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New Review Filter/Field

First I will say that I love and appreciate the new search filters implemented in the reviews.  It is really very helpful; however I think it would be even more helpful if there was a place for people to include the actual name of the color/product within a range that they are reviewing.  I have noticed that sometimes that small detail is left out, which means we don't really know which lipstick, for example, is being reviewed.  I'll read things like "the color has great coverage and looks so natural."  Well...which color? lol  


I know it probably shouldn't matter, but I have found that ranges can be inconsistent sometimes.  Just because one color applies very well doesn't mean they all do, so I think this would be a nice addition. Smiley Happy

Re: New Review Filter/Field

This would make the reviews so much more useful!

Re: New Review Filter/Field

I absolutely agree.  There needs to be a field required for color of product otherwise the review is useless.  

Re: New Review Filter/Field

Yes! I completely agree!


Sephora, please please please add this feature. So many people review the OPI for Sephora nail polishes and praise the color, but never include what color they're reviewing. This makes their reviews pretty much useless.


It would be amazing if you could either have a little box people could click for each color or a line that you can write the color in. And make those things mandatory before submitting the review. It would make the reviews infinitely more helpful!


Thank you <3

Re: New Review Filter/Field

I agree. When I review I always try to mention the color I have so that it may help the next gal decide. Most ppl do not mention it, and we're left thinking about which they could be talking about.
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