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Mani Friday: Glitter Tips

Happy Mani Friday! I had every intention of painting my nails with a simple, classy nude for brunch with my mother on Sunday, but for some reason (by no fault of my own, of course), my simple nail looks always end up covered in glitter. What can I say? I'm a glitter addict.


julep glitter tips 5.10.jpg


What mani are you rockin' for Mother's Day weekend? Show & Tell in the comments!

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Re: Mani Friday: Glitter Tips

That does help. Lol, basically I need to be more patient with waiting and doing minimal thin layers. I will try it on a day when I'm on a TV marathon or something. =)

Re: Mani Friday: Glitter Tips

Ooooh I feel a tutorial coming on! I think it would be an awesome idea to take photos of step by step, so I'll do one like that and post it a Mani Friday at a later date. In the meantime, I'll try to explain it (bear with me!)


Make sure the glitter you are using is in a clear base, or that the base color is close / similar to the polish you're putting it over. I've run into problems when I've tried to do a gradient with a glitter in a colored base.


So, some people swear by the makeup sponge application technique for the glitter gradient but frankly that's too much effort for me Smiley Happy, so this is how I do it.


1. Make sure your base polish is pretty dry before you start the glitter, it will keep the brush from dragging, which is important, because you won't have a lot of polish on it. The trick is with all of these steps to not have a ton of glitter on the brush.


2. Put a small amount of glitter on the brush, and start brushing it from about 3/4s down the nail up. You can also start higher on the nail if that's the look you prefer.


3. Add a little more glitter to the brush, and then brush it a little further up the nail. Don't go back over the whole glitter bit, the point is to look like a gradient.


4. Add some more  glitter to the brush, and start polishing even farther up the nail. This is when you might have to move the glitter around on your nail a little to make it look more concentrated at the top than at the bottom..


5. For the last step, I just add a swipe of glitter across the tip to make it look super concentrated.


Hope that helps! But you have officially given me a great idea so now I need to do a photo tutorial. Smiley Happy


Re: Mani Friday: Glitter Tips

I like the glitter tips! It was just exam time for me, and it's pretty slow on the board recently. I saw some unanswered questions from days/weeks back in various categories. o.o


And more on topic, how did you get the gradient effect? when I tried to do that with my red polish/glitter, it just look more like half and half instead of gradient. =/

Re: Mani Friday: Glitter Tips

Ok, so I will try not to be too disappointed that no one liked my glitter tips, or posted photos of their own weekend nails, lol. Back to the drawing board. Smiley Happy

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