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In Focus: NUDE Skincare

When it comes to skincare, finding products that help me look better nude (i.e,, without makeup on), has always been my goal. So I was super excited to sit down with Bryan Meehan, co-founder of Nude Skincare, to talk about the brand's skincare philosophy, their new Advanced Renewal line, and why probiotics (yes, like the ones in yogurt,) aren't just good for digestion.



How did you and Ali Hewson start working together to create NUDE Skincare?

Ali and I were introduced by a mutual friend in Ireland because we shared a passion for nutrition and a healthy respect for the planet. Having created Fresh & Wild food stores in London (now part of Whole Foods) we felt good about the trends in food but concerned about the dearth of anything performance driven in skincare and fashion. That sparked our desire to create NUDE Skincare, a brand that is rooted in nutrition while also high-performance and luxurious. Ali also went on to create her clothing line EDUN which is NUDE spelled backwards.


One of your brand’s messages is “Beautiful Without”. Can you talk a little about this philosophy?
Since the brand’s beginning, we’ve always believed if you can leave it out, leave it out. So we make a conscious decision about every ingredient that goes into our formulas and every ingredient that is not included...such as parabens, sulphates, silicones, petrochemicals, etc.


You have a smaller, curated range of products. Does the NUDE line work on all skin types?
Yes, our products provide premium nutrition for all skin types while addressing specific needs. ProGenius Omega Treatment Oil is a great example - a product for all skin types with a balanced diet of omegas for healthy, radiant skin. My wife and three daughters love ProGenius…regardless of age, it delivers beautiful results.


Would you recommend different products for different skin concerns?
Yes again. Everything from travel to lifestyle to weather affects our skin. What our skin needs in our 20s is different from what it needs in our 40s, but it always craves nourishment. It’s important to customize your skincare to suit your concerns.


Your new Advanced Renewal line contains probiotics. Explain what probiotics are exactly (aren’t they in yogurt??), and how they help your skin.
Great question. I’ve seen what probiotics can do for health and wellness and NUDE was the first to introduce this into skincare. Just as probiotics balance internal digestion (like yogurt), they also stabilize microflora, the good bacteria on the skin, to help it stay in balance. Our new Advanced Renewal Serum is a beautiful blend of probiotics, omega 9 and seaweed extract.


What are some of the other innovative ingredients you use in your products that make them special?
Omegas, fig, honey, probiotics, prebiotics, peptides, algae, jasmine, apricot oil, antioxidants, cupuacu butter, ginger...shall I go on?


Talk to me about the link between healthy skin and nutrition. What kinds of things should we do to nourish our bodies on the inside to promote great-looking skin on the outside?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. What you put in your body nourishes your skin from the inside, and what you put on your skin feeds it from the outside. The two in combination promote well-balanced, healthy skin. That’s why your skin craves good nutrition…that’s why your skin craves NUDE.



Re: In Focus: NUDE Skincare

I love the brand!!!! Especially the oil! 

Re: In Focus: NUDE Skincare

I've only recently tried the cleansing oil, but I love how gentle it is on my skin. I finish looking refreshed rather than my skin being overly tight. I'm excited that there is an expanded line for me to try. Surviving the northern harsh winters does some serious damage to the skin!

Re: In Focus: NUDE Skincare

The cleansing oil is awesome for removing makeup. That's what I use it for. Even gets off mascara! I really do enjoy their brand! 

Re: In Focus: NUDE Skincare

I've been so curious about this brand but I have never really seen anyone talk about it until now. I need to do more looking into it, I think!

Re: In Focus: NUDE Skincare

I was thinking about start using nude products but there were such a few references that made me hesitant to invest a chunk buying a new line,,,,so I am on hold and waiting for more reviews or at least samples of nude products available with purchases.This post is convincing me to try at least cleansing oil as two BTs above praised it so it is going to be my nxt cleanser and then I'll decide if I want to buy rest of the products of NUDE.

Re: In Focus: NUDE Skincare

I almost bought the Eye Complex, but it did not have very many reviews. Reading this make more interested, hopefully my store can provide samples!

Re: In Focus: NUDE Skincare

I have tried both serum and oil, but I like their oil the most. I also have a sample of the overnight repair mask. Can't wait to try it. Hope that, it works on my skin because I really want to change my skincare to most natural made. Not many cosmetic products have silicone free.

Re: In Focus: NUDE Skincare

Sounds like a fabulous skin care line, the Advanced Renewal Overnight Mask has peaked my interest. Thanks for sharing the interview.

Re: In Focus: NUDE Skincare

I've got three of their products at the moment- the eye cream, the cleansing oil and the pro genius oil. I have been really pleased with how all three perform. The Pro Genius was a deluxe sample last year and it got me hooked. I emailed Nude directly for an eye cream sample and got the cleansing oil sample in store. This is a sleeper brand for sure, but it works. 

Re: In Focus: NUDE Skincare

Dos anyone know if the Nude Genius Oil has anything in it to cause breakouts? Which product has honey in it? I've heard honey is a natural anti-bacterial. I actually have a deluxe sample of the Oil but I'm afraid I will break out from it, so I haven't used it yet.

Re: In Focus: NUDE Skincare

Beautylove02, for reference I use tarte Maricuja oil and I found the nude oil to have similar results on my skin: not greasy, neutral scent, quickly absorbs, very hydrating. I really like it.

Re: In Focus: NUDE Skincare

I love the Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes! It smells amazing and it is incredibly effective at removing makeup! Smiley Happy

<3, Randee
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