need a good mani to take me through the holiday manual labor of gift-wrapping, party toasts, and baking… and this set has me covered. Sticking with wearable pink and red tones -plus a bonus silver sparkler - this is a solid set of polishes. We’re still figuring out the price on this set but I have a feeling it will be a lot less than that salon mani Smiley Very Happy



Where is the Penguin? - $25 USD / $34 CAD

The ultimate gift for the mask lover in your life (which could very well be yourself!). And these aren't just any masks – they’ll take your self-care Sundays to the next level with an aloe hand mask, almond foot masks, a shea lip mask, coconut hair mask, and more!



Masks.JPGNote: These masks are all sold separately.

The Rose Gold Mask - $9 USD / $12 CAD

I hope you're ready to take plenty of holiday masking selfies, because this metallic rose gold foil mask was meant to be seen. But the rose gold isn't just a gimmick - it hydrates and softens with rose quartz extract to revitalize the skin.


Almond Foot Mask - $5 USD / $7 CAD

A sheet mask… for your feet? You know it! These skincare "socks" soften and soothe tired feet in 20 minutes, thanks to almond extract. In fact, my feet already hurt from the thought of holiday shopping and holiday party heels so I know I'm going to need a few of these!


Aloe Vera Hand Mask - $5 USD / $7 CAD

These hand masks are sure to come in handy (ha!) this holiday season. Slip them on like gloves and let the aloe vera extract go to work moisturizing and softening hands and cuticles. I'm usually too impatient to go hands-free for too long, so this speedy 15-minute treatment is the perfect quick fix for dry skin.


The Blue Mask - $7 USD / $10 CAD

You can be the ultimate ice queen with this blue foil toning mask. Sapphire extract smooths and refreshes for skin to appear firm and well-rested… but really, the metallic blue color alone makes me want to do it for the 'gram (or the Gallery)!



Shimmer and Sshine Brush Sset.JPG

Shimmer and Shine Brush set - $49 USD / $61 CAD

These brushes are SO pretty and great for any who's a sucker for year-round sparkles (where you at Gliltter Enthusiasts?!). The set includes eight brushes: powder, blush, foundation, fan, concealer, shadow, crease, and liner, plus a sleek metallic case to keep them close at hand.



Touch Up Eye Brush Set - $20 USD / $25 CAD

I'm often guilty of bringing practically my whole makeup bag in my purse for on-the-go touch-ups, so this mini set of eye brush essentials is sort of perfect for me. Four brushes (crease, shadow, smudge, and angled liner) make emergency touch-ups a cinch, plus the holographic pouch slips easily into a clutch - or can even be used as a keychain!



24. Penguin Sponge Set.png

Penguin Sponge Set - $10 USD / $12 CAD

This adorable penguin-themed sponge set comes with one large sponge for all-over makeup application, while the medium side is perfect for highlighter and/or cheek tint.


Which of these holiday goodies are you most tempted by? You can share a few of your faves, we won't make  you pick 😊  

Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

getting the Advent calendar for my goddaughter.

Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

love the penguin theme. the eye pads look like something fun to try

Re: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

Thanks for the preview, @KatieBT!  Love the penguin theme!

Re: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

@KatieBT Love this holiday drop preview! So obsessed w the glitter mascara topper. Holy cow. 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Re: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

@KatieBT - thank you for sharing!  I can see myself hauling a few of the skincare sets for friends. 

Re: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

SO EXCITED the cute foot mask is back! They leave my feet feeling so soft and the packaging is just adorable. 🤗

Re: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

The brush set is gorgeous @KatieBT!🤩

RE: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

OoO I really like the make up brushes @KatieBT ❤️ That Frosted White is calling my name!!

RE: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

The calendar is nifty 💗🙉

Re: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

@KatieBT Thank you for the sneak peek!! Smiley Very Happy The Arctic Eyes palette is really calling to me.

Re: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

The Glitter Top Coat Mascara - just may have to get both🤩

Re: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

Thank you, @KatieBT!   I am definitely going to be purchasing more cream lip stains, and potentially the Snow Glow Face Palette,  even though I still use the white highlighter all of the time from my SEPHORA COLLECTION - Holographic Face & Cheek Palette.

RE: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

Thanks for sharing @KatieBT so exciting to see the holiday previews start coming out!

Re: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

These all look so amazing!



Re: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

Thank you for sharing this preview with us @KatieBT  Everything look so festive!

Re: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

@KatieBT Those face masks look so cool! Can't wait to try them! 

Re: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

The penguin theme is really cute!

Re: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

@KatieBT The penguin theme is so cute! I can't wait to try the hand mask, glitter mascara, and the lip stain collection. I might even go for the Bright Delights as well. Thanks for sharing!


EDIT: I didn't want to buy another eyeshadow palette until I hit pan on at least one of the five I currently own, but I think I hear that Winter Time Eye & Face Palette calling my name...

Re: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

Thanks, @KatieBT! The cooling eye pads are too cute. I can't wait to see all of the holiday goodness!

Re: Sneak Peek: Sephora Collection Holiday 2019

@KatieBT YAY! I love me some new Sephora Collection. I like those lip cream sets, the glitter mascara and the cooling eye gels. The photo of the false lashes didn’t post, but it sounds like my favorite style: crisscrossed and graduated! Thanks for posting Katie ❤️

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  • Note: These masks are all sold separately.