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With my last few shipments I noticed that Sephora started using OnTrac for rouge free three day shipping. I don't like the OnTrac online tracking system because it doesn't list an estimated delivery date. So how am I supposed to know if my package is.... on track?


If anyone has any advice on how to fix this, I would love to hear it. Smiley Happy

Re: OnTrac?

Ontrac and Sephora's relationship with them is terrible.  


Ontrac has lost 3 of my packages (one with sephora).  They are consistently rude, literally throwing the package at me without a word if I am home and NEVER leaving a doortag when I'm not (though they claim to).


Tried to call ontrac about my last sephora package (on hold for 20 minutes) and told promptly that Sephora forbade them from interacting with me.  Called Sephora and they call ontrac (on hold again for 15 minutes) before being told ontrac is too busy.  They refunded but never resolved the issue.  FYI this package said that it was delivered "left neighboring.." from the online site (because no door tag).  Where is that?  


I live in an urban area where you can't leave the package and there is no other secured area.  However Sephora refuses to let ontrac leave it at my local corner store (20 ft away) with a neighbor who lives above, owns and works in said store.  Because it's a business I'm not working at.  They won't leave it with this neighbor (who signs for all my packages from FedEX and UPS) that I know and trust but leave it to the driver to decide to leave it with whoever (ie. any neighbor in their residence) or any other old place.


Sephora's services are usually exemplary but Ontrac and their relationship with Ontrac has really tainted them in my eyes.  Never have these problems with Nordstroms, Ulta,, and others. 

Re: OnTrac?

That is horrible! I'm sorry nightmaji!

Re: OnTrac?

I really wish Sephora would stick to UPS. I hate OnTrac. The first time they delivered my package, they left my package on my driveway!! Anyone could have taken it. UPS always leaves it by my door near a fence like tower that covers the package so no one sees it until they get to the door. I am not on my second order, and I hope all goes well! I really am considering not ordering from Sephora online anymore because I do not like what I am reading about OnTrac. Sephora needs to take our experiences into consideration.

Re: OnTrac?

ditto. I get legitimately bummed when I see it's assigned to Ontrac. They are forever changing their estimated arrival dates, just overall their business seems... antiquated


Re: OnTrac?

Usually when I receive packages through Ontrac they are really good about delivery time (2 days max) and updating tracking, however that was when I'd order things through Amazon. Lately with my Sephora/Ontrac orders packages seem to take long to get here and tracking info is hardly updated Smiley Sad


Ontrac works exclusively between West/Southwestern states no? I would have expected them to continue with quick delivery. Honestly these days I get packages much faster through USPS than any services like UPS, FedEx, Ontrac or DHL hah.

Re: OnTrac?

My recent orders never "update" it always says that there has been some sort of error. So far they eventually arrive, luckily. I have been ordering from Sephora less, lately, because of this, though. Smiley Sad

Re: OnTrac?

Can't there be a vote on this or something-. - so sephora might be forced to switch back to UPS?!  Here we are spending our money on expensive products only to have it delivered by a crappy delivering service.  I don't like Ontrac one bit they make UPS look better. They left my package on my door step unattended and they take twice as long to deliver.


Why is it hard for them to drop it off at the managers office.   Thankfully I moved out of the old apt. I used to live at,  people would take packages even if it wasn't under their name.  Hopefully that never happens here.  PLEASE sephora switch back to UPS. I don't want to go back to worrying if my package will arrive like I did in the past.  


Re: OnTrac?

OnTrac pays by the piece.  They're being and have been sued several times for labor law violations.  This is what you get when you don't pay people a living wage.  

Re: OnTrac?

I also don't like on trac.  My ups store moved about two blocks from it's previous location and on trac didn't deliver the package.  I know the old location has a sign up saying where the new location is, and obviously a change of address has been filed with the post office, but on trac wouldn't take the initiative to deliver it to the new location.  I called them and sephora for over a week to update the address and they never did.  Sucks for me because the person who sent me the birthday gift isn't going to send me anything now, and sucks for sephora because they're lost out on a $100 order.

Re: OnTrac?

OnTrac is absolutely horrible. I was so upset when I saw that my latest Sephora order was being delivered by them, instead of UPS. OnTrac literally throws packages against my door, rather than ring the bell. I work from home, and my office is right next to the front door so I hear the "thump" whenever OnTrac is the delivery service. I can't express how disappointed I was when I saw they were the couriers for my last Sephora package.


My UPS guy, by contrast, is courteous, respectful, and always smiles. I love seeing him! And I can say I've never returned a single Sephora item due to damage. I've returned two other items delivered through OnTrac (not from Sephora) that arrived broken--one was a piece of computer equipment. I hate them as a courier.


I may still order from Sephora, but I know it won't be as often or without huge misgivings. It's not worth the hassle and disappointment. Most of the items Sephora sells can be purchased elsewhere.

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