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Shopping List Suggestion

I would like to suggest that sephora expand the shopping list section of the user account/website.  Allow the users to make more than 1 shopping list and allow us to label them (ex. Wish List, Staples, Running out of, For Wedding, etc).  That way it's easy for us to sort through what we need and what we want instead of having this one really super-long list!

Re: Shopping List Suggestion

To add to this, I think it would be great to be able to organize the items within each category.  So If I like a blush in my "blush" folder/list I can bump that to the top of the list. 


Also, it would be awesome to have the changes be permanent.  Each time I view my heart/wish list, I have to select the "view brands by A-Z".  I wish we could make our own defaults that would stay the way that is easiest/best for us to view the items that we want to purchase.

Re: Shopping List Suggestion

The old site had multiple list options and it was useful. I would also really like to have a proper wish list back again. I want a link I can give to my mother where she can order something for me. Saying I would like X without any easy way to get it means I get something completely different. If I'm lucky I might get a gift card, but often not that. 


Make it easier for us to know what we want to buy and let others shop for us. 


I would suspect it's because I'm rapidly approaching 50, but showing me my "loves" is cute but feels a bit young to me. I think clients of all ages would like more practical shopping list options. 

Re: Shopping List Suggestion

This is a fantastic idea! I also would love it if we could add notes to our shopping list items.

Re: Shopping List Suggestion

I agree! This would be very helpful!

Re: Shopping List Suggestion

i posted about this about a week ago Smiley Happy  I agree with you (feel free to check out the thread & see other people's responses) :


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