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In Focus: Vita Liberata

Full disclosure, BTers: I don't wear self-tanner (on account of me already being brown and all). However, I am crazy about sun safety (my friends know me as the one-piece, big hat wearer sitting in the shade when they're all galavanting on the beach). So I was excited to sit down with Vita Liberata Founder Alyson Hogg to get the deets on her superstar self-tanning products and to get some tips on how to get the best bronze glow for my self-tanner lovers out there (I'm here for you).


alyson.jpgWhat is your background and what compelled you to start Vita Liberata?

I started the business at 40. In the previous 20 years I had worked in politics, studied for a PhD, been a journalist, a TV presenter and even fleetingly, a model (I’m very tall). Of course, most importantly I am a mother of three and step mother of two. At the very beginning I started the skincare business to create products that would act like a really brilliant multi-vitamin tablet, but for the outside rather than the inside of the body! The tanning part of the business came later and was in response to requests I was getting from many pale Irish friends, and in particular my assistant Cherith, who were desperate for a great tan without the long list of issues such as smell, tackiness, streaking and patchy fad. So I got in the lab and swore I would fix all the issues associated with sunless tanning, or I wouldn’t be making tan. Thankfully we managed to fix them all, so I brought the range to market, it completely sold off the shelves, and now here I am…the tan lady!


What sets Vita Liberata apart from the other self-tanners in the market?VLmodel.jpg

The technologies, the highly natural formulations, and of course, the result! pHenO2 technology offers the world's longest lasting tan (up to 4 times longer than regular tans), Moisture Locking technology gives 72 hour hydration and Odour Remove™ technology ensures absolutely no smell from your tan. Vita Liberata tans are designed to treat the skin while tanning it, with organic ingredients that condition, soothe and fight signs of aging. They are also completely non-toxic with no parabens or alcohol, for the most stunning tan result and an even fade like you would expect from a natural suntan.


RTlowerres.jpgTalk to me about the new Rapid Tan 1-3 hour tanner. What makes it so cool? How do you use it to get the best results?

Rapid Tan Mousse is unique as it allows you to choose your shade and enjoy a perfect, flawless tan in as little as 1 hour! For me personally, I love that when I'm in a hot climate and need to stay inside with Air Con on as my tan develops, this works. I can wake up, apply Rapid, have my breakfast and catch up on some emails before showering after an hour or two to be left with a gorgeous, natural glow. Rapid also has a stunning, transfer resistant, instant bronzing guide colour which has proved very popular with girls in California. It allows you to see where your tan is being applied, looks completely natural and dries instantly so you can wear it out immediately if you choose to. With Rapid, shower after 1 hour for a sunkissed glow, 2 hours for a medium tan, and wait 3 hours or more for a lusciously dark result.


What would you say is the best product for newbies who want to try a tanning product but are afraid they’re going to look orange?phenomenal.jpg

Any Vita Liberata product will guarantee a non-orange, natural looking tan so that's not something to worry about! But for newbies, I would recommend a tinted tan so you can see where you are tanning – that means no accidental white bits! A mousse tanner is also a great option as it is incredibly easy to apply and dries really fast, minimising the risk of mistakes. Our pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse in Medium is the best choice. With pHenO2 technology, it works with your skin to give a completely natural colour while conditioning the skin. If you only need 4-7 days from your tan, just apply it once for the most simple tanning experience.


Talk a little about your sun-safety philosophy? Why is sun-safety so important?

Sun safety is extremely important as we need to take care of our skin from a young age. With my background in skincare, it has always been an important aspect of the business to me and has remained a top priority in our current and future product innovations, with the development of SPF products, and our Skin Respect Anti Age Skincare and Tanning line earlier this year. I established Vita Liberata to create a luxury self-tanner with unique skincare benefits that truly delivered so that busy people like myself could enjoy natural looking colour through products that actually cared for the skin, rather than risking sun damage to achieve a tan. Practically in the sun, always sit under shade, wear a big hat and never stray far from SPF Factor 50 - especially for the face and décolleté!


tanning mtt.jpgOkay, so you’re the expert. Give us some self-tanning tips; what’s the best way to get a beautiful, natural looking glow?

Exfoliate your body before applying tanner as this allows you to achieve the most even tan result, but avoid body scrubs with essentials oils and cream-based shower gels. A Tanning Mitt is ESSENTIAL! It's the best way to apply self-tanner to ensure that you consistently receive a streak-free finish and avoid having self-tanner stains on the palms of your hands!


DO NOT MOISTURIZE within 12 hours prior to tanning with our products. Moisturizer or cream soaps can leave a residue film on the skin that can block development and affect the evenness of your tan, and not in a good way! Long circular motions are the best way to apply a self-tanner. You don't need to rub it in – you aren't a piece of furniture! The actives will naturally absorb on contact.


YOU MUST WIPE KNUCKLES, knees, elbows and ankles with a slightly damp cloth after tanning to make sure that these areas don’t go too dark. For the best results, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and up your intake of leafy green vegetables like spinach. Not only will this benefit your tan, but you'll also feel better too!



Re: In Focus: Vita Liberata

This is great - I loved the 2-3 week tan which gave me a gorgeous glow when I was a bridesmaid this summer! I'm looking forward to trying the Rapid Tan down the road - I love how quickly it can apply and that I can see where I'm applying it!

Re: In Focus: Vita Liberata

I'm pretty fair and avoid the sun like the plague, but I haven't really looked into self-tanners for the same fear rjamlt brought up, turning orange! I'll have to give this a shot though Smiley Wink

Re: In Focus: Vita Liberata

Thank you for this- self tanners always bring out the oompa loompa fear and I have never tried them. I might have to give this a try though!

Re: In Focus: Vita Liberata

Thank you! With all of the self tanners I've tried, I can't believe I haven't tried Vita Liberata. I'll have to give this a try. I've gotten away from self tanning after getting tired of finding random streaks and blotches mid-day. 

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