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Please combine online orders!


(typical day for my online shopping household)


Since joining the Flash Shipping program, I have been treating it like my Amazon Prime account--ordering non-stop, sometimes multiple orders a day.


I am very happy with the program except for one worrying issue. I had read on Beauty Talk about accounts getting flagged for too many orders. (This is odd in itself because the BI program advertises for beauty "addicts.)


I'm sure that multiple shipments are costly to Sephora and honestly, it is more annoying to receive 8 boxes rather than one. Amazon combines orders when possible and ships them together. I hope that Sephora would implement this system soon to save themselves, money and me, time.

Re: Please combine online orders!

i was surprised to find that they DIDN"T combine orders, since i am so used to amazon prime. i agree, it seems costly and wasteful, and i too hope that they implement that soon. 

Re: Please combine online orders!

I absolutely agree that with the addition of the free shipping benefit for Rougies Sephora needs to revamp their shipping process internally. Combining multiple orders from a single client would save them money on packing materials, shipping costs, and it would help improve their carbon footprint.

All of those issues are things that Sephora should care about improving upon.


Re: Please combine online orders!

and i honestly don't mind it taking a little bit longer for the packages to ship if they start implementing this. because usually i'll place 3 orders in a day, and maybe a couple of stragglers throughout the month if there are good samples. if people place multiple orders in one day it shouldn't be that difficult to combine them. i understand that sometimes things are sent from different warehouses so those items wouldn't be able to ship together (if, say, something was out of stock in one warehouse but not the other), but many times my boxes are all shipped from the same place. i don't know that anyone else would mind giving up the 2 day shipping while they worked out the kinks, if it meant less garbage for them to deal with and less waste, not to mention less humiliation when their ups guy walks up to their door with a million boxes for them Smiley Wink (i know, at least in my case, vib week was pretty embarrassing! haha) 

Re: Please combine online orders!

OMG, I started using UPS MyChoice just so I can have all my online shopping boxes sent to the UPS store near my house instead of having 10 boxes waiting on the lawn every other week!

Re: Please combine online orders!

I understand that Sephora incurs a cost whenever we get a load shipped to us. However, we do that because we're not allowed to stack codes.


Rather than penalizing the customer for a perk that they're entitled to, why don't they just add a limit to the # of codes you can stack (i.e. 3 per customer) or guarantee extra freebies for Sephora Rouge members so that we don't do that? If they flag their most valuable customers it's basically driving them away. That part......I don't really get.

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