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Show & Tell Silly: Face Masks

It's getting late, and we're getting a little silly over here in HQ with our current topic of conversation (you do get to have the wackiest conversations when you work at a makeup company), so we thought we'd get our BeautyTalkers in on the fun.


Sephora HQ wants to know: What's the craziest thing you've ever done while wearing a face (beauty) mask? Show & Tell! 


facemasks 2.19.jpg






Re: Show & Tell Silly: Face Masks

I usually do my nightly routine when my husband and I are giving my son a bath. I wear a Tarte mask, which is white as a ghost, and I make funny faces at my son and he laughs hysterically!  

Re: Show & Tell Silly: Face Masks

I don't think I have ever gone out in public with a mask on, but I definitely multitask while wearing them. The craziest thing I have ever done while wearing a mask happened a couple weeks ago. I installed a new light fixture while wearing OH blue/blackberry mask. I don't think I will do that again though, because its kind of a gel mask so when I was installing the new light fixture little specs of plaster fell onto my face and stuck. haha Live and Learn!

Re: Show & Tell Silly: Face Masks


Here's me a few weeks ago, rocking my Boscia black mask. I was taking pictures on my porch for my blog, when my boyfriend called and said he was about to pull up...And I really wanted to go to Subway and grab some dinner. I knew I had 15-25 more minutes of having the mask on, so I popped myself in the truck and went to go order food. 

The guys at the Subway just stared.


Re: Show & Tell Silly: Face Masks

LOL ladies these are great! 

Re: Show & Tell Silly: Face Masks

I put on a tightening, dark clay mask that made it so my face couldn't move. I then proceeded to FaceTime my mother. She thought I had burned my entire face and was calling from the hospital since I could barely even move my mouth while trying to talk to her. Poor woman almost had a heart attack! Smiley Very Happy/Smiley Sad

Re: Show & Tell Silly: Face Masks

hahahahaha !!!! I JUST FINISHED a jar of GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD and have a guy friend sleeping on my one couch tonight. I just now sat down in front of the TV and my laptop and he rolled over, looked at me with sleepy , not awake eyes and SCREAMED !!!! 


hahahaha...I got 1 tonight in my own

Re: Show & Tell Silly: Face Masks

I tore down a wall while wearing a hair mask.  Geared up with my saran wrap and shower cap on.

Re: Show & Tell Silly: Face Masks

I can't show, it was an emergency..but I can tell.I used to live and work in L.a. in the Music Industry. I got a call from a client at 4:30-ish am to meet him in front of the Chinese Theater ( very downtown hollywood) I said to give me a half hour to wake up and he demanded NOW! - if I wanted paid, I had to go. Here the client was under the influence - highly drunk and whatever and was naked, making a sceene right there in downtown, making a sceene. I had on a short nighty, slippers, my hair wrapped in a towel and an all natural, very , VERY DARK BROWN face mask on. I was alo driving a 1969 Camaro Convertible at the time to call for a car or even call a taxi! I tried to put my robe over him ( No, I can not say who - I will just say this was in 1998 ) and I was ARRESTED for OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE for trying to cover his "manly parts" with my robe. ( At this time I have a Dark Brown Face Mask, a towel half hanging off my hair with a beautiful green hair treatment in...ugh, slippers, and a SHORT black lace nightie ! ) I was taken, in police car, to the station, with my client. As I walked in, they all laughed, but I was released with charges dropped ( I was just doing my job) My client, well....he was booked and stayed 3 days,plus some. There is a mugshot of me, before they dropped the charges. The tow driver released my car , thankfully, he brought it to the station, but he had a camera in hand and has a lovley array of photos...

What a Night !  LOL   ....and I miss my old life and miss L.A.

Re: Show & Tell Silly: Face Masks

I got my face mask on one day, then realized I really really REALLY needed something from the store. I just got it on and I didn't fell like waisting it so I quickly pulled on some baggy sweatpants instead of my shorts (still winter I think shorts would be an extra reason to stare) and made a trip to the target Smiley Wink

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