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Happy New Member Monday!

New Member Monday.JPG


Happy June, BIC! It’s the first Monday of the month and we are continuing our New Member Monday tradition. We had so much fun meeting A LOT of new friends in May so we’re back to meet more new members or anyone who didn’t get a chance to introduce themselves last month.


Even if you aren’t technically “new” but have been lurking around the community and haven’t gotten the chance to post, introduce yourself (we LOVE making new friends here, if you haven’t already noticed Smiley Happy ). We want to meet you and greet you!


New members and lurkers! Please introduce yourself and tell us your favorite springtime beauty product. We can’t wait to meet you!

RE: Happy New Member Monday!

I’ve had my account for 7 years but only just started posting in here this month so I hope that counts! I’ve lurked for a while now and always read up on the knowledgeable recommendations and product info everyone on this platform has. I’m so glad I’ve started to post/ask questions because you have all been so great with your responses! I’d say right now my favorite product is the belief aqua bomb gel moisturizer. I have only gotten into skincare in the past two months or so but my skin has honestly NEVER looked better. I look forward to continuing to lurk around the BIC! Haha

Re: RE: Happy New Member Monday!

@KateJRoberts Welcome back to BIC. 

Re: RE: Happy New Member Monday!

Welcome to BIC @KateJRoberts

Re: RE: Happy New Member Monday!

Welcome to the BIC @KateJRoberts!😊

Re: RE: Happy New Member Monday!

@KateJRoberts Welcome! We're so happy you decided to start posting and having fun! I have oily skin so the Aqua Bomb gel moisturizer is also one of my favorite moisturizer is also one of my favorite products Smiley Happy 

Re: RE: Happy New Member Monday!

Welcome @KateJRoberts! So glad you decided to join in on the fun here on the BIC. Smiley Very Happy I have heard great things about the True Cream Aqua Bomb; it's awesome to hear that you're loving it! I've been getting REALLY into skincare recently as well - let me know if you have any more recommendations! 

Re: RE: Happy New Member Monday!

Hi @KateJRoberts,

YES that totally counts!! We're so glad you've started engaging more and asking/answering questions. Lurking is great for searching out topics, but it's fun to jump into the mix as well. 


I have a little tub of BELIF - The True Cream Moisturizing Bombthat I keep at my desk. It's a lifesaver under the constant controlled office air conditioning that dries out skin. 




Re: RE: Happy New Member Monday!

Welcome @KateJRoberts  !  I lurked for ages before commenting too.  TBH I still lurk a little now.  I hope you enjoy and have fun chatting!

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Re: Happy New Member Monday!

Welcome to all of the new members! Here's a great thread to get around that was started by @Mcakes !

Re: Happy New Member Monday!

@SpaceLlama such a great resource for new members, thank you for sharing!!

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