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Mani Friday: NARS Pierre Hardy

Aside from manicures and Fridays, my other fave thing about Mani Fridays is that I get to share Sephora's awesome nail newness with peeps who I know appreciate this stuff as much as I do (namely, you guys).


And who doesn't love a good designer collab? When I saw the new NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Duos, I had to try them immediately. This duo is super springy, so I thought it would be fun to do something more graphic than sweet with it. What do you think? (And aren't the colors to die for?!)


So what are you ladies rockin' on your nails for the weekend? Show & Tell in the comments!



See another graphic look with the NARS Pierre Hardy duo on The Sephora Glossy>

Re: Mani Friday: NARS Pierre Hardy

OOOOh pretty! This is the EXACT set I wanted to buy.. and now I think I will! I gave my nails a good week and a half break of no polish but its totally time to change that. Smiley Happy This combo makes me think of easter candy or marshmallows.


I'm thinking of a fun spring color to do as well, maybe a pink and blue combination or even a blue and white? If I have time I'll do an ombre but that needs not just time but setup too! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Mani Friday: NARS Pierre Hardy

@dianabt - Thanks!! (PS, I still have them at my desk if you want to try 'em out. Smiley Happy)

I want to do an ombre so badly, but given that it seems I only paint my nails at my desk these days (I know, tough life), that would be A LOT of work. :/

Re: Mani Friday: NARS Pierre Hardy

eeek!  those little yellow triangles in the purple, that's sooooo cute!


I really look forward to the "Friday Mani" threads now, it really reminds me TGIF!!!!! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Mani Friday: NARS Pierre Hardy

@drrragon - It's my favorite day of the week! TGIF!


And super pretty nude!

Re: Mani Friday: NARS Pierre Hardy

I hope the lemons somewhat make it through the weekend lol.


Re: Mani Friday: NARS Pierre Hardy

YAY lemons! I love! Did you use those fimo (sp?) slices? Did they come like that or did you have to chop them off the roll thing? (I'm so interested in those things, lol.)


In any case, they are SUPER cute, and I too am interested to see if they last the weekend. Although I feel like you at least have to take a picture with a glass of lemonade to get the full effect!

Re: Mani Friday: NARS Pierre Hardy

Ombre using a gold color by Nail Art and Read My Palm from Sephora by OPI



Re: Mani Friday: NARS Pierre Hardy

 I have on the some picks from the recent Essie Resort collection - "First Timer" with "In the Cab-ana" for the accent nail. 

Re: Mani Friday: NARS Pierre Hardy



Drinking white wine and hanging out on beauty talk while in the process of of drying  my newly painted fingertips  in the shade Tokyo Pearl by sinful colors it's a pamper myself kind of saturday afternoon.



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