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In Focus: Beauty Oils

oils 10.3.jpg


Hey BeautyTalkers! It's time for another Show & Tell Mini-Focus Group!


Today we're taking on a slippery topic: Beauty Oils (I know, terrible, report me to the pun police).


But ladies, we'd like to know: Have you tried beauty oils? If so, which ones? If not, why not (what are you afraid of)? Smiley Happy


Sound Off!

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I've been using the Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup. I have combo/oily skin, and I thought I would turn into a big greaseball using this, but it is FABULOUS! It gets rid of all of my makeup (including mascara), and my skin is left hydrated and sooo soft. I love it!



Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I love the Tarte Maracuja Oil!  Its an absolute staple in my skincare routine Smiley Happy  I've tried a few others, but they were a little heavy on my skin, however I'm always open to trying new ones!

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I have the Tarte oil and Jose Maran, but haven't used them on my face because I was concerned about breakouts or other skin reactions.mhowever, my skin has become quite dry and I'm thinking I need to at least try them, especially with the good feedback here. Great topic!

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I have combo/oily skin; and like others, was afraid to use oil my face.  But the Argan oil had such great reviews and everyone said it was wonderful for oily skin, so I tried Josie Maran's Argan Oil.  I didn't get past the first try because I really disliked how it felt on my face.  I do, however, like Josie Maran's cleansing oil.  It really does a good job at removing my makeup.

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I use oil on my hair on occasion because it can be dry.  Using them anywhere else is not something I can do because I have really oily skin and I wouldn't add more oil.  I don't understand or buy into the notion of using oil on oily skin. 

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I would love to try the body shop's beautifying oils, they are now fifty percent off so I think I will try them Smiley Very Happy

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I use Josie Maran's  Argan Oil.  I love that it isn't greasy and doesn't leave my skin feeling and looking like an oil slick.  It absorbs into the skin very quickly.


I've tried Tarte's Maracuja Oil as well.  For me, it tended to be a bit too heavy for using on my face.  It was fine for using on my arms and legs though.  This seems to get that rancid smell more quickly than the argan oil.   I prefer Josie Maran's argan oil the best.

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I've been using Tarte's oil. I have an oily face that is caused by over-dryness. The oil moisturizes really well, causing my face to not over-produce it's own oil. It smells off, someone aptly suggested it smells like potatoes (totally true), but otherwise it's awesome. 

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils



I tried the Tarte product, I have scarring and discoloration on my legs from previous injuries and I thought it might help with that, but it didn't really.  I stopped using it after awhile.  I still have the bottle, but the oil got really gummy and sticky, time to toss that one!


I have been using Ole Henriksen's Pure Truth Vitamin C Youth Activating Oil.  I like the smell of this one (smells like iced tea to me).  I mix a couple of drops in the palm of my hand with enough of Ole Henriksen's Invigorating Night Gel to cover my face, then apply it to my face.  I do this maybe 3 times a week.  I like it, I think my complexion is smoother and softer.

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

Products heave in oil tend to give me more milia then I usually have & the Josie Maran gave me a horrible reaction. 

I keep hearing how amazing oils are for the face, so I was really bummed out I couldn't play too Smiley Sad 

UNTIL PTR came out with the oilless oil.


I use it like a normal beauty oil; pat a drop on dry areas or mix a drop with my moisturizer. I love it! And I haven't notice more milia or whiteheads. 

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I've used Tarte's and Josie Marans, but I still can't take the leap to putting it on my face!

I mainly use it on my hair. I've used some cleansing oils and I really like those, I'm not sure if I'm ready to make the commitment to putting oil on my face though. 

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I've only used Caudalie Divine Oil.  I started using it this winter.  I was hesitant to use any oils since I have oily skin. So I first just used it on my hands and then on my face and WOW, no breakouts!  It smells wonderful and I love the way it makes my skin glow.  I stopped using it for the summer, but will begin using it again this winter.  I want to experiment with other brands of oils as well.

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I love using natural oils, to me they are way better than using lotions. I use a mixture of passion fruit seed oil (aka maracuja oil as it is marketed by some) and neem oil as my face moisturizing. 6 drops of passion fruit and 1 drop of neem is enough oil to cover my whole face and neck. I bounce back and forth with cleansing oils. I like them, but I find that it takes me 2-3 times longer to use a cleansing oil then to just use a gentle cleanser (even longer because my water doesn't like to get hot, if I am somewhere that water gets hot more quickly I am much more likely to use my cleansing oil), so score one to my laziness. The best though it body oils. So much better than lotion. I make my own with infused herbs and my skin has never been happier. I am experimenting with making a shimmering body oil but haven't quite got the magic ratio yet. I also use a herbal infused oil as a leave in conditioner for my hair which is so much better than the salon oils I have tried.


I like to make my own oils because its both more affordable (I pay $6 for an ounce of passionfruit oil vs what it would cost to buy it from a large brand name) and I can adjust my recipes to my skin needs on a day to day basis. Like if I have just tried a new foundation and it made me break out (which happened a few days ago) I simply adjust my oil ratio so there is more neem oil, which has very strong anti bacterial properties and helps heal my skin faster. If I need more moisture I might add a drop of sweet almond oil. And any oil can be made into a balm (so its easy to take anywhere) by adding some beeswax (which is great if you need some heavier duty hydration).

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I've used Fresh Seaberry, Dr. Gross VitD, Boscia Tsubaki, Marula, Tarte Maracuja, JM Argan and Nude ProGenius. I jotted down my notes here:


After that post I'm pretty much oiled out, oil overload. I like oil cleanser as 1st step of double cleanse or gentle cleanser before a harsh peel/treatment. I think I like using oil for hair and nails better than face, with that said, I'm still tempted to try the Clarins one at some point cuz lotus is one of my favorite flowers.

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I've been favoring KS's Dilo Oil lately, I love the packaging in how it's a taller bottle so I feel like I'm able to dispense more product since I tend to use it more on my hair and nails. My hair is super long so using smaller bottles take forever to dispense the amount needed from a dropper.


I like that it dries down quickly and smells pleasant but isn't overpowering or too lingering.

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I plan on using Kate Somerville's Dilo Oil on my trip to Thailand. I've used it a few times and loved the smell, the immediate brightening effects, as well as the balance. The packaging is more convenient than the custom blended oil my friend makes for me (which is a glass dropper).


I have combination skin that's always been pretty good, but it was way more imbalanced when I used creams and lotions. My friend enlightened me about it-- the skin recognizes/ uses oils much more easily than it does creams. Not knocking the wonderful creams we sell, but oils are great because there is absolutely no filler, just the fatty acids your skin needs.


I don't like to tout natural products as being "extreme" in the sense of anti-aging, but I do feel like my skin is firmer and definitely a lot more radiant since I've been using oils. Plus they give me easily-absorbed moisture underneath my PTR CC (which I use more for natural, radiant coverage than moisture, but this certainly isn't drying!).

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I'm really loving Josie Maran's Light Argan Oil! It's just the perfect amount of oil for my face and doesn't leave me feeling ultra greasy. 

Whimsically yours,

Re: In Focus: Beauty Oils

I haven't tried any yet.  I think I am apprehensive because I have oily skin so the thought of using oil to clean my face or moisturize my face makes me cringe a little.

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