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New Products on SEPHORA.COM thread

Hi everyone, hope you all had a safe and fun holiday season!


I was wondering if this site already has a thread on most recent NEW products added to


If not, can this be the thread that starts it?  For example, tarte uploaded a new amazing matte and blush pallette (that i really want!)


What is a newly listed product you want or are interested in?



Re: New Products on SEPHORA.COM thread

i want Roses de Chloe, but I dont know what it smells like and my local Sephora doesnt even know if they will carry it.  I think I will take my chances and just order it Smiley Happy


Re: New Products on SEPHORA.COM thread

Are we in any of the same traveling boxes? I have a vial sample of it that does NOT smell good on me at all.


Answered my own question: you are four people after me in TSB 9, and I am three people away from another box. So you if can wait at least another month....

Re: New Products on SEPHORA.COM thread

Same! but I have store credit and I'm not sure I can use it for an online order.


They carry it at Nordstroms and I found a sample of it in the newest InStyle magazine that I keep smelling. =)

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