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Mani Friday: Fallin'

Happy Mani Friday! I'm in fall state of mind right now and it's also been a little busy round these parts (*cough* VIB sale *cough*) so I just did a quick rose gold Formula X mani using Vroom and Center of the Universe. What do you think?


What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show & Tell!


fall 11.8.jpg



Re: Mani Friday: Fallin'

Here's mine!  with my new favorites Formula X in Standout and Sephora + Pantone Elemental Energy Lacquer in Earth



Re: Mani Friday: Fallin'

Ciate Paint Pot in Vintage. It's not available for individual purchase at Sephora Smiley Sad (I got it in last years Mini Mani Month)

Re: Mani Friday: Fallin'

Julep Tracy Paris

Overdue for a fill...

Julep Tracy & Paris

Re: Mani Friday: Fallin'

We're rose gold twins, Candace!


I've got Marc Jacobs Le Charm on my nails.  I'm thrilled to report that it's so much better than my other experience with MJ polish.


I did pick up The System as part of a small VIB haul, so I may play more later.

Re: Mani Friday: Fallin'

^^ And that's what happens when I sign in as the other admin.


In any case, yes, I do love the photos!  


@arielaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - for SHAME. (kidding). Congrats on becoming an aunt! Smiley Happy

Re: Mani Friday: Fallin'

Love the Mani's! I'm sporting short, unpolished nails. Lol that's a first for me!!!

I've been tooooooo busy with my Nephew Smiley Tongue

Re: Mani Friday: Fallin'

Mine's also Marc Jacobs, I couldn't resist! Gatsby is such a beautiful color, so versatile Smiley Happy

Re: Mani Friday: Fallin'

Thanks ladies! I love all the photos!

Re: Mani Friday: Fallin'

Here is mine! the light does not do the color justice! It was love at first sight when i tried it on yesterday at Sephora, i HAD to get it, and put it on! So when i got home i put it on right away! i LOVE it!!! 


Macr JacobsPetraMarc Jacobs Petra

Re: Mani Friday: Fallin'

Candace those two colors look awesome together! I think I am going to try that Smiley Happy

Re: Mani Friday: Fallin'

Candace, you have beautiful nails.  Both of your polish choices look beautiful together.

Re: Mani Friday: Fallin'

@candace - Your nails look great!  Maybe I'll get brave and try something like that on the "accent" nail.  I polished my nails last Sunday, so they're starting to show wear around the tips.  I'm wearing Sephora X in Atomic with Reactive on one accent nail and OhZone on the other.  I love Atomic and OhZone is awesome!  Reactive isn't quite what I expected, but it will be great this Christmas with red nail polish.

Re: Mani Friday: Fallin'

Those rock!  I just got my nails done last Sat, so here is this weeks mani.  I got some Formula X ASAP appliqués that I can't wait to try out next week. Smiley Happy



Re: Mani Friday: Fallin'


Yaaaay, it's mani Friday!  I went to my Sephora today just to get that new Formula X set with the primer, base and top coat plus a polish of your choice!  The polish I chose was a boring one for work but then I started playing with all the glitter ones and now I really want some!  I love the multi-tonal glitter particles in different shapes and sizes, so blingy on my normally boring and work-appropriate fingertips!



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