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Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

It’s National Fragrance Day! (Yes, that’s a real thing, I swear.)




Here at Sephora HQ, we like to call fragrance our “liquid courage,” because one spritz of the right juice can make you feel like you can take on the world.


So today’s installment of Show & Tell is dedicated to terrific top notes.


• What fragrance are you wearing today?
• Where do you like to apply fragrance?
• How many fragrances do you own?
• Do you change your fragrance with the seasons or do you have a signature scent?
• What fragrance family do you gravitate toward?
   Warm & Spicy
   Woody & Earthy


Post your answers in the comments below, then upload a photo of your fragrance stash!


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Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

@beautytester - it looks like you're in the Fresh and Floral boat, from your faves that you listed. Definitely go back and give Florabotanica another sniff, I think you'd like it!


@maltipoo - that Big Pony is great. I love Flowerbomb but Prada Candy was too sweet for me (I have a friend who loves it though). I'd be interested to know what you think!


@sephoramusthave - I love tropical lotions, especially in the summer. And Escada makes the cutest coffrets!  I hope they make one with all of the summer fragrances they have out now.



Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

YAYYYYY Fragrance!! I love tropical and sweet fragances (but not sickly sweet!) so I guess that falls under the fresh category? Not really sure. I'm a big fan of Escada, they always make something amazing! Right now I switched to Mariah Carey Lollypop Bling in Ribbon, perfect for spring!! I have more body sprays than perfumes and I have a picture of my perfumes in my frofile (cant seem to find it on my computer now! >_<)


Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

Hi!  I've been wearing Ralph Lauren's #2 of the Pony collection (pink bottle).  It's a rollerball, so it's super easy to apply and it lasts a while.  

-I tend to only have one fragrance at a time (although i have tons if you count all the samples I've gotten from Sephora orders).  

-I tend to gravitate towards sweet and floral fragrances (but not sickly sweet like Aquolina Pink Sugar), so I've been wanting to try out Flowerbomb, La Vie est Belle (packaging is gorgeous!), and Prada's Candy.


Ralph Lauren - Big Pony Women's Collection #2 Rollerball

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

@Candace. Oh Aniston is not my fav, it was part of a sampler. I do remember seeing Florabotanica and gave it a spritz/sniff as I was literally running out of the store (cuz I was late), lol, don't remember the scent, just that I liked it and note to self to check it out later.


My favorite ones are J'adore, Armani Code, Tokidoki Siberia, Gucci Flora Fresh, and Chanel Chance Fresh. So, not quite sure what category those falls into.

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

@bananachox - I don't think it's a hard and fast rule. I (like Diana), can't tell if my fragrance has been ruined!


@Janinebt - I was lighweight terrified by Womanity (TM usually does super strong scents and the name is...interesting), but when I smelled it I really liked it!


@beautytester - If you like the Aniston fragrance you should try Balenciaga Florabotanica. My coworker was obsessed with the Jen Aniston fragrance for months (she would spray it on every day before she left the office), but when she found Florabotanica she added it to the rotation. I'd love to know what you think!



Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

• Wearing Gucci Envy today.
• I apply left/right/middle of the neck. Then if I want something extra, one spritz on the wrist and dab both wrist together then one spritz into the air and walk into it.
• I own....let's see......DKNY( PureVerbena, BeDelicious), Tokidoki (Adios, Ciao Ciao, Sandy, Siberia), Marc Jacob (DOT, Daisy), Dior J'adore, Fandi Fen Di, Gucci(Flora Fresh, Envy), Jennifer Aniston, Clean Warm Cotton, D&G Light Blue, Harajuku Lovers Jingle G. That's it I think. 16, I own 16. 
• I change my fragrance according to warm/cool season, not the 4 seasons.
• What fragrance family do you gravitate toward? Clean, not super sweet, not super powdery, a bit floral and a bit woody.

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

@ Candace Really? I guess I'll start patting now. I'll probably forget too!

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

Happy National Fragrance Day! It's bittersweet that I can't share my collection with you guys. I'm moving tomorrow and my fragrances are packed away somewhere in my mess of an apartment (it's an organized person's nightmare in here). My best friend and my little sister recently helped me shave my collection in half, so I only have scents that I wear frequently. Currently my modest collection consists of:

-Lady Gaga's Fame

-Thierry Mugler Womanity

-Miss Dior

-Kat Von D Adora

-Kat Von D Saint

-The first Juicy Couture

-Prada Candy

-Armani Diamonds

-A few random body splashes. Not gonna lie I use these as fancy room spray.


Today I am wearing Aqualina's Pink Sugar. I have a smart sample lingering around. Such a warm sweet scent. I typically apply fragrances to both my wrists and neck, I try not to over spritz myself.

I do change my fragrances with the season. Usually around summer I have a tendency to wear lighter sweet scents (like Juicy and Saint). Come chillier months I usually reach for my more woody scents like Womanity or Fame. My favorites are woody and floral scents.


Whimsically yours,

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

I pretty much only wear Versace Bright Crystal.... lol I am super picky about fragrances. 

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

@ Diana, I know one of the Harajuku scents had pineapple in it and it smelled so good! The toppers are always adorable!


Hahaha, I didn't even notice the Snooki scent! What does that even smell like??? :-S

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

Please ignore the Snooki scents lol, I just wanted the leopard print bag it came with! (smells just like LaVanila Grapefruit).


The Gwen Harajuku Lovers are no longer sold with us sadly! The Mermaid was super limited edition and smells almost like a really citrusy-sweet punch with a touch of green notes. Love it so much I'm worried what will happen when it finally runs out.


And I was taught at SOS that rubbing your wrists together breaks the top notes of the fragrances ( I think!) which causes the super delicate notes to be ruined. Although I never thought my fragrances were ruined when I did that Smiley Happy



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

@ Candace, ah yes! The good ol' "spray and walk through"!!!! That method never fails!  Smiley Very Happy

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

@bananachoox - that's how I apply my fragrance too! I think I read once that it was better to "pat" and not "rub" the fragrance so you don't break the notes "or something", but I always forget. And the added bonus of the "spray and walk through" is that then your room smells nice.

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

I'm currently wearing Coach Poppy

I like to spray it on my wrist and then rub some from my wrist to my neck. Then one more spray to walk through.

I love sweet and floral scents. 

I don't remember how many scents I own.

I still have a ton of Victoria Secret frangence to go through

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

@ lylysa YES!  It makes for a definitely happy lady!  He's kind of the same way with me and that good ol' Jasmine scent too now XD


@candacebt I saw it on the samples for long enough that it seemed interesting, really wasn't expecting much from it, but, I think I may need to talk him into getting that one in particular >.>


@dianabt, I don't think I've seen the Gwen line before, the bottles are adorable!

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

@ Candace, Flowerbomb is def a fave! I was excited that the fragrance bag sampler had it in there! I'm almost out of the little spray. It turned a lot warmer on me which was unexpected, but I like it! It helps keep the scent going longer!

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

@lylysa - working in the beauty industry stocks you up on everything! lol. I have more than 15 as well, but I probably rotate between 2 or 3 - Dolce & Gabbana The One, YSL Parisienne, and Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I might wear something lighter this spring, but those are my go-tos.


@MoreGun89 - I LOVE One Million on my bf. He sprayed it on in the store and I was hooked. Definitely a sniff magnet! I actually like the women version of the million line too.


@Diana - Sooo cute! I think it's hilarious that your secret weapon is Beiber. I'm not gonna hate. Smiley Happy

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

@ Diana, OMG, I've never seen the mermaid Gwen scent before! That one is so cute! What's it smell like? Or is it just the same scent with a special edition top?

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

Hahah, @ Moregun, don't you just love it when you cuddle and it's like WHIFFFFFFF! *sigh and into dreamy land*


I do that to my b/f and I'm always "Please don't mind me and my nose, you just smell heavenly, that's all! Carry on!" Smiley Tongue

Re: Show & Tell: National Fragrance Day

I love fragrances!


So happy to see this thread come up today Smiley Happy


I don't have anything on today as I'm still at home and with this cold, I can't smell a thing! But my recent favorite is my Fan di Fendi which is SO light and springy.


Usually I'll spray fragrance on my neck and a spritz on each wrist, if I have on a dress or skirt I'll put a quick spritz on the backs of my knees as fragrances tend to work their way up throughout the day.  I do love to change my fragrances around and while I used to stick to one or two scents only (Chanel Chance and Ralph Lauren Ralph) I might change my scent every day if I can!


I really like to wear sweet scents, almost the sugary kind but not TOO sugary! I seem to get the most compliments on those from everyone!


Here's a picture of my at home stash, just the top shelf of my perfumes since the ones on the shelf below are ridiculously disorganized! I own far too many to count so here's just a few.  I'm big on Gwen Stefani & rollerballs but the Beiber perfume? My secret weapon Smiley Wink


DR perfume row 1.jpg

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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