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Revoking hearts??? I never saw it on the old forum(but I guess it was there)

As I was looking thru the post I was noticing that we can now revoke hearts, It seems like everyone has said something about not getting as many hearts recently and now we can revoke them? I'm not sure that's a good way to promote a good positive feeling on here, but that's just my opinion. How does everyone else feel about it?

Re: Revoking hearts???

We've always been able to revoke hearts, it was the last item on the "options" menu on the old site and hard to find.  It's just easier now, since it's more visible. I don't get why we don't get as many hearts as before, maybe people don't "get" hearts? Plus the board seems to be mostly questions from new users, so unless they read the guidelines carefully, they probably don't know about hearts. Smiley Sad I personally love to give hearts, it's fun!

Re: Revoking hearts???

I never saw it on the old forum, I guess I over looked it somehow. I like to give hearts to I think it makes people feel appreciated and just makes them feel good!Smiley Happy

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