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Sephora Personalized Product Picks

Sephora, you have an chance to increase sales and personalize content. It makes me grumpy every time I see the picks list because you don't change it, I can't change it and it just sits there, completely missing the mark.  My product picks have remained unchanged for months now.  Which is vaguely irritating but, more so, a missed opportunity for you.



I feel like you don't even know me.  Why?  Well, I hate bareMinerals. I mean, I really do. It doesn't work with my skin and makes me look like I've got paint running down my face. Let's take that further and note that their lightest palette is still a few shades darker than my actual color.


What if I've tried the other products already? What if I own the other products? (I actually do have the JM argan oil.)


There are plenty of sites that make suggestions, and allow for feedback. I'd love if there was a 'Not for Me' and/or 'Already Loved' buttons. If I could flag items as nixed/loved, you could make other suggestions that I might actually take.


You could also look at my buying history or love lists and extrapolate from there, making suggestions that are in line with what I adore. Like if most of my cosmetic/skincare loves are paraben-free, suggest items from other brands that are also paraben-free.  I could go on, but you get the point.


Sephora, please find a way to make this work for us!  You'll only be helping yourself when you do!


Re: Sephora Personalized Product Picks

Yep. They hired Tyler Durden to do the picks.

 Kinda depressing, really.

Smiley Tongue



Re: Sephora Personalized Product Picks




Re: Sephora Personalized Product Picks

Smiley Very Happy

Re: Sephora Personalized Product Picks

Goodness I love him in that movie!!!

Re: Sephora Personalized Product Picks

I have the same eyeshadow and foundation, but they recommended the Origins Night-A-Mins cream for my dry skin. Yay, just a little personalization! Smiley Tongue

Re: Sephora Personalized Product Picks

Haha this is kind of funny Smiley Happy. Now I have to share mine!



Re: Sephora Personalized Product Picks

i got the same thingSmiley Happy

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