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Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

GeorginaBT monthly favs Mar2020.jpeg


Hey there, BIC! With March slowly coming to an end, it’s now time for us to share all the beauty products we’ve been loving this month. I’m sure many of us are grappling with rapidly changing circumstances nowadays, but I am very grateful for a few key products that have been helping me keep up with my #selfcare and maintain a sense of normalcy. 😅 This month we're changing things up because self-care could not be more important at this time. Be sure to add your self-care savior(s) to your list, and see below for mine!


Here are my March favorites:

My self-care savior: VOLUSPA - Panjore Lychee Home Diffuser


What products have you been leaning on lately? Remember to tag your favorites in a response below and call out your self-care savior! Make sure to show and tell. 😊

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Hi @GeorginaBT  and everybody,


March! The never ending month! I definitely made up my chocolate intake from February in March. 


I loved the FRESH - Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm. This stuff is DIVINE! Smells so good and feels so great on the lips! 


I also loved the BECCA - Skin Love Glow Elixir. This serum makes my skin so glowy and also smells so good! It is not to heavy in fragrance but it smells really fresh! It is great before make up application.


I also loved the ALPHA-H - Liquid Gold Exfoliating Treatment. It really has helped smooth my texture skin and evened my skin out. 


I have been burning candles like crazy and really enjoyed the VOLUSPA - Spiced Goji & Tarocco Orange Glass Jar Candle. It smelled so good! 


I hope you all are staying safe and indoors! Puzzles and Netflix have been keeping my busy. 


Best Wishes,



Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

@JaneanBT, the Fresh caramel balm is amazing isn’t it?!! 😍 So great to hear you are liking the Alpha-H; it’s been on my list since before Sephora started carrying the brand. There are just so many great acids/exfoliants out on the market; I’ll pick it up one of these days. 🛍 

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

@itsfi @JaneanBT I've had one of the Caramel FRESH - Sugar Hydrating Lip Balms in my lip balm stash for so long and I finally just opened it this week since I'd used up a couple of my other balms.  I'd forgotten just how good it was!  It REALLY makes me want to buy the new Watermelon one Smiley Happy.

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

@CookieGirl1, I think you’d like the Fresh watermelon balm, and the blood orange version too. I haven’t opened up the lime one yet, maybe after I’ve made a dent in these other two flavors. 😉 

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

@itsfi I'm not a huge fan of orange flavored things but definitely the Watermelon and the Lime flavor IF it isn't heavy on the mint.  You'll have to let me know once you open yours Smiley Happy.

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

I love that Sephora Collection cleanser @KatieBT! 💗💕 Does a great job at a fabulous price!! It makes my skin feel so clean without drying it out and I love the fresh faced brightness it gives my complexion! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

March Faves: 

PHILOSOPHY - Senorita Margarita Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath what a great pick me up scent this shower gel is. 

LANCôME - CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base The answer to my mascara dreams, this vase is amazing. 

LA MER - The Powder I went from hardly using it to tossing my Charlotte Tilbury aside in favour of using The Powder whenever I’ve applied make up this month. It’s so smooth. 

SUNDAY RILEY - Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment I’ve hopped back on my good genes loving train. I really love this stuff though my feelings about SR are less then great. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

*grabs to buy list and adds extra *** next to La Mer powder and note “@GG84  likes this more than CT powder” 💗


I’ve had my eye on the powder for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger ... yet. The next sale seems like an opportune time to pick it up. 🤔 


RE: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Right now I’m enjoying the glow recipe moisturizer; shiseido eye cream; 111skin serum. Just simple skincare products @GeorginaBT oh and some lip balm product from sugar

Re: RE: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Those are beautiful skincare favorites @idanyd! 💗💕

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

My March favorites: 


March 2020 favorites: mostly skincare, with a little hair and makeup thrown in.March 2020 favorites: mostly skincare, with a little hair and makeup thrown in.

BRIOGEO - Don't Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask - I chose this as my 2020 birthday gift (mini set with the Briogeo charcoal scrub shampoo), used it up, and bought this slightly larger mini to try a few more times. My kinky coily hair loves this stuff so much, I just used a $100 Rouge Reward toward the jumbo tub. Smiley Very Happy 
DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE - Sheer Mineral Sun Spray SPF 50 - Best mineral sunscreen ever for my face. It’s very easy to apply and blend to a completely invisible natural skin finish on my deep skin tone. It doesn’t irritate my skin or eyes, so I can use it all around my orbital bone. 
SEPHORA COLLECTION - PRO Crease Brush #19 - Part of the brush set I received as gratis from Sephora, and my favorite brush of the bunch. It’s the best synthetic crease brush I’ve ever used on my hooded eyes. I love it so much, I bought a second one. EDIT: forgot to include the photo! 
The washed one fluffed out a bit beyond its tapered shape, but the taper’s still there.The washed one fluffed out a bit beyond its tapered shape, but the taper’s still there.
SEPHORA COLLECTION - Mask Stick (Charcoal) - Aside from the too-strong scent of powdered detergent + old school aftershave, this is a great little clay mask. It never dries down within the 5-10 minutes I wear it, so it’s very comfy for my combo skin. The stick format makes it super easy to apply and very convenient for travel. I bought a bunch of these and keep one in my shower. 
SEPHORA COLLECTION - Lip Balm & Scrub (Dragonfruit) - The only one of the 3 exfoliating versions I love. Another great candidate for my travel skincare kit. Does what it’s supposed to do, smells (and tastes) good doing it, and doesn’t dry my lips out at all. 
FRESH - Sugar Hydrating Lip Balm (Blood Orange) - Smells SO good. SOOOO good. Also quite moisturizing, with a very slight reddish tint—but seriously, if you love the scent of blood oranges like I do, you need this balm in your life. 
NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate - I’ve used it nearly all of March. It’s gradually softening lines below my eyes and reducing some of the bumpy alligator skin in my tear troughs. It quickly de-puffs my undereyes. And since I need such a tiny amount to get all around my orbital bones, the bottle should last a good long while. 
Frudia Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Toner - I didn’t expect to love this, but it really is very moisturizing on my dry zones and helps my dehydrated oily zone. It reminds me a lot of the sheet mask serum from this Frudia line, which I also love.  
Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting BHA 9 - New-to-me this month, and hands down the best acne spot treatment I’ve ever used. Since I’m allergic to benzoyl peroxide, skin-sensitive to tea tree oil (I can use it, but not frequently enough to effectively treat acne) and can’t stomach the smell of sulfur treatments, my OTC acne options are quite limited. This 9% salicylic acid treatment gets the job done. 
GUCCI - Rouge à Lèvres Gothique Metallic Lipstick (shades Charlotte Blue and Princess Olga Green) - On this month’s very few foraging adventures, both these shades have been fun to wear. For me, they’re a good mix of normal-for-me (I love blue and teal lipsticks) and “things are weird so what the heck, let’s get a little fancy-pants without going all out on any other makeup.” This is a very comfy lipstick formula that performs much better than I expected. I’ll probably order at least one more shade soon. 


Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Yes to the Fresh blood orange lip balm @WinglessOne! Smells sooo good! 😍 I think a corresponding (and like scented) lip scrub would be an excellent next product... or maybe a body scrub or lotion or ... anything with that scent! ❤️🧡

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

@WinglessOne  Ahhhh I want to add another favorite for March!!!  The Sephora Pro 70 foundation brush!!   It blends foundation seamlessly every time!  No streaks to be seen and such even coverage!  I am blown away by it and have stopped using beauty blenders and I love beauty blenders!  I love all the other brushes but it’s my absolute favorite one and like nothing I already own.  Thank you once again @TeamBIC  

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

@WinglessOne you always have some of the best products to recommend.

*I love that crease brush as well!!!

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Thanks @CookieGirl1 ! 

That brush is so nice! Many synthetic crease brushes are either too stiff and scratchy or waaaay too floppy for my lids. This Sephora brush is surprisingly neither of those things. I’ll always travel with one; it’s going in my travel kit. Well, when we’re allowed to travel again. Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Praying that day comes soon, @WinglessOne .

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Hi @WinglessOne,


I love seeing your favorites! Mine favorites have switched from mostly cosmetics to a lot more skincare items this month! 



Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Thanks @RebeccaBT! All this stuck-indoorsness has been a great time to focus on skincare. Smiley Happy 

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!


I have really been liking the leave on exfoliators lately. 😆I wake up with smooth skin without doing any work. The kate Somerville retinol is very nice got it as a gwp. Not sure if I would repurchase due to price. Makeup wise I’m really liking the double wear for a quick application with beauty blender. Good coverage, lasts well and looks pretty natural. Bonus I got a free pump with Estée Lauder direct. Loving my Natash Denona palette that I traded in points to purchase. The eyeliner works well with lots of eye looks and is easy to apply. Concealer is new to me but I’m liking it for quick application to under eye area. Lastly is my Bareminerals illuminating mineral veil for a bit of a brightening effect.

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  • March 2020 favorites: mostly skincare, with a little hair and makeup thrown in.
  • The washed one fluffed out a bit beyond its tapered shape, but the taper’s still there.