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In Focus: GLO

So...GLO. How many times have you come across this nifty-looking device on our site and wondered, "What is that? How does it work? Does it really glow??" I went behind the scenes with the creator of GLO, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, to get the inside scoop. (By the way, I've tried it, and the blue glowing effect is pretty freaking cool.)



glo mouth.jpg


Talk about the science behind the product.  How does GLO work?

GLO Brilliant’s Guided Light Optics (G.L.O.) Technology uses heat-plus-light in a closed system mouthpiece—combined with our unique whitening gel formula and G-Vial applicator—to activate and accelerate teeth whitening results at home, without sensitivity. It’s clinically proven to deliver a 5x whiter smile in just 5 days.




How did your background influence the development of the product?

I have 30 years of experience practicing aesthetic dentistry, and my wife and Chief Marketing Officer of GLO Stacey Levine brings over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the beauty retail industry. Together, we have dedicated our lives to enhancing and perfecting the traditional oral care experience. GLO™ Science products are the result of years of scientific study and experimentation. By combining numerous patents with innovative dental technologies we continue to strive to create breakthrough professional techniques, and sleek, sophisticated at-home consumer and professional teeth whitening treatments.



So, why does it glow blue?

The GLO Brilliant® Mouthpiece builds Guided Light Optics (GLO™) Technology into its innovative design. The mouthpiece contains a molded flexible circuit with activating light and heat which, when placed into your mouth, accelerates the GLO Whitening Gel on your teeth.



glo solo.jpg

What have you been working on innovating lately at GLO? Tell us about it!

GLO Solo!  Our latest innovation, an affordable and easy to apply, anytime, anywhere whitening system.  The best part? It takes just 60 seconds a day and empowers you with the confidence that comes with a flawlessly white and beautiful smile.


The GLO Solo system is clinically proven to improve the whiteness of your smile by 3-5 shades in just two weeks, and is designed to offer simple, quick applications for use at anytime and anywhere. Use GLO Solo once in the morning and once at night after brushing and flossing. With each use, you’ll notice your teeth become whiter and brighter, and after two weeks, you’ll see results that are definitely worth smiling about.



Do you use the GLO Solo in conjunction with the GLO device? Why both?

You do not use Solo in conjunction with brilliant. We developed GLO Solo as an on-the-go alternative option to teeth whitening strips.  It is more affordable than the professional technology of GLO Brilliant, is effective and offers visible results when used as directed



Talk a little about your charity work. How did you get involved with Glo Good? In what capacity do you work with them?

Stacey and I first visited Rwanda two years ago as board members of Foundation Rwanda, and we were incredibly affected by the country and the people. We were also struck by the urgent need there for good oral health care. We were committed to returning to Rwanda to help address this need however we could, and that is how the GLO Good Foundation was born. We established the Foundation in 2011 in conjunction with Foundation Rwanda, and immediately set up clinics to deliver dental tools, provide education and treat urgent cases.


Moving forward, GLO Good aims to build oral health initiatives in under-served populations all over the world by providing the necessary tools such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, and mirrors for oral cancer screenings, in addition to educating families on the importance of taking care of their oral health and training local dentists to facilitate the delivery of care when needed.




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Re: In Focus: GLO

@prettyinpa YES! That's an excellent idea! & a better container so the ampules last. I know they are supposed to be stored in the fridge, but mine still turned yellow after a few weeks in there. GLO was great about sending me a packing slip to return them & gave me a new set (whole process took a little while, but I did get them) 

Re: In Focus: GLO

@prettyinpa and @candacebt I agree- a mini tube for each gel would be awesome so I know if I'm using too much or too little! As long as it could maybe be recyclable or compostable? or even if the original tube had little lines to go by (like a measuring cup) or would squeeze out by drops- haha I'm totally into this now! Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: In Focus: GLO

@prettyinpa - Little improvements are sometimes the most important ones! And I still think it's an excellent idea (which I'm totally forwarding along to the brand). Smiley Happy

Re: In Focus: GLO

@candace- I don't think that the amount for one treatment would be too small for a teeny squeeze tube, after all, some beauty treatments come in those odd little bubble looking things and there is only about a drop or two in each container. Even if they put it in one tube with 4 markings on the outside that indicates how much to use at a time, that would be great. I always feel like I'm wasting extra on the first treatment and not using enough on the last one. Picky, I know, but little improvements are really meaningful to me! Smiley Happy

Re: In Focus: GLO

We actually just had a brand training with GLO a few weeks ago! We each got to test the device out for ourselves and saw noticeable results after one session (4 treatments in 30 minutes). I have insanely sensitive teeth. There were times that I would be in tears when it came time to have my wires changed. I also have two partial veneers and two built-in retainers (my smile has been through a whole lot) so I was kind of worried that the GLO system might irritate all of the additions to my teeth. I was informed by the rep that the brand is designed with those that have sensitive teeth, lumineers, veneers, and built-in retainers in mind.


I really like that the system isn't just specifically for one person. All you need is a secondary whitening tray to share the device.


I love that they give back! I really wish more companies did this as well. Developing good dental habits are important for one's overall health. Bad dental habits can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and gum disease.

Whimsically yours,

Re: In Focus: GLO

I love the Glo company, their products and how they give back!  My GLO system is amazing and I love how it doesn't cause any sensitivity to my teeth or gums. Smiley Happy I also can't wait to try the GLO Solo and also the toothpaste and pen which I just recently got! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: In Focus: GLO

@prettyinpa - That's a good point, I hadn't thought about that. I wonder if it would be *too* small to squeeze out in 4 little guys? (Not to mention I would probably lose them, lol). But it does work! And there's no sensitivity, which is what I like.

Re: In Focus: GLO

I've got the GLO system and really like it!  My only complaint (somewhat minor, I know) is that it's hard to measure out the gel into 4 equal treatments. The ampoule is designed to be used up all at one sitting, which is fine, but for me, the first squeezing out is usually bigger than the other 3, so my last treatment is a little skimpy. It would be great if they put single treatment doses in teeny tubes so I can squeeze out the proper amount with no guessing. But it really does whiten my teeth and is easy to use, I hate the strips that migrate off my teeth after about 5 minutes. The gel tray is comfortable to use, though odd looking with the blue light in my mouth. Hubby has gotten used to seeing me sitting watching a movie with it in, though, so that's an improvement!

As for GLO good, I'm all for companies giving back, it's nice to know that underserved people are being helped by my purchases.

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