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In Focus: Anthony Logistics

Check out any of the Anthony Logistics product pages on, and you may be suprised to see that there are just as many (if not more) reviews from women who use this traditionally men's skincare line as there are from the fellas. Highly intrigued, I caught up with founder Anthony Sosnick to get the scoop on the brand, their new Wake Up Call product, and how to get your dude to actually care about skincare.


anthony products.jpgYour tag line is “Developed for men, borrowed by women.” Which of your products do ladies tend to snag from their men?
Actually, women tend to use most of our products, especially our Glycolic Facial Wash. Because of this, our goal for all is to use ingredients that are both beneficial for men and women. We see a lot women using our anti-aging products including our Vitamin C Serum, Vitamin A Treatment and Continuous Moisture Eye Cream. The technical ingenuity that went into developing these products puts them on the level with any comparable woman's product on the market. We also see a lot women buying our Pre-Shave Oil and Pre-Shave Cream all the time. Additionally, we see women buying our Invigorating Rush All Over Wash as they not only love the scent but it reminds them of the way a man smells. It’s kind of like wearing your boyfriend’s sweater.


wake up.jpg

Tell me more about your new Wake Up Call product. Is it as amazing as it sounds? At what point in your morning routine is it meant to be used, before or after moisturizer? 

This is one of my favorite products. Let's say you've had a rough night, been out a little too late and you want to look your best the next morning. This product helps make your face look refreshed and revived. The combination of Green Tea extract, Caffeine and Menthol help to circulate the blood flow in the area of the face where it is applied and can help you look like you slept a full eight hours. The product helps to put your best face forward. It should be applied underneath your moisturizer, foundation or anything else that is meant to be left on the face throughout the day. I personally use this product often and absolutely love its benefits.


It seems as if more and more men are caring about their skin these days, why do you think that is (and does it mean that the women who have been harassing their fellas about skincare for years are finally making a difference)?
We have been making men's skincare products for almost 15 years and I have seen a lot of changes in the industry. This category has become much less taboo over the years and more and more men are feeling comfortable using products beyond the basics. Showing men’s products in social media, editorial, blogs and how to videos exposes the category. Women and men are certainly looking for their partner to be well groomed. These kinds of products help to make a man look and feel good about himself and his appearance. Who wouldn't want to use premium products if this is the result?


anthony bag.jpgSay I have a man who’s a soap and water kind of guy, what products would you recommend he start out with to get him on the skincare bandwagon (let’s call them “gateway products”)?

Over the years we have seen many men in this situation. We always like to recommend the basics at first and tell him how he can help his appearance to look better and feel better about himself. Although our Pre-Shave Cream has many complex ingredients and is a very high-end premium product, it's always a good place to start as many men shave. We typically push the envelope a little further by recommending some sort of a moisturizer after they shave to help retain moisture and heal the skin. For those men that are looking for something to help fight their wrinkles we start with our anti-aging products, and they see products like this will help them look and feel younger.


charity.jpgYou do a ton of charitable work and philanthropy in the community. Talk to me about some of the great organizations and events you’re involved with.

I grew up in a very philanthropic environment. My parents were involved in all sorts of charities throughout my upbringing. This created the foundation that led me to be so passionate in giving back. My father passed away from cancer as Anthony was in product development and I felt it would be appropriate to give back a portion of our sales to the fight against prostate cancer in his honor and memory. This is a disease that affects many men. On every one of our bottles, tubes and cartons we prominently display the prostate cancers blue-ribbon to show our support. We also give a portion of our sales to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society from all of our Shaveworks products. I'm also very involved with an organization called Facing History and Ourselves. I am extremely passionate about this organization as their main goal is to teach tolerance and history to high school students so we don't repeat the mistakes of the past.

Re: In Focus: Anthony Logistics

Love love love me some Anthony Logistics! Oh, and my boyfriend loves him some too! Smiley Very Happy


Some of our faves, the glycolic face wash (who here hasn't seen me rave about it?????), the shave cream (my bf is currently enjoying a trail sized tube), and the lip balm (again, who here hasn't seen me rave about this????).


Thanks for sharing the interview/article, Candace!

Re: In Focus: Anthony Logistics

Love his Shave Cream! A little goes a long way and so moisturizing/ soothing!

Re: In Focus: Anthony Logistics

Ha! I knew my skincare gals would be all over this! This really is a great brand that I thought deserved more love, and who doesn't love a product that both you and your guy can use? (Counter space saver alert!)

Re: In Focus: Anthony Logistics

Definitely, Candace!!! I ordered a bottle of the cleanser during Christmas time and it's hardly half way used and that's with sharing it too! A little goes a long way and it's so gentle!


I'm already on my second tube of the Blood Orange lip balm, it's my bf's and my favorite scent.


Last year around Thanksgiving we made a trip to his hometown and he had his tube in the car door, it must have fell out during a stop at the gas station, but as soon as we touched down to our destination he instantly was all, "I need to get more lip balm, STAT!" Smiley Tongue Sadly there's no Sephora at his hometown, but they recently opened an Ulta so that at least solved that problem.

Re: In Focus: Anthony Logistics

After Lylysa's raving about the Glycolic Face Wash I picked up one of the 100 point perk & I love it. I'm definitely picking one up when my current cleanser is empty. 

Re: In Focus: Anthony Logistics

I can not find the blood orange lip balm that lylysa raved about. Could someone point me in the right direction?

Re: In Focus: Anthony Logistics

We were out of town and the Hubs forgot to pack shave cream. We stopped by and one of the fabulous SA's introduced him to the Anthony Logistics Shave cream and he has forsaken all other shave cream. He is finally starting to take skin care and shave comfort a bit more serious now that he has hit 30. He also uses a clarisonic with the glycolic facial cleanser. 

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