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Mani Friday: Go For Broke

It’s National Go for Broke day! Today is all about taking risks and trying something new; what better way to “go all out” then with a flashy mani?


bling nails 4.5.jpg

(Sephora by OPI Jewelry Top Coat in The Golden Age and Mauve-ie Star In the Making)


So “go for broke” this weekend and rock some bling on your nails! I showed you mine, now show me yours.


(And you certainly don’t have to go glitter cray-cray like I did, any amount of sparkles, studs or even a metallic polish would suffice.)


Show & Tell in the comments!


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Re: Mani Friday: Go For Broke


Re: Mani Friday: Go For Broke

@ Kimmi, the "Welcome Meat Head" mani!!! How cute! ^_^ I have a couple of nails that as they grow out warp a slight bit at the edges so it forms a more pointed shape rather than laying flat. I try to not square those off when I do have my nails longer as they just look even more pointed because they don't really have those edge corners to shape/show up. 


@ Candace, do it!!! Now when I watch it without commentary it sounds so odd to me! It's like I prefer the commentary even more than the original!

Re: Mani Friday: Go For Broke

@Candace  That bling is beautiful!!!  I love that look!  Spring Bling!


@lylysa Can you pull an "I Dream of Jennie" move and teleport to TN to help me shape my nails? lol.  I have the hardest time getting them all the same, especially my thumbs, index fingers, and right middle finger.  I guess it's from how they grow naturally, but it can be a pain in the butt lol.  I think my right middle finger gives me a hard time because I write right handed, and the cuticles are a bit tough there, too.



I don't think I'll get to do bling nails this weekend.  You can easily guess where I will be besides doing home work lol.  However, if I do get a chance to do my nails, I want to do a paw print design again as a welcome home Meat Head kind of thing lol.

Re: Mani Friday: Go For Broke

This was Thursday's nails (since I did the shocking math once again on my stash, I'm doing another 30:30 challenge on my nails):


Chanel April with Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday on top.  I do it once a year- otherwise my office might not be so thrilled.




(For the record, today's mani was Zoya Dahlia- the black Pixie Dust polish)

Re: Mani Friday: Go For Broke

@lylysa - pretty! And I do have the DVD, now I have to go home and watch it! Smiley Happy

Re: Mani Friday: Go For Broke


Hahah, you're totally welcome, Candace! If you have the DVD, watch it with the commentary, the guys are still IN character when they do it, it's like a whole new movie on its own! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Mani Friday: Go For Broke

@lylysa - 1. I LOVE THAT MOVIE. Like, for reals. It's one of my faves. I did not catch that reference, and now that I know it I have to buy the color (thanks! :/)

2. Where are your nails? Let's see them!


@rinner - easy peasy way to sauce up a mani! Love it!

Re: Mani Friday: Go For Broke

I added a little glitter to my standard red.


SEPHORA X Prime basecoat

SEPHORA X Dressed to Kill

Sephora by OPI It's Real 18k Gold topcoat

Re: Mani Friday: Go For Broke

Though I wouldn't call my nails flashy, I did spend a bit more than I normally do on a Butter London shade I've been toying with getting since the line launched here.


I bought Saucy Jack, a beautiful rich, brick red, which actually has berry undertones when you first apply it. I was a sucker for the name (though the shade is beautiful and so deep on my nails) because I'm a Spinal Tap fan and the name is in reference to the move (This is Spinal Tap) where after the band is broken up, David St. Hubbins and Derek Smalls talk about finally pursuing their dream of creating a musical based on Jack the Ripper called Saucy Jack!


I love that movie and love the trivial nature of how the name lends itself to the color!

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