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Natural Love Palette

When will sephora receive the Natural Love eyeshadow palette from Too Faced? It comes out tomorrow, I'm too excited!!!

Re: Natural Love Palette

Re: Natural Love Palette

that would suck really bad if it was only online.. imagine how many people would get it if it was in store too. 

Re: Natural Love Palette

will the palette be available in stores??

Re: Natural Love Palette

Hi Mollyzeytoonian, It should be available online in a couple weeks. Keep an eye out!

Re: Natural Love Palette

When will it be available in stores? Thanks!

Re: Natural Love Palette

Too Faced just confirmed on twitter it's coming to Sephora and Ulta on April 14th. But it only says for the US I really hope it comes to Canada I don't want to pay duty.

Re: Natural Love Palette

gahhhh we have to wait until april 14th?!? thats so long 

Re: Natural Love Palette

I went into Sephora a few days ago and the lady told me they would have the collection in stores. They've had the highlighters in store and online for 3 days now!

Re: Natural Love Palette

do u know when they'll be getting them in stores? I know they said april 14 but maybe they'll have an earlier release date like w the highlighters?

Re: Natural Love Palette


omg!!! wait i just checked the too faced twitter (@toofaced) and they tweeted this in response to a question about this: in store at ULTA on April 2nd and Sephora US on April 14th MariaStoddard Smiley Happy #toofaced

Re: Natural Love Palette

omg I hope!!!!!!!! I really want to swatch it in a store so i can see how the shades look on my really pale skin before I buy it-- it's 59 dollars, which is expensive! I emailed both Too Faced and Sephora, and they both said to keep checking social media to see if it comes out at Sephora. This is the response I got from Too Faced: 

Thank you for contacting Too Faced cosmetics.


Unfortunately, we do not have any access to when our authorized retailers will stock and release new items. Please contact them directly to see when they will be launching the new products. Please click the link below to locate an authorized Too Faced retailer near you:


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask Smiley Happy


Thank you,



Customer Service Representative


And here is the response I got from Sephora:

Thank you for contacting Sephora.

At this time, we regret that we are unable to confirm if the Too Faced Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection will release on We suggest staying tuned to Sephora's promotional emails, as new product launches are frequently announced via email. Additionally, keep checking back on our website under the Quick Link "Just Arrived".

Thank you for your interest in our products.

If we can assist you further, please contact us again by replying to this email or via phone at 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672).


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