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Mani Friday: Metallic

I've been flogging my spring polishes as of late, so I decided to switch it up and do a metallic look with a little Butter London.


butter 4.26.jpg


What are you rockin' on your nails this weekend?


Show & Tell in the comments!



Re: Mani Friday: Metallic

UD Hustle. I guess at some point I should move to a more spring like color but oh how I love my Hustle.

Re: Mani Friday: Metallic

@carrierose - what a pretty color! Duochromes are super fun.

Re: Mani Friday: Metallic

I used Sephora by Opi "S-Age is Just a Number" last night while I was watching Les Mis!  Sorry, not the best pic.  I love the duotone red/gold/green!

Re: Mani Friday: Metallic

Thanks ladies!  I do have a ton of colors at my desk, and I'm always looking for our new stuff, so if you have a color you'd like to see, let me know and I'll try to hunt it down in the office and swatch it!

Re: Mani Friday: Metallic

Once again, nothing because I've been experimenting more with acrylic lol.

Re: Mani Friday: Metallic

I think it's super-cute. I'm thinking about getting a gel manicure

Re: Mani Friday: Metallic

@candacebt- That looks gorgwa! We know you have all those polishes at your desk so you can enable us......We know your the big boss here on the "Enabler Community Talk" where beauty is always at yout finger tips. Nice slogan right???Smiley Happy

Re: Mani Friday: Metallic

@candacebt -- gasp!  that looks so gorgeous!!!  I especially like the way you switched up the order on one of your nails!

Re: Mani Friday: Metallic

That looks awesome!

I got my first Butter nailpolish a few weeks ago but I can't stand how narrow their brush is. God... I feel like it ruined my manicure.


I'm rocking a reddish purple gel nail colour that I did myself. I really like it but I'm too lazy to upload aphoto just yet. Soon!

Re: Mani Friday: Metallic

@lylysa - Nice! Post a pic when it's done!


@diana - Honestly I'm still practicing with getting my lines totally straight. I have to hold my breath to do it, lol. And I have 50 nail polishes at my desk alone and I still wander around the office looking for new stuff. I think I have a problem. Smiley Happy

Re: Mani Friday: Metallic

Cute!! Candace I don't know HOW you get the lines so perfect on your nails each time! I've got not patience and too shakey a hand lol.


Right now I've got a simple pink nail with white tip french manicure. I'll probably change them tomorrow though once I can think of something a little more creative and colorful! Smiley Happy I love that I have over 100 bottles and sometimes I STILL look at my polishes and think "I've got nothing to wear!"

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Mani Friday: Metallic

As of right now, I just have a clear coat from OPI, removed my gel french mani last night. Tomorrow it's back to the gels with Gelish Polish's shade called Reserve, a lovely champagne peach color! 

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