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Search the reviews

Hey there!  I don't know if this is possible or if anyone has posted this before, but it would be really helpful if we could search the product reviews by the reviewers skin tone, complexion type or age.  I'm much more likely to trust a review and buy a product from someone with a similar complexion or skin tone who has tried the product.  Thanks!

Re: Search the reviews


Re: Search the reviews

Great suggestion clola!


I'm happy to forward your feedback on our board setup to the correct department. Smiley Happy Thanks!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Search the reviews


I compltely agree: a search by the reviewer's info is a lot more useful. Maybe I am only interested in knwoing how other people with medium skin or hazel eyes liked a product. I think this is even more important for skincare reviwers...

Re: Search the reviews

I know you can search by: 

Expert reviews

By date

Staff reviews

Top contributers

photo or video reviews



and length 

but as far as I know, not by skin type or age Smiley Sad 

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