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Mani Friday: Easter Nails

It’s Mani Friday!


Here’s my version of Easter nails. I can’t draw to save my life, so I’m not embarrassing myself with shoddy renderings of bunnies and baby chicks. But if you can do it, I want to see—if only so I can be infinitely jealous of your skills.


easter 3.29_sst.jpg

Are you rocking an Easter mani this weekend? I showed you mine, now show me yours! (And no pressure about the bunnies, post whatever you’d like Smiley Happy.)


Show & Tell in the comments!


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Re: Mani Friday: Easter Nails

@ Glossy, cute nails and that cupcake looks super yummy!!

Re: Mani Friday: Easter Nails

@candacebt  Which stamp system did you try?  The first one I tried was the one shown on TV and sold at many places, including Sally's.  I think it was called Salon Express.  Anyway, I tried it, and it was a joke.  I don't think the designs in the plates were deep enough for the polish, and the stamper was tough.  I ended up returning it.  I found the Konad trial set on ebay, and it is amazing! You can also find many Konad plates on eBay as well.


As for the polish, I try to use opaque cream polishes.  Finger Paints has been really good for stamping.  Depending on the design on the plate, I've found you either need to "roll" it onto your nail or actually press it down like a stamp.  For the butterflies and flowers, I "rolled" them on,

Re: Mani Friday: Easter Nails

@makeupobsessed- We got 3 inches, but by late afternoon most of it melted except under trees and shaded places. We now mostly get lake effect snow which is these little mini snowstorms where you can hardly see outside for about 10 minutes, it's snowing so hard, but it doesn't stick because the ground is relatively warm. Though most years I can start gardening by this time, this morning the ground is frozen! Brr!


School mostly just starts an hour or so late here when it snows, the highway dept is pretty good about plowing, though they hit my mailbox again this year. I came out to get my mail and found just the post sticking out of a big snowbank. Smiley Sad

Re: Mani Friday: Easter Nails

Omg gals, ur nails rock!!!  Inspiration, I'm telling ya!


@Prettyinpa.....did I guys get the five inches of snow Monday like baltimore did?  It was ridiculous.  Schools out and everything, we down here can't handle more than an inch or driving gets crazy, but I know plenty of ppl in PA that say schools almost never close due to snow....

Re: Mani Friday: Easter Nails

Mine!   easternails.jpg

Re: Mani Friday: Easter Nails

They're not perfect, but I like the bright colors for Easter! 


Re: Mani Friday: Easter Nails

@prettyinpa - we take toes, too!


@kimmi - SOOO CUTE. You're so good at stamping! I'm the WORST at stamping, I've given up. do you have any tips to share??

Re: Mani Friday: Easter Nails

That looks awesome Kimmi!

Re: Mani Friday: Easter Nails

@Candacebt  I love the flowers!!  It reminds me of retro flower designs!  


@PrettyinPA  Snow?!?!  When will it go away for good?!?!

Re: Mani Friday: Easter Nails

I did some Spring nails for the weekend after I got home from school.  I thought about trying bunnies, but I decided to play with some other nail art supplies: my Konad stamp system.





It's a bit messy, but that is a part of playing with the Konad.  I used the Konad for the butterflies and flowers, and I used a stripe polish for the meadow grass or weeds.  Whatever you want to call it lol.  



Essie Blanc (so I wouldn't have to apply so many layers of the pastel yellow)

Sinful Colors Unicorn (yellow)

Mark by Avon polish in Cupcake (purple)

It's So Easy Nails Stripe Rite polish in Bright Green

Re: Mani Friday: Easter Nails

@Candace I know right LOL Holidays always sneak up on me.... I've been digging the green, but now I'm out to shop my stash for something more Eastery.

Re: Mani Friday: Easter Nails

I only paint my toes because polish on my fingers lasts about 15 minutes, and it's waaay too cold for bare toes these days. It was snow flurrying this AM! But maybe I'll do some pastel toes and call it Easter!

Re: Mani Friday: Easter Nails

Keely! OMG. That's like taking down your Christmas tree in February. Please put on some Easter nails, girl. Smiley Happy

Re: Mani Friday: Easter Nails

So pretty Candace!  I still have my St. Paddy's nails on lol I'll have to switch it up for Easter.

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