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New Benefits Are Coming This Month

BI Benefits Chart.jpg

We are updating the Beauty Insider program with exciting changes that include:

  • More Points – VIB and Rouge now earn points faster. VIB members earn 1.25 points for every $1 spent and Rouge members earn 1.5 points for every dollar spent. (Insider members continue to earn 1 point for every dollar spent.)
  • More Choice – VIB and Rouge can now choose between a birthday gift from our brands or 250 bonus points
  • More Rewards - 5X More Rewards including our newest rewards: $100 Rouge Reward for Rouge and full size product for VIB and Rouge

In addition to these new benefits you will continue to have all the great benefits you have today; exclusive access to brands and events, unique experiences, classes, the BI Community. This is a 1st step in a multi-year journey. We are going to continue to listen to your feedback and look forward to building on this program in the future. Learn more about the Beauty Insider program updates here:


In celebration of the changes to the Beauty Insider program and to thank you for your membership, you will be able to access the Beauty Insider Appreciation event from Fri 8/24 – Mon 9/3 for Rouge and Thurs 8/30 - Mon 9/3 for VIB and Insider. For more details visit the FAQs here:

RE: Re: New Benefits Are Coming This Month

Yes!! I wish they would ship via Canada Post again.

Re: New Benefits Are Coming This Month

Wow, I'm happy to hear that the Beauty Insider program is finally expanding!  Can't wait to see everything roll out.

New Benefits Are Coming This Month

my points say 0 I didn't use them .I just spent 123.00 where are my points

Re: New Benefits Are Coming This Month



I'll send you a PM to assist you with this. Smiley Happy



Re: New Benefits Are Coming This Month

@amychelles Contact Customer Support to help you out with this issue. They can be reach via the Customer Support thread on this website or you can chat/call/email them.

New Benefits Are Coming This Month


Re: New Benefits Are Coming This Month

Are the $100 gift card rewards for Rouge going to be impossible to get like every other reward? I get frustrated that I spend thousands of dollars a year and the perks of being a Rouge are pretty minimal. I think Rouge members should be able to trade points for gift cards anytime. Getting a $100 gift card for the $2500 you spent to get it doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. I’m just worried I’ll be disappointed with the change. I have over 5k points because I’ve never been able to get a good reward in time. 

Same here. I was excited about being able to cash in your...

Same here. I was excited about being able to cash in your points till I heard it was limited in the rewards bazaar... If it's the same as the other high points items, it'll be like winning the lottery...

New Benefits Are Coming This Month

Is this for Canada too???

Re: New Benefits Are Coming This Month

@LslyChng If you read the FAQ (linked to in the OP), you'll see that they mentioned Canada as well:


Specifically that the Rouge $100 rewards can be used online and in Sephora stores in the US and Canada. Also, that Canadian Rouge members will continue to receive free standard shipping (no minimum). 

Re: New Benefits Are Coming This Month

Yayyy! That's very exciting, thanks for listening to the feedback. The effort to improve the program is noted and appreciated <3

New Benefits Are Coming This Month

I can't wait for this change!

Re: New Benefits Are Coming This Month

This is so exciting!! Glad to see Sephora taking community feedback Smiley Happy 

Re: New Benefits Are Coming This Month

@SephoraBIC I'm curious to see what the Beauty Insider Appreciation is all about, but the link isn't working.  


I haven't been one to chime in about the BI Benefits in the past, but since this post specifically asked for feedback as the program is progressing, I will add my two cents.


On the plus side, I really like that Rouge members are able to earn points 1.5 times faster!


On the flip side, I have to say that I'm not overwhelmed by the updates to the program.  I rarely redeem my points, because I usually don't see any rewards that interest me; or, the rewards seem to require more points than I'm willing to give up.  Perhaps now that the points system is changing I will feel differently.  BUT, I won't make Rouge this year so I don't see that happening.


I know that Sephora is in the process of re-vamping the system, so here's what I'd like to see.  (And yes, I know some of these ideas are wild, but what the heck!)

-I'd love to see a points system that gives cash back (instead of rewards).  That way, I can choose anything and get a discount.

-I'd love to see more points multipliers (3x, 5x, 10x!).  I think if I could accumulate points more quickly then I'd spend more (good for Sephora) and I'd redeem more points (good for me).

-I'd like to see more gifts with purchase. I really like that Sephora gives three free samples with online purchases, and that you can always get a freebie with a $25 purchase.  That said, other competitors have upped their GWP and I adore it.

-I'd like to see some sort of benefit for VIBs/Rouge (or even just Rouge) that has a more lenient return policy.  I've found myself stymied and frustrated by Sephora's recent change on June 2nd to a strict 60-day return policy.  I'd even settle for paying a small fee to have the return process be more similar to how it used to be - back when returns were indefinite and Sephora's policy was billed as being "the best in the business."  

-I'd love to see more freebies given out in-store.  Shopping online comes with more perks, and I find myself going to the brick and mortar stores less as a result.  

-Other retailers offer points for writing reviews.  While I think the beauty industry is suffering greatly from phony or exaggerated reviews, maybe Sephora could do something whereby one got points for reviews that are "verified" by actual purchasers.

-It would be amazing if the standard 3-free samples or GWP for $25 online orders could be of ANYTHING.  Imagine being able to sample any fragrance from Sephora that you were interested in, or try any hair product?  Sometimes there are things I desperately want to try but just don't see them pop up as samples.

-I think the biggest thing I'd love to see is a way to sample lipsticks more easily.  Trying one on in the store is great, but I've had to return many b/c the color fades quickly or they dry out my lips.  Plus, there is the hygiene factor.  Wouldn't it be AWESOME if BI (even just Rouge) could be given mini-lipsticks (like the kind Avon used to give out in the 80s) so that you could try the lipstick in an in-depth way that is also clean?  For me, this would decrease waste and encourage me to try more shades (there are only so many shades I can try on in-store before my lips get irritated, and only so many trips I will make to a store).  Again, I would gladly even pay a small fee.

Re: New Benefits Are Coming This Month

Another perk I would add for rouge (if it can easily be programmed), since many are complaining about the perks vs VIB. Maybe the price point could be different for those "monthly gifts". For example, many of them come at a 35$ purchase, maybe It could be 35$ Vib and Rouge be 25$ or 30$. Otherwise you've covered pretty much everything. And for money value, the least they could do is put a permanent trade points for a certain amount gift card or a certain % off products. Even if it's 5$, I think most people would be happier to have that option instead of just stacking up points that end up not being used (I've basically given up hope on anything that requires 50 points +).

You can ask to take home a sample of just about anything...

You can ask to take home a sample of just about anything if you ask an in store sales associate! I've started asking for samples before I buy things to decrease the likelihood that I'll buy something, hate it, and return it. They usually give a sample that is good for at least a few uses!

RE: New Benefits Are Coming This Month

When does this roll out?! I’m super excited!!

Re: RE: New Benefits Are Coming This Month


Super exciting, right??

It rolls out August 28 😉

Re: New Benefits Are Coming This Month

This is a great step in the right direction! And I'm very excited for the BI appreciation sale!!


I'll throw in my 2 cents though: I wish the limited release Rewards Bazaar format would be done away with. I think having very limited quantities of the full-size and$100 rewards only ever dropping at 9 am on Tues/Thurs will be very frustrating for people who are always at work or school during those times. Also - I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but I don't see why the $100 reward has to be limited to Rouge only. $2500 spent is $2500 spent, whether that's over 1 year or 5 years.

Re: New Benefits Are Coming This Month

@maddyz - While I certainly understand where you're coming from as a consumer and someone who was VIB for many years; they have done away with a lot of the differences between the VIB and Rouge level of rewards already. When you're spending Rouge-level money each year there needs to be some level of perks that are available just to us. Otherwise, what would be the point of even having a Rouge level of rewards?

Re: New Benefits Are Coming This Month

are the links not working for anyone else?