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In Focus: BI Rewards Redeemers

BI Rewards 9.12.jpg


Maybe it's because I'm the youngest of 3 and as such, was always following around my older siblings, trying to see what they were up to. But I'm a bit of a nosy person (okay "a bit" is an understatement). It is one of the reasons why I love BeautyTalk so much; learning about you ladies' favorite products, beauty routines and sports teams fulfills my innate desire to get into everyone's business.


So when our Beauty Insider team told me that the ridiculously exclusive, glam 10,000 and 5,000 point perks we offered last month were all snapped up within 48 hours (!) of the phone lines opening, my curiosity was piqued. Who were these amazing clients who had enough points on their own (or generous friends with enviable organizational skills) to secure a trip to Paris or New York Fashion Week? I had to know. And because as my Aunt Mattie used to say, I can't "hold water in a bucket with a lid and a lock on it", I had to share what I learned with BT (You guys must be as nosy as I am, or you wouldn't be here! Smiley Happy).


Here are some fun facts for your inquisitive enjoyment:


Regarding the previously mentioned enviable planning skills: 80 people were waiting on hold when the phone lines opened the morning the offers began!


The first perk to go: The Marc Jacobs bag and beauty products. (Anyone surprised?)


Hoarding done right: Nearly all of the rewards were redeemed by clients who had enough points on their own!


It takes two: The MAKE UP FOR EVER trip to Paris was the 2nd reward to be redeemed, by a client whose friend transferred her points to her (now that's going to be a fun girls' trip).


Best mom ever: The Stila trip to New York was redeemed by a client who is bringing her two daughters with her to New York for Fashion Week!


On behalf of the Beauty Insider team and the rest of us gals here at HQ, I want to thank you guys for being loyal Sephora shoppers and supporting our BI program (and also always pushing us to be better!). We have a team of very passionate ladies who are dedicated to continuing to surprise and delight you with the best gifts, perks and exclusive opportunities. There is much more to come, so stay tuned!


BI 9.12.jpg



Re: In Focus: BI Rewards Redeemers

My goodness! Sounds like there were some awesome friend and mom in there. Will there be events such as these in the future? 


ps. Sounds like I need to start hoarding my points....


pps. Oh I LOVE that drawing of Sephora goods! Especially the lipstick!!! Please please please can you consider that as the design for one of the Sephora lipstick lines? The black/white stripe is so Sephora and the touch of gold makes it look so luxe!

Re: In Focus: BI Rewards Redeemers

i second beautytester on the lipstick - beeeauuutiful - a mini would rock the Casbah!Smiley Wink and i am now in hoard mode

Re: In Focus: BI Rewards Redeemers

Only hoard if there is something you don't love! But if you love it, get it!


And @spoiledbrat - I edited your post because of the spoiler tag, everyone thinks it's to post a smiley face but it's not. If you just type a smiley face in it will turn into one. Smiley Wink

Re: In Focus: BI Rewards Redeemers

These super perks were a great idea! Though I was far from cashing in, I can spot and acknowledge a great opportunity like no other and Sephora definitely hit it on the head with this go-around!


Can't wait to see what other big and exciting things are in store!

Re: In Focus: BI Rewards Redeemers

Thanks for sharing the information, @candace!


I like the lipstick drawing, too.  Maybe you could add it to the icon choices.

Re: In Focus: BI Rewards Redeemers

In addition to the lipstick, that red bag is totally swoon worthy. Quilted red patent, with a black/white striped bow, black zipper and Sephora zipper chain........ None of the bags from Sephora collection have caught my eyes so far and I get too many free ones, but if you offer that, I'll pounce on it before you can blink.

Re: In Focus: BI Rewards Redeemers

They all sound amazing!  I didnt know points were transferable.

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