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In Focus: Agave

Heat styling. We all do it, yet we all know it's not the best for our hair (it's a vicious cycle). So when I heard about Agave's new Healing Vapor Healing Iron that conditions while heat styling your hair, I had to know more! I talked Fernando Romero, founder of Agave, about this brilliant new innovation, and how you can get healthy hair from the same plant that gives us tequila (!!).


Agave line.jpgWhere does Agave Oil come from and what about it makes it so great for your hair (especially compared to the other kinds of oils out there)?

Agave Oil is born out of the leaves of the Blue Webber Agave plant, found in Mexico, and also happens to be the species of Agave plant selected by Tequila manufacturers. It is so precious that it takes 7 years to harvest.


The Agave plant leaves contain Amino sugars that help hydrate and moisturize hair, making it look shiny and healthier. What makes Agave Oil different is that it hydrates and conditions without weighing down hair. You can use Agave Oil on all hair types – including fine hair, and you won’t experience greasy, heavy results that are often found with other oils.


How did you discover all of Agave Oil’s great benefits?
When I was a small boy growing up in Mexico, my grandmother shared the secret of the Agave plant’s high sugar content, and its hair & skin healing properties.


The Agave plant survives all types of weather in the high mountains of Mexico - hot, dry and humid during the day and very cold at night, and it has to hang on to every drop of moisture. Agave Oil uses this same hydrophilic (water loving) technology, infusing moisture deep into dry, damaged or frizzy hair.


Let’s talk about your new Healing Vapor Iron. What makes this iron better for your hair than typical methods of heat styling?

Regular irons can dehydrate and damage the hair – especially those that heat up to 450F. The Agave Vapor Iron is the first iron to condition while you style your hair. By infusing the Agave extract into the hair shaft, we’re conditioning as we style. The Leave-in Vapor Infusion conditioner in the refillable iron cartridge gets vaporized, micronized and sealed into hair, for sleek shiny hair on a deeper level. It’s like a conditioner with a cord.


The Vapor Iron uses “NanoIonic plates” to help you get a smooth sleek look. NanoIonic plates sound like nanionic.jpgsomething out a sci-fi movie. What are they, exactly?
The iron plates are infused with a patented NanoIonic mineral complex, which hydrates, conditions and protects your hair from heat damage and drying out, making it feel smooth and look shiny. The mineral complex emits natural ions that have been shown to micronize water molecules, making them smaller, so they more easily penetrate the hair shaft. This deeper level of hydration helps to eliminate frizz until your next shampoo and helps heal split ends.


Agave ad.jpgWhat kind of regimen would you recommend to maintain beautiful healthy hair, especially with frequent heat styling?

Daily use of the Sulfate-free Agave Shampoo and Paraben-free Conditioner is a great start. After shampooing, towel dry, then work Agave Oil Treatment though the hair in the mid-lengths and distribute though the rest of the hair using your fingers. Blow dry with a professional dryer and paddle brush. Use the Iron two to three times a week to treat your hair to a Vapor-Iron conditioning & style experience. And if you have static or fly-aways, apply a little Vapor Infusion or a Agave oil Treatment to eliminate them.  


Use the Iron two to three times a week to treat your hair to a Vapor-Iron conditioning & style experience. And if you have static or fly-aways, apply a little Vapor Infusion or a Agave oil Treatment to eliminate them.


agave flat iron.jpg







Re: In Focus: Agave

This is so interesting!! Thanks for sharing I can't wait to see what this does for my hair (we're all looking for those little miracles!) Smiley Happy

Re: In Focus: Agave

I got a sample of this somewhere and used it once before the rest spilled out.  The samples come in terrible single use containers even though you can use the sample way more than once.  From the single use, I can say I loved it.  Luckily, I will get to try it a few more times before I make a purchase decision, because it will be in my Birchbox this month (in the single use form again, but I will do my best to preserve it this time).

Re: In Focus: Agave

oooh! I will be sure to check this out, thanks Candace! <3

Re: In Focus: Agave

This was shown on "The Talk" today.... I'm really curious about the iron. Looking forward to more information. Smiley Happy

Re: In Focus: Agave

My Grandmother, on my fathers side, used to use agave,yukka extract,goat milk ( if one had a goat and if not they would use cow milk or any other type of milk they had on hand ) and fresh spring water.After it was mixed and heated to a very slow simmer , it was removed to cool and a touch of grain alcohol or any "whiskey" available.


This is how the Native American culture washed their hair. They did not use animal fat or lye...they only used what the ground gave them ( yes - grain alcohol comes from natural ingredients and so does animal mil - if you think about it )


This was used by both men and women.I have a largebook of ingredients that could be gathered, milked, made into extracts, ect. They have many properties and tell of what these items and properties can be used for and what their general use is for.


Maybe I will share some of theses properties to you all sometime...

Re: In Focus: Agave

This does look really cool! I straighten my hair every second day.. So something that won't kill it sounds like an amazing buy. Thank you for sharing! Smiley Happy

Re: In Focus: Agave

I have straight hair, but when I air dry it (which is about 99% of the time), it sometimes gets strange kinks in it. My current flat iron is over 8 years old & I've been looking for a replacement. I hate that most expensive, good quality flat irons don't have adjustable temperatures. I color treat my hair, it tends to be on the dry side & it's long and thick. This iron looks perfect for me!

Thanks Candace, this is now on my loves list for Chic Week! 

Re: In Focus: Agave

I am tempted for sure, when my flat iron craps out I will probably put this in my birthday list, I honestly rarely use heat on my hair because I am just too lazy and my wavy hair usually goes straight after a couple days without a wash.  The concept of this flat iron has peaked my interest since I saw it a week or so ago.  It would be nice to help add shine to my hair when I straighten it.  


Plus tequila comes from agave so this stuff has to be good Smiley Wink

Re: In Focus: Agave

Glad you enjoyed it! I think the story of the brand is actually super interesting. And I'm dying to try their new flat iron!

Re: In Focus: Agave

This is really interesting, Candace -- thanks for sharing! 

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