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Important Article!

Google Huffington Post for Mercury in Mascara!


I haven't been able to find anything that says they have mercury but here is a list of mascaras that do not say ANY of their ingredients:


Benefit's- They're Real


Bobbi Brown- Smokey Eye, Intensifying Long Wear, Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening, Everything, Extreme Party


Buxom- Lash Waterproof 


Clinique- High Impact, Long Wearing Formula, Naturally Glossy, Bottom Lash, Lash Doubling, High Lengths, High Impact Waterproof, High Impact Extreme Volume


Dior- Diorshow Iconic Over Curl, Diorshow Waterproof, Diorshow Iconic, Diorshow Black Out, Diorshow Iconic Waterproof, Diorshow Black Out Waterproof, Diorshow New Look


Dolce & Gabbana- The Mascara Volumized Lashes, Secret Eyes Lengthening


Givenchy- Nior Couture 4 in 1, Phenomen' Eyes Waterproof


Illamasqua- Masquara


Lancome- Definicils High Definition, Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body, Definicils High Definition Waterproof, Hypnose Custom Volume, Hypnose Drama Waterproof, Oscillation- Vibrating Infinite, L'Extreme- Instant Extensions, Hypnose Waterproof Custom


Laura Mercier- Full Blown Volume Lash Building 




Shephora+Pantone Universe-  Liquid Lash Silk


Shiseido- Nourishing Mascara Base, Perfect Mascara Defining Volume, Perfect Mascara Full Definition 


Smashbox- Photo Op Eye Brightening, Bionic


Stila- MAJOR Major Lash


This is NOT a list of what mascaras have mercury it is a list of the mascaras that do not have the ingredients on Sephora's Website. 


I'm lo0oking into contacting these companies to try and get some answers. 


So0o far from the domestic brands L'Oreal, Covergirl, and Revlon I have not been able to find the ingredients on their websites, I will keep you all updated on this! 


Re: Important Article!

I'm more concerned over the high content of lead in Kohl eyeliners than mercury in mascara. Especially since those eyeliners are being applied to the water line. 

Re: Important Article!

If you have silver fillings you have more mercury exposure than if you use mascara everyday for the rest of your life. If you had immunizations you have been exposed to mercury. Don't freak because someone says it may contain trace amounts. They use beetles to make some of the really red lipstick as well. Fish scales to make those pretty iridescent eyeshadows we all love, they are harmless.  

Re: Important Article!

Speaking of mascaras, I have resorted to wearing the ones I get for free because I haven't found a single company that doesn't use falsies in their ads. False advertising!

Re: Important Article!

So true! 

Re: Important Article!

HAHA! I know! I noticed that to0o! >(8D) 

Re: Important Article!

It was really more of me saying that how come these brands and types of mascaras don't give any ingredients. 

Re: Important Article!

The ingredients list section on Sephora is not always up to date, but agreed. It kind of differs by brands but sometimes it's a royal PAIN to get ingredients info out of them it's like, for god sake, it's not like I'm trying to steal your first born!!!


NOTE: another bummer is that cosmetics are not required to provide the full ingredients list. I did not realize this until Jack Black lip treatment's ingredients suddenly doubled. They didn't reformulate, but since SPF now are regulated by FDA, anything with SPF must provide the full ingredients list, which is why suddenly there's petroleum and paraben in there. =(

Re: Important Article!

Yes, I was reading that, that it's not required to know what is in makeup but still people should know.

Re: Important Article!

90% of the time you can find ingredients online even when Sephora doesn't post them. I tried a couple and was able to find ingredients for half dozen mascara listed above from makeupalley, the brand's own website, EGW cosmetics database or cosdna and sometimes bloggers post them.


It is kind of a bummer that sometimes there's still mercury in mascara and lead in lipsticks in this day and age. I remember browsing the kids face paint section at Target a couple years ago and right there on the front of the package it sayds "warning: may contain lead." and I'm like " do realize this goes on a kid's face right?"

Re: Important Article!

Right I'm not saying STOP using these, I'm just saying it's good to know what products you are using... mainly because if there is ever an unfortunate medical mystery and your dr needs to know everything you use and ingest then you should have the right as the consumer to find out what is in the products you use. I had a similar situation a few years ago when I was younger they thought I had Celiac Disease and had to stay away from ANYTHING that had glutten in it. 

Re: Important Article!

Did you read the part about it being trace amounts?  You get more mercury from the clod of dirt we all ate as kids than you could ever absorb from a lifetime of mascara wearing.


I really hate scare tactic click-bait that uses ill interpreted and paraphrased information from actual science articles.  The major piece of information gets buried or lost completely.  The trace amounts are still better than the alternatives which can be things like serious infection, blindness, etc.

Re: Important Article!

Before everyone freaks:


Yes, mercury can be highly toxic. But that high toxicity depends on three things.


1) the concentration of the mercury

2) the type of mercury (is it in a compound with other elements? or just elemental mercury?)

3) The route of exposure.  Elemental mercury is only toxic if you inhale the vapors.  You can actually swallow a glob of the stuff and have no ill effects.


The article gives no information as to these three things, but before everyone goes all "OMG CHEMICALS ARE BAD" (btw, everything is a chemical.  everything.  There is no such thing as "chemical-free" products)  keep in mind that it is very likely that the trace amounts of mercury in mascara ARE completely harmless. 

If only we freaked out as much about the MASSIVE amounts of mercury being dumped into our environment by coal power plants....  


xoxo, Your friendly neighborhood Beauty Talk PhD Chemist.

Re: Important Article!

You rule!  Thank you for explaining this so eloquently that even someone as chemistry-challenged as myself could comprehend it.  Well done!

Re: Important Article!

haha, you're welcome. I try to explain things so that everyone can understand Smiley Happy  I believe science should be accessible to all.


The problem with just saying there are "trace" amounts of any contaminant is that "trace" is not a value that means anything.  Even if they're going with the standard analytical definition  "Trace" could mean anything from 0.01% or less.  But this is journalism, so who knows what they actually mean?

You can find "trace" contaminants in just about anything OF just about anything if you look hard enough.  I would bet that given enough time and equipment, I could prove that there is a "trace" amount of radioactive uranium in my makeup.   The trick is deciding where the harmful cut-off should be.  Sometimes, the concentration is so low that certain lab instruments can't even detect it.

The EPA sets a guideline that inorganic mercury contamination in water should be no more than 2 parts per billion.  This level would be considered "trace" but also safe.  Such a low level would also be difficult for some types of instruments to even detect!

Now, I'm clearly not saying that contaminants and pollution and toxins in our environment aren't something to be worried about.  Some things are very dangerous, indeed.  But I think we need to take everything for what it is. 

Re: Important Article!

Props for knowing that everything is a chemical, not just "bad" stuff.  That sort of comment drives me nuts in articles!

Re: Important Article!

Totally agree, from another chemist...

Re: Important Article!

I love you. This is exactly the lines I was thinking along. 


Funny story: when my husband was young, he had an old thermostat from his parents renovating the furnace and heating stuff in the house. He told his parents he was going to use the mercury inside to make an atomic bomb. He is less of a troublemaker now, but only a little, hahaha.

Re: Important Article!

I really wanted you to end that with "Brought to you by someone who played with thermometer innards as a kid."  Smiley Happy


I did, still here.

Re: Important Article!

This is terrifying!!

Re: Important Article!

Omg! the scary to think it could be in my mascara!

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