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Friday Mani - Spring Nails

It’s Mani Friday! I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.


Spring 3.22.jpg


From gorgeous pastels, to brights, to neons, are you rocking spring nails this weekend? Let’s see ‘em!


Show & Tell in the comments!


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Re: Friday Mani Challenge - Spring Nails

Ok, mine don't look nearly as cool as yours, but I like to usher in spring with two-tones tips!


Re: Friday Mani Challenge - Spring Nails

@jessicarwabbit - so cute! I love the bright alternating colors.

Re: Friday Mani Challenge - Spring Nails

So cool! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Friday Mani Challenge - Spring Nails

These have me craving jelly beans....


Re: Friday Mani Challenge - Spring Nails

@Rinner, I love that teal shade! What is it?!?!

Re: Friday Mani - Spring Nails

Soo cute Rinner! That teal shade is gorg, I feel like OCC in Pool Boy an excellent dupe, if that isn't what it is!


occ teal.jpg



Re: Friday Mani - Spring Nails

When i had my nails long! I need to break the nail nitting habit for good!

 Spring nails

Re: Friday Mani - Spring Nails

@JenBlush. Oh I LOVE the mint and gold striped one!!! What gold polish did you use? I did a mint/purple/pink color scheme just like you, except they weren't pastel and I was too clumsy/lazy to try an accent nail.

Re: Friday Mani - Spring Nails

@JenBlush  I love those pastel shades!  They are stunning!  I also love how you shape your nails.  Do you use a certain file or anything?

Re: Friday Mani - Spring Nails

For the weekend, I worked on practicing "flick art."  It's been a while since I've tried it, and I need the practice lol.  The blue was a bit thicker than the light green, but I believe I know what to do for next time.  I'll probably practice some more on my nail wheels.





Polishes I used:

Essie Grow Faster for Normal Nails Base Coat

China Glaze Inner Beauty

Essie Blanche

It's So Easy Nails Stripe Rite polishes in light blue and green

Out The Door Fast Drying Top Coat

Re: Friday Mani - Spring Nails



I had to cut my nails back to the bare minimum Smiley Sad

But I decided to do a watercolor/impressionist effect on my nails.


I saw a tutorial a long while back and decided to jazz up my nails since they are shorter. 


The technique is super simple and you can use acrylic paints or nail polish. I first used a pale lilac as a base on all my nails (Eskimo Kisses, Ulta Professional, holiday color in a kit). 


I then did the technique on select nails (3 on my left, 2 on my right), I used acrylic paints in a carnation pink, sea foam green, sky blue, butter cream yellow, and white. I took a wet paint brush, dabbled on swipes of color, layered them, but also would go back with a slightly wet brush and pat over shades to blend and meld them together. If you do this with nail polish just use a paint brush dipped in nail polish remover to thin out and water down the color dabs.


After it dried I just coated my nails in a clear top coat. Smiley Happy

Re: Friday Mani - Spring Nails

cute nails tadah!took a freaking long time

Re: Friday Mani - Spring Nails

@Kimmi. Oh that reminds me of palm trees! If you make the "leaves" green, the stripe orange/brown and the background blue, that would be totally tropical!


That's my Easter/Spring nails. I tried a bunny since Easter is coming, but nooot sure if it's cute or creepy. o.O

2013-03-23 16.02.05.jpg

Re: Friday Mani - Spring Nails

@ kimmi

that looks really you think it would work on short nails? now that spring break is coming, I wanna paint my nails with something like that or with simple crystal nail art.

Re: Friday Mani - Spring Nails


Re: Friday Mani - Spring Nails

Please ignore my cuticles lol

Re: Friday Mani - Spring Nails

@lylysa I love the watercolor look! It reminds me of speckled Easter eggs!


@beautytester I didn't even think of palm trees! It sounds like a good idea for summer time. I think the bunny is cute! It reminds me of something I've seen online before. Not sure if it was on Facebook or what. I can't recall what it was about or anything, though. I'll probably end up remembering after Easter lol.


@viviene23 I think it could work with short nails, but what is your definition of short? Some people who cut their nails short actually still have some good length to them. You may just have to make the flicks a bit shorter.

Re: Friday Mani - Spring Nails

@beautytester the gold one if from ESSIE!  I love that color! Smiley Happy


@kimmi I used the crystal file from sephora to shape them!! It is honeslty the best kind of nail file around!!!! Leaves the edges smooth and sharp! 

Re: Friday Mani - Spring Nails

@JenBlush I have the same nail file, and I love it!  Any advice on shaping?  The way a few of my nails grow at times, they can be awkward to shape to match the other nails.  It's mainly my left index findger and my right index and middle fingers.  My thumbs are tend to grow more rounded instead of square like most of the other nails.  Genetics can be weird lol.

Re: Friday Mani - Spring Nails

You guys!! These are awesome!! So cute! And these posts are giving me great ideas for future S&T Friday mani features. Tips on shaping, prepping, and nail art tutorials! Let me know if you'd be interested. #soexcited

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