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List of Promo Codes!

Hey Beauties! I'm sure we've all had promos we loved and ones we didn't. I keep a list of all the codes in a notebook so when I order online I can just use a past code I liked if I don't want the current ones. I really feel like some are much better than others. I havn't checked in awhile but a lot of older codes are still active. I'll list the ones I have and like I said I havn't checked in awhile so if some aren't good anymore I'm sorry. 


HAIR=10 Surprise hair samples

FAUXCILS= YSL mascara sample

AMP= Buxom mini lipgloss with mascara purchase

ACAIBALM= Supergoop balm sample

CHLOEROSE= Mini Chloe set w/ pouch when you buy perfume

YOUTH= Lancome anti-aging serum sample

REFINED= Laura Mercier face polish sample

SUNKISS= Choice of bronzing sample

CLEANSE= Murad acne cleanser sample

WAX= free bliss strips

NUDE4STEP= Nude 4 step regimen samples

TRYHALO= Smashbox Halo powder sample

FREEDOM= deluxe sample choice

DIORMAX= lash plump serum sample

RESTORE= Ojon hair serum sample

PEQUI= hair smoothing oil treatment sample

PORESTRIPS= Boscia pore strip sample

ACNE=Clinique acne treatment sample

MYHAUL= free Sephora tote

EZTAN= free Dr. Dennis Gross alpha beta pads

TRYKATE= kate somerville samples

RESURGE= Murad skincare trio samples

PREPKIT= complextion sample mix

FBCYBER= free Buxom sidekickes set


Re: List of Promo Codes!

Good idea!


I have to google "Sephora Codes" because when I click "Weekly Specials" hardly anything shows up..


but the promo page with all the codes is here:


I think I'm going to try MATTEGIFT for my next order (Free bare escentuals mini set- foundation, mini kabuki, cleanser) or if they have any at the store near me.


I got SKINSTARS (a bunch of skincare samples) but I only used the REN glycolactic peel from it. and I got the foundation PREPKIT but haven't used anything from it yet either. The order I'm waiting on has the tokidoki clutch with samples, though if I had waited like half a day I would have got the mystery bag instead.

Re: List of Promo Codes!

@lowrah omg thank you x1000000. THERE ARE SO MANY PROMOS TO CHOOSE FROM!!! so many mascaras (im obsessed with mascaras)!!! but i think im going to go with the bobbi brown eye cream deluxe sample! =)


it is friday and the FBCYBER promo code still worked for me! if you are going to place an order, i highly recommend using that promo code! Smiley Happy FULL SIZED buxom mascara! woot woot! best mascara evaaaaaar!

Re: List of Promo Codes!

omg yes it is the best mascara ever!

Re: List of Promo Codes!

Hi ladies. If you want to know all of our current promotional offers, check out the following LINK.  For all your lovely Canadians scroll towards the bottom of the page to find all promotional offers available to you. Enjoy and happy shopping!





Re: List of Promo Codes!

TRYHALO and FREEDOM don't work anymore, boo! haha 

Re: List of Promo Codes!

MYSTERY u get 5 of the most wanted samples either deluxe or travel size!

Re: List of Promo Codes!

Have you got the mystery promo yet? I'm really curious to see if it's actually good or not? I've just been placing orders since last night to get the Buxom promo

Re: List of Promo Codes!

no i havent gotten it yet but tmrw im gona order from sephora sol il tell u what i got n omg tell me wat u got with ure buxom promo please?Smiley Happy

Re: List of Promo Codes!

The Buxom promo was for cyber monday and you get a full size buxom mascara and two mini buxom lipglosses it was amazing because I actually love that mascara!

Re: List of Promo Codes!

 buxom mascara is the best! n i purchased the lash hurrah which comes with a full size buxom n a mini buxom amplified mascara for $18 !

Re: List of Promo Codes!

You are my new hero!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks too much for the list!Smiley Happy

Re: List of Promo Codes!

Also, I'm so sorry girls for the ones that are expired and thank you for the other posts!


<3 Heidi

Re: List of Promo Codes!

if you type in "promotion" in the search box on sephoras website, pretty much all of the past promo codes come up. ive noticed one or two that arent there, and idk why, but the majority of the ones ive ever seen come up

Re: List of Promo Codes!

Just received an order, and it contained a little fragrance catalogue with scented papers under plastic.. and on the back it says there's a new "8 piece deluxe fragrance sampler." As usual, with $25+ purchase. The picture shows the little black drawstring sephora bag (which is pretty nice, I got one with the foundation sampler) and the following fragrance: Twirl by Kate Spade. Flora by Gucci. Especially Escada. CK Forbidden Euphoria. Flower by Kenzo. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (smells good, I got a sample a while ago). Gucci by Gucci. and Someday by Justin Bieber, which surprisingly smells really good (I got a sample of that a while ago too but gave it to my niece who is obsessed with JB. Had I smelled it prior to giving it to her, I probably would have kept it myself!)




Oh yeah, my order came with the tokidoki clutch "fromsephora" which is too cute, and it came with a ton of skincare samples.

Re: List of Promo Codes!

apparently vibhatbox still works Smiley Happy

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