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Mani Friday: Father's Day

Happy Mani Friday! Today's mani is dedicated to - who else? - our dear old Dads, who give us the best advice and deal with our beauty product obsession, even if they don't understand it.


I've wanted to try a moustache mani for a while, so I figured this was the perfect occasion. Smiley Happy I used my fave nude Julep Pippa and the beautiful (and much more coral than the picture gives off) Coral Peony by JINSoon.


What do you have on your tips this weekend? Show & Tell!



Re: Mani Friday: Father's Day

@jenblush -- that is just so incredibly chic!  what polish did you use for that neutral shade?  it's like a super sleek pair of cream colored shoes!

Re: Mani Friday: Father's Day

@candacebt Yep!! Just clean with a Q-tip what's noticeable. the rest will fall off with regular hand washing or showering! i absolutely love the dual nail! It is so unexpected! I want to do this look from here on out! lol


@miabt Thank you!!

Re: Mani Friday: Father's Day


Great colors ladies!


@beautytester - Have you tried a dotting tool? It's really the foolproof way to make perfect dots.


@arielaaaaa - I love that color! So glittery!


@JenBlush - The Louboutin nail is so chic! I've always wondered how to pull that off without getting red polish all over my fingers under my nails. How did you do it? Just clean up?

Re: Mani Friday: Father's Day

Oohh, I think i'm finally getting the hang of using tiny teeny brushes, cuz for the first time the dots actually look round instead of a smear. Anyways, it's kind of opposite of fatherly, lol. Fizzy/bubbly thumb nail and red glitter tips for rest of the nails.


Re: Mani Friday: Father's Day

Very cute! I've always wanted to do a loubie-esque nail, but anytime I get my nails long enough, one always breaks! Great job!

Re: Mani Friday: Father's Day

2013-06-07 17.39.43.jpg

I did the whole dual tone nails on the top and bottom! "louboutin" inspired! lol

Re: Mani Friday: Father's Day

@candacebt -- OMG HILARIOUS!!!  love the mustache mani!  you funny girl! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Mani Friday: Father's Day

I have on a color from the Metro to Chic OPI set. I think it's "Arose beyond Shimmer"


Re: Mani Friday: Father's Day

OPI's number one nemesis- it is a golden olive. I'd post a picture but iPad is stupid and hates flash.

Re: Mani Friday: Father's Day

I did a red glitter nail tip on bare nails.....accidentally. I was trying to do an ombre/gradient thing with the red glitter polish, but it's not coming out well so I tried to remove it with a q-tip (seriously, just get a cotton ball/pad) and it's having difficulty taking off the concentrated glitter tip part, but I kind of like the look, so I kept it.  


Red/orange/glitter polishes are a bit too loud for work, but as a tip on bare nails... I think I'm liking this. =)

Re: Mani Friday: Father's Day

I don't have a good picture, but I just did something I rarely do: put the same nail color right back on.


I'm currently loving Julep Nan, called "Nantucket Red"- it's more of a burnt tomato red that's so perfect for summer.

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