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Keratosis Pilaris

what would you recommend to treat it.

Re: Keratosis Pilaris

@DelaneyByron   I agree with the others recommending Dermadoctor.  We also use the cream- Tongue73509Smiley Tongueroduct



Keratosis Pilaris

fur oil.

Re: Keratosis Pilaris



I've had bad keratosis pilaris on my thighs forever and the only way to treat it is to be super religious with exfoliation and moisturizing. It is caused by a build up of excess keratin which plugs the hair follicles. Since the keratinocytes are continually turning over and going from basal cells -> dying and sloughing off it's like a daily battle to exfoliate etc. I've found that including AHAs and BHAs into every step of body care is the only way that has worked for me. E.g. AHA body scrub a few times a week such as DERMADOCTOR - KP Duty® Body Scrub, followed by lactic acid body lotion once to twice a day such as Amlactin (


I definitely go in cycles where I get lazy with the body lotion and I've found that unless you are super consistent about it, the KP comes back.




Re: Keratosis Pilaris

Hi @DelaneyByron,


I had Keratosis Pilaris and this product by Derma Doctor helped clear it up. 

It deeply moisturizes and hydrates skin to reduce the appearance of keratosis pilaris. I hope this helps!


Stay Gorgeous,


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