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Feedback pop-up on Sephora - here's my reply.

So I was surfing BT a little and I get a pop-up (at least I think it was a pop-up, maybe i accidentally clicked the button at the bottom lol) that says "Favourite thing about What new feature should we add?"


Here is my response.


"Sephora treats their Canadian customers horribly. I understand that we have to pay taxes and now duties (geez thanks) - and that's fine. BUT, our minimum $ amount for free shipping is $75! Whilst our American counterparts' minimum is only $50. Also the markup on the products is ridiculous! I know that there is an exchange rate but I also know that it is NOT THAT MUCH! (and all the prices vary in markup, hence how i know that it's mainly markup and not just the exchange rate). Not to mention things like the fragrance sets. We don't get the voucher for the free purfume of our choice, but Americans do?! How the heck is that fair?!?!
Basically, treat us Canadians better - or we'll just spend our money elsewhere, and Sephora - you will be become our last resort."

Re: Feedback pop-up on Sephora - here's my reply.

I haven't shipped anything out of the country for ages, but I do know it was always more work for me to ship things back to the US and for family to ship to me when I lived out of the country.


I could see why the free shipping is more (more paperwork, higher shipping costs) but I can't understand why the products aren't priced according to the exchange rate.  That seems like a rip off to me.


Sorry you ladies and gents are being treated so poorly.

Re: Feedback pop-up on Sephora - here's my reply.

I don't know how they calculate their mark up but if they were doing by exchange rate, wouldn't the prices be constantly changing because the exchange rate can change on a daily basis?


I do think sephora should offer their Canadian customers with perks that they offer in the US. 

Re: Feedback pop-up on Sephora - here's my reply.

My best guess is that the high mark up prices has more to do with competition in Canada, than exchange rate. I've looked at some products before, trying to figure out the best place to purchase it... and SDM, The Bay, and Sephora all have nearly identical prices. 

Re: Feedback pop-up on Sephora - here's my reply.

I ship internationally on a regular basis. It is always more work. But I agree that Sephora has to try their best to accommodate their Canadian customers. 

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