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Mani Friday: Summer Solstice

It's Mani Friday! This week's nails are not my own (obvs), but they were so gorg I had to share. And given that it's the *official* first day of summer (wooot!), I thought they were super appropriate.


What mani are you sporting on this summer solstice? Show & Tell?


Learn how to get the look on the Sephora Glossy>

Re: Mani Friday: Summer Solstice

That looks amazing!


Currently in search of inspiration....

Re: Mani Friday: Summer Solstice

Yeah I saw that in the online glossy and went "oooooooh...."  with the sand and everything it just all looks entirely delectable!  Last week I did a blue/purple ombre sort of mani but it's gone now since it's unfortunately not work-appropriate for me.  Maybe this weekend I'll do a nude mani, I love those!

Re: Mani Friday: Summer Solstice

Well, I'm trying to figure out how to wear neutral/opaque nails, or if they suit me at all. My default "nude" is the one on my pinky, I brought an opaque peachy yellow and a nude pink from the OPI sale and I'm trying to figure out if I like them. I don't think opaque nudes suit me....but I do think the peach/yellow one looks pretty good with the OPI glitter top coat. I don't like the opaque pink, but I think the french mani-esque style is ok? 

hmmm...trying to decide if opaque nudes are okay, or if I should just stick to shimmery brights. Either way, I'll be getting more of those glitter top coats. =P


ps. Opaque colors and my cuticles don't get along very well apparently. Currently in the process of learning how to work with the edges. =/

Re: Mani Friday: Summer Solstice

@beautytester - I actually really like the color of the ring finger top nail. I think the middle finger with the glitter is ok but on it's own might be too yellow for you. But also the glitter over the ring finger would be super cute.


And all you need to clean up edges is an old eyeliner brush (I actually use skinny watercolor brushes) and some acetone!

Re: Mani Friday: Summer Solstice

just got mine done!!

Re: Mani Friday: Summer Solstice

@beautytester - It's nice to see someone with short nails like mine!  Sometimes I think I'm the only one...  My cuticles and opaque colors also have the same "problem."  Thanks @candace for the tip.  I like the color on your pinky.

Re: Mani Friday: Summer Solstice

@Titian06. Yay short nails! I used to play a string instrument and now works with computer all day, so I can't really stand fingernails that go past top of my fingers. I think I'll keep that peachy orange since I like it with gold glitter, and the pink cuz it looks ok with the white tip, but I'll stick to shimmers from now on.

Re: Mani Friday: Summer Solstice

Well i have on another color from the Metro to Chic set. I don't know if i like it or not. Maybe it's for someone light complected cause i just don't like it on me. But i have a glitter top coat on top!


Re: Mani Friday: Summer Solstice

@Areilaaaaaaaa I like that with your skin tone.  On its own it looks a little bland but I think it would be great as a base with dotting or stripes or with a deeper warm glitter like Traffic Stopper Copper.

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