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Mani Friday: Butter London Brick Lane Collection

Happy Mani Friday! Today I decided to get a little crazy and do a "spray paint inspired" mani with Butter London's new Brick Lane Collection. The whole collection really quite stunning, and my photo doesn't really capture the subtle flecks of glitter in all of the colors. I'm a fan. What do you think?


What are you rockin' on your tips this weekend? Show and Tell!


bricklane 8.22.jpg

Re: Mani Friday: Butter London Brick Lane Collection

I'm really keen on Bric A Brac. I have a d/c OPI holiday polish called Smitten with Mittens which is a rich red with red and hints of gold microglitter and am so scared I'll use up my bottle so I want a dupe and so far BaB looks pretty close!

Re: Mani Friday: Butter London Brick Lane Collection

@lylysa - I did another look with Bric A Brac that I didn't post; that color is SO pretty. It's really shimmery and glittery, especially with a top coat! It has a ton of depth.

Re: Mani Friday: Butter London Brick Lane Collection

Ahhhhh, I need to see it in stores! The few swatch/product photos I've seen with folks wearing it haven't been in the best lighting or aren't that great in quality.


I wonder how BaB would layer with my Saucy Jack!

Re: Mani Friday: Butter London Brick Lane Collection

Super Gorge. & creative as usual! You have mad nail skills Smiley Happy ....many nail lover prop's to you!

I have on a polish I already posted (the Sweet Southern Bell polish). I have to sadly report the Sephora X Matte Metallica (called something like that, lol) that although it looked SO pretty on my left hand it was a battle to get it that way (hehe) and my right hand was a bust! So, sadly (I do mean sadly as the polish is Gorg. when applied correctly.)  It's just SO, SO, SO hard to get it on w/ out taking an hour + and then there are no promises. I got the white'ish color (can't rem. the name and I don't have it in front of me).... the lightest color that is basically a white. So while I am here w/ the Nail Queen @candacebt  (hehe) Smiley Happy do you have a suggestion for a nice opaque to semi-opaque white that won't be too stark for my skin-tone (light to med w/ neutral undertones & u can see by my past nail pic post although the camera is bad). I do have a new tablet w/ 2 new cameras so I am excited to post some new pic's of polish! Yay!

But @candacebt, if u have a white polish recommendation I would appreciate it greatly! And any other lovely's on here too! Thanks in advance (and yes I know this isn't the question section.... sorry) just know you/ y'all have all the for sure info on the nail polish colors being u have probably rocked the whole selection out and then some!

Re: Mani Friday: Butter London Brick Lane Collection

My Doctor Who mani for today!


Base coat: OPI Nail Envy Matte

Base color: Pahlish - Raggedy Man, Good Night

Accent base: OPI - Push n Shove

Accent glitter: Formula X - Mesmerize 

Top coat: Seche Vite and Gelous

Black striping tape and rhinestones.


This was my first time trying Mesmerize and it didn't show any holo. All it did was dull Push n Shove. I'm going to give it another try over a cream next time. Hopefully it shows better then.


Re: Mani Friday: Butter London Brick Lane Collection

@ Candace, quick inquiry!


I recently saw a road bike that was a KILLER shade of orange, it had a satin finish with a slight pearl/shimmer to it that was very subtle (no tell-tale/obvious shimmer or glitter particles, but rather almost a "lit from within" glow). The more I've been searching the more I come back to the BL Brick Lane or Julep's Marjorie. I know the two of them aren't with a satin finish, but that can always be fixed with specialty top coats and whatnot so that's not a make or break factor.


I haven't been able to find many swatches of Brick Lane (most of the pics the lighting is skewed) and since it's not available in stores Smiley Sad I was wondering if you can give me your lovely opinion on the two side by side. My local store does show Majorie in stock, so I can always go and see that for myself sometime this week, but I'd love your thoughts as a fellow nail polish addict! Smiley Very Happy

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