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Gift Cards and VIB

Does the VIB 20$ card count as a gift card? I usually buy a 50 and a 25$ GC to make 75 together, so that would mean 3 GCs for one that possible online? My nearest Sephora is 2 hours apart, so I mostly order online and I can only get those amounts for cards, so I'm curious to see if I can use them all. 

Re: Gift Cards and VIB

They changed it to where you can only use 1 gift card online, but if you call the VIB line and order over the phone then you can use multiple gift cards.


What they can also do is combine the gift cards into 1 so you can use it online. Hope this helps!

Re: Gift Cards and VIB

Wow that actually really sucks! But thank you for your help, I guess all I can do is call :/ 

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