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Happy Valentine’s Day, BIC!

Happy Vday from Team BIC_.JPG


Happy Valentine’s Day, BIC superstars! ❤  


Thank you all for your contributions in the Beauty Insider Community – you make this such a special place to be. We love each and every one of you, and are sending you all the warmest virtual hugs this Valentine’s Day.


We know that you’ll probably be treating your loved ones (including yourself!) this holiday, so if you have any gifting ideas be sure to share them with us for inspo! 😊


Let us know how you’re spending your Valentine’s Day by hitting the “Reply” button below!


Re: Happy Valentine’s Day, BIC!

@KatieBT Oh!  What a fun part of your job!

Re: Happy Valentine’s Day, BIC!

@greeneyedgirl107 Giving others a little sweet treat on Valentine's is always my favorite thing! It's so fun to spread the love, I hope work gets less stressful for you and you have the best valentine's Smiley Happy 

Re: Happy Valentine’s Day, BIC!

@BrendaBT Thanks for the well wishes!  Work was super hectic today, and promises to be even more so tomorrow.  BUT, I was super frustrated about something that happened at the eleventh hour after I was already staying late and two of my co-workers noticed so they gave me a bouquet of flowers.  Bud roses!  One of the girls had gotten the bouquet, but already have been gifted two in the past week so they decided to share the love.  I'm going to bring in a vase tomorrow so I can arrange the flowers at work so everyone can share in the beauty - and generosity.  I'm also going to gift my co-worker a few beauty items I have stashed away for such occasions.  

Re: Happy Valentine’s Day, BIC!

Happy Valentines to everyone at BIC <3


My spouse and I are going to make a nice dinner together, we're going to cook duck, my favourite Smiley Happy

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  • We took an old ottoman and made it into a dog bed for her
  • Never any room to sit on any sofa lol
  • He’s always climbing into stuff and I’m always rescuing him.  Locked inside a cupboard, fridge, closet, boxes, basement, attic, suitcase, pantry, almost dryer (this cat is really testing his 9 lives theory)