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Sephora Orders

I know that some of the people who are packaging the items are really meticulous, careful, and check off each item & make sure to provide the correct samples.  And I also understand that sometimes samples run out but in one of my recent orders, it looked like someone just threw in whatever sample was closest to them and didn't take the time to find the right ones.  


I totally understand when a sample is out- but I ordered a few other orders and the samples were all there and checked off neatly.  I just don't like the idea of someone not caring about my order & throwing things in the box (I spend WAY too much money for that). I think customer satisfaction is super important in order for retention. Could a moderator please pass this information along to the appropriate department?


Re: Sephora Orders

Thanks roxystar4, 


We do forward all the feedback direct to the shipping departments and I'll make sure yours is heard. I appreciate you taking the time to let us know!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Sephora Orders

thanks diana! Smiley Happy  

Re: Sephora Orders

My last two orders were the same way the samples that I had chosen were checked on the packing slip but I only had two samples in my box and there was supposed to be three but the other two were ones I didn't choose at all. So I feel your frustration on this.

Re: Sephora Orders

another reason I mentioned this is because the sample I requested is still up on the samples page (and has been for days). So I assume it didn't run out.

Re: Sephora Orders

I would also hate for this to occur for promo codes (this did not happen to me but if it happens with smaller samples I am sure it may occur for larger items as well). I guess my concern here is that moderators and beauty advisors are saying that samples are out of stock (or promos) when in fact it is a careless packager. And I truly believe that the moderators/beauty advisors really have our best intentions at heart. I am just requesting quality control, maybe a manager at the warehouse to ensure proper packaging.

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