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Help with gifts

So i know my girlfriend loves your products and i wanted to get her some, however i know absolutely nothing about makeup, any chance anyone could steer me in the right direction if i give you a price range, wouldnt mind getting her a few things, figure about 150 in total thanks so much. While i know it maybe nicer to bring her into a store to get stuff, i also fear i wouldnt be able to control her.


So i guess the better question would be if someone were giving you supplies from here what would you enjoy. Also gift card doesnt work.


As far as what she looks like she is a latina with a tan complexion. Thanks so much

Re: Help with gifts

If you could take a look at the makeup products that she already has and see if she tends to go to a certain brand, post back here and let us know and we can try to rec something she would like. One of the brush sets and a smoky eye set are great choices so far. I would suggest one of the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay


Does she wear perfume? 


Her skintone sound similar to mine, but slightly darker. My favorite lip gloss is NARS lip gloss in Stolen Kisses


If I can help with anything else, let me know. 

Re: Help with gifts

I second the brush set and the Sephora Smokey studio.


The Moisture surge is great for normal/combination skin. But if she have really dry or really oily skin, it may not be enough hydration.


I personally love the Lorac Mint edition palette, but some of my friends find the pastel color doesn't really look good on dark complexions. I don't know how it would look on your wife, but if she wore pastel or have similar colors in her make up drawer, by all means check it out. Lorac is a great brand.

Re: Help with gifts

i will stick with the brush set and the smokey studio, hate to keep asking but any other item you think i should pair with those. like i said i dont know anything about make up so maybe make up for other parts of her face i guess if the studio doesnt cover that.


would that be good maybe.

Re: Help with gifts

The smokey studio is for eyes and lips, the Too Faced Sweet Indulgence is a good supplement since it also contains stuff for cheeks, primer and 3 look cards to help her get more make up ideas.

Re: Help with gifts

I would suggest a kit/set, so at worst she'll still like something in there, and some of them have such pretty packaging they are just asking to be gifted. How appropriate is the eyeshadow palette with "LoveMe" on it for Valentine?


Does she like make up on her eyes? try these:

Urban Decay - Smoked Eyeshadow PaletteUrban Decay - The Feminine PaletteSmashbox - Love Me Eye Shadow PaletteMAKE UP FOR EVER - Black Tango Palette


Does she also wear face make up? try these:

Too Faced - Suddenly Sexy SetToo Faced - Sweet Indulgence PaletteTarte - Amazonian Clay Eye & Cheek PaletteBenefit Cosmetics - Go TropiCORAL Lip & Cheek Kit


Are most of her make up powders? then a good set of brush is a must-have, and pretty ones are a bonus:

SEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE - Faux Cashmere Brush Set Too Faced - Teddy Bear Hair Professional Brush Set


They are all from very good brands and should suit her complexion. With ~$150 budget, you can probably get 2-3 of those. =)

Re: Help with gifts

If she likes makeup, I'm sure she'll love one of the Naked palettes. However, if you want to get something specific that fits her needs, try looking at her bathroom counter. Does she have a drawer filled with a certain brand of products? That'll at least narrow your choices. I hope this was helpful and good luck!

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