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Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria



We can barely believe it, but SEPHORiA is officially HERE and we’re stoked for another fun-filled weekend surrounded by our favorite brands and people, obsessing over all things beauty the best way we know how – with you! @LexBT@CarolBT, @KatieBT, and @BrendaBT can’t wait to see you, so don’t forget to stop by the Community Café and hang with us person!

We’ve loved reading about all your pre-event excitement in @Mcakes' amazing SEPHORiA Diaries thread, and now the time has finally come! While we’ll be busy having a blast mingling with BIC members IRL, we’ll also snap some photos and share them here in this thread. But let’s be honest – SEPHORiA is all about you.


Reply and share all your pics and thoughts on the event below!


And for those of you who want to join in on the SEPHORiA fun, you can enter the #SEPHORiASweepstakes (ending 9/9/2019)! Share a selfie to the Gallery (make sure you use the hashtag #SEPHORiASweepstakes in the title) and you could be randomly selected to win one of three $500 Sephora gift cards. Check out the official rules here – and good luck!

RE: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Our second year attending SEPHORiA. We ❤️ it! Here’s my beautiful 10 year old after her Sephora lashes service!

Re: RE: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

What a cutie!  I am so glad you and your daughter could share this special event, @JuliaJL !  I took my daughter last year, but couldn't make it work this year and I missed her so much! Can't wait to bring her next year! <3

Re: RE: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Very pretty! Glad you both had fun Smiley Happy @JuliaJL 

Re: RE: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@JuliaJL  Omg she is so cute.

Re: RE: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

She's absolutely adorable @JuliaJL  Heart and I spy with my lil' eye...the Drunk Elephant giveaway (the pink bag, right?  I recognize the pink handle because my 8-yr old daughter loved the bag too! Smiley LOL)

RE: Re: RE: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Yes! The pink bag from Drunk Elephant was a big hit!

Re: RE: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@JuliaJL   Awwwww, she looks so utterly happy!   What a fantastic mom you are bringing your little one to makeup wonderland and sharing your passion for makeup!!!  💖💖💖

Re: RE: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@JuliaJL  She is adorable! 

Re: RE: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Your daughter is adorable and it's great that you're sharing your love of makeup/beauty with her. <333

Re: RE: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@JuliaJL ,

Your daughter is beautiful!  I hope that she had fun at Sephoria!

whats sephoria?

whats sephoria?

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Sephoria!!!  Why did it have to end so quickly Heart 


I had an absolute blast, of course!  Just hanging out with everyone from here made it all worthwhile! I bought a tix for Session 2 but was fortunate enough to be invited to the VIP event as a +1, by a most amazing #BICBabe Heart 





20190906_213520.jpgTheir security was a little lax....JUST KIDDING! 

That night was AMAZING! Heart  then I was back for Session 2 the next day - I'm so impressed with all the hard work the BIC Admins did at ensuring the Community was celebrated - thank you, ladies!!

Sephora External Event Team - Headshot (1).jpg 

20190907_134046.jpg   Heart  IG.PNG   Heart   


and of course, meeting Sephora Royalty was a big bonus Smiley LOL 

Lord Jones.PNG   

but the night ONLY go better when we got to the BIC Community exclusive event afterward (oh, be still my heart).  To have met some long time friends and to meet new ones was so incredibly amazing, I can't believe how AWESOME all these folks are!  I really am so incredibly blessed Heart  


20190907_204309.jpg@Tamara76 & @Gonerouge <3 looking amazing   

and of course, they had the best food! 



...but my most prized possession will definitely be our group photo Heart  


Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@ZombieMetroAnt, your pictures are the best!  Thank you for letting us live vicariously through you and our BIC friends!

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@ZombieMetroAnt glad you guys had so much fun!

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@ZombieMetroAnt You all look so amazing!!!! <3 and the photo of the lax security is hilarious!!! @Gonerouge your hair looks so good!

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@Samtian Thanks, friend! It's taking me some time getting used to shorter hair but it's also healthier and easier to style now Smiley Happy

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@ZombieMetroAnt   Oh you’re gonna have to teach me how to make the photos move like that! Pretty please that is! 😁. 


Haha,  oh my gosh I love that photo of you at the Too Faced booth!  Its priceless!!! 😂


I wish we all lived closer cause I need more doses of everyone’s love and energy!  We’re a riot wherever we go!  Smiley Very Happy 





Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@heartsmyface Heart you are so dang cute!  You bring so much sunshine and happiness into the group, it's jaw dropping!  I wish I could bottle up all that energy of yours. 


The picture is a gif Smiley Wink MCakes sent it to me!

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

I love all of your pics, @ZombieMetroAnt, and that's so cool that you got to meet up with some of the other BIC members!  

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

It was literally a dream come true @CookieGirl1  Heart 

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

OMG this is so amazing @ZombieMetroAnt  These picture telling how much you all had!

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