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Mani Friday: Radiant Orchid

Happy Mani Friday! Today my look is inspired by what else? The Color of the Year! It was pretty much a given when I saw all of the gorgeous Radiant Orchid products that there would be a mani in my future. What do you think?


mani friday orchid_3.20.jpg

What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show and Tell!



Re: Mani Friday: Radiant Orchid

You guys are so creative! Not sure how you paint the flowers. Super cute. Anyone have pics of the radiant orchid Pantone nail set? Would love to see what you come up With. Happy Friday!

Re: Mani Friday: Radiant Orchid

I can't paint my nails at work due to the fact that I work with food...and they do some weird strippy line things that I peel and file after...sigh..I need some strengthening stuff on them. Anyways since I can have the luxury of having nice nails without the paint...I decided to get fake nails.IMG_20140321_172418_0.jpg 

Re: Mani Friday: Radiant Orchid

Yesterday was the first time I've done my nails in weeks!



Re: Mani Friday: Radiant Orchid

I love the minnie bows! Great look for going to Disney land.

Re: Mani Friday: Radiant Orchid

Your Minnie Mouse nails are so cute, Samshoediva! Smiley Happy


Re: Mani Friday: Radiant Orchid

I am headed to Disneyland next week so I decided to do a simple Minnie and silver on my nails. 



Re: Mani Friday: Radiant Orchid



I did a fun orchid pink for vacation. I'm loving the Radiant Orchid in general! 

Re: Mani Friday: Radiant Orchid

Haha! I promise my nails will be back to painted by this weekend! It was bad news bears a few weeks back, they were at a nice length and then bam, pointer finger nail chipped! Smiley Sad I managed to salvage some length so they weren't super short but it'll be back to gels in no time flat!


I'm keeping my eye out for that glitter! Orchid is one of my favorite colors and flowers, not to mention I'm a sucker for glitter!

Re: Mani Friday: Radiant Orchid

I'm sorry @lylysa , your nails...ARE NAKED? Who are you and what have you done with lylysa? Smiley Happy


So funny story about the glitter. It's Pantone, but it's not released yet, which I didn't know when it showed up on my desk and I used it for this mani. Smiley Happy So I will keep you updated on the release date but a good similar polish is this Nails Inc glitter (on sale)! 

Re: Mani Friday: Radiant Orchid

Cute, cute, cute! What glitter is that, Candace? Is there a touch of gold in there too?


My nails are naked right now, I had a gel mani a few days back, thinking of doing a gel French mani tonight (if I don't fall asleep first, ha!).

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