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Fake reviews.

I get the feeling that 70% of the reviews on are fake-- posted by the product distrubutor. I always click on the user and see if they've reviewed other items or not.. I mean, almost every product has at least 4 stars total. That seems a little unlikely. It bothers me.... Luckily they have a great return policy so you can try things out yourself. Thoughts?

Re: Fake reviews.

I always review products here on Sephora, they're mainly all positive... well because I make sure to do research reviews on other places before reading on Sephora. A great place to look at reviews negative or positive is makeupalley. It has helped me tons in the past!

Re: Fake reviews.

I do find it strange that some products on here are rated very high while they are rated quite low on other sites.

Re: Fake reviews.

I always find it a little sketchy when there's only one review and it's the highest praise ever, but I think that's a psychology thing. Maybe it really is someone's favorite product ever, and they just couldn't wait to review. Maybe a product wasn't very popular, but was a good product. It's just weird that I've seen it more than a few times that the first review is glowing and amazing, and then after that the negative reviews filter in. Of course nothing works for everyone, and it really could be a coincidence.

Re: Fake reviews.

I know the feeling, and every time I leave a bad review I get down-voted ? 

Re: Fake reviews.

Never trust the reviews on a product site. If you want honesty & objectivity you have to go to an impartial site with no sponsors or brand affiliations of any kind. Even then it's not 100% foolproof.

Re: Fake reviews.

I don't think it's unlikely at all. A lot of times, people review items that they either really really loved, or really really hated. You're not going to find that many people giving products three stars, because those people don't really care enough about the product to even give it a review. Maybe if someone is giving products 4 or 5 stars and lots of praise, it's just because they only review items they really liked. 

Re: Fake reviews.

I don't think it's fake review, it's just that ppl only review when they really like or hate a product, and cuz Sephora nags them. I HATE the Sephora review reminder email that comes after EVERY purchase. Sometimes I haven't tried the products yet, but I imagine somebody will probably write a review when they receive that email even if they didn't try enough to get a good idea of the products yet. I think this is where the "I haven't tried it but it looks so pretty!" or "I just opened it now and it's awesome!" type of review comes from.

Re: Fake reviews.

I don't think I've ever gotten any of these emails... I'm glad because that would be annoying. I agree that this seems like a bad plan, since using a product once (especially if it's skincare) doesn't really give a good idea of what a product likes. 


I do think that these reviews are biased, since people can only be bothered to take the time for a review on something they either hate or love.

Re: Fake reviews.

Those reminder emails are only for orders I made online. I hate them! They usually comes a week or two after the purchase, sometimes I haven't even opened them yet. I used to review but now I don't. 

Re: Fake reviews.

That's probably why, I don't really make orders online, since I really like to see things in person first. I used to review items when it first started on Sephora too, but now I just like to recommend products on BT or to friends

Re: Fake reviews.

I don't know if they're fake. I feel the same so many times, especially because I know sometimes they don't want to post negative reviews on products, especially if the product is expensive. As somebody said it, most of the time we review when we really like or dislike something. So, this one time I wanted to post a review about Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil that gave me terrible, TERRIBLE, cystic acne, huge, red, angry and extremely painful, which NEVER happened to me before!!! I've never had such a horror on my face! I've never even had cystic acne in my life before trying this oil. And I know it was this oil because it was the only new thing I was using. I tried few times to post the review, thinking people have right to know all the possible negative reaction to the product. Especially when the product is quite expensive. But they never published my reviews. Never! So, maybe the reviews are not fake, but they for sure filter them, not publishing all the bad ones.

Re: Fake reviews.

Oh yeah, the reviews are filtered. There's a guideline somewhere and one of the mods mentioned it a while back. However, I don't agree with how they filtered it, which is probably responsible for the positive inclination in rating. I mean, if they filter out reviews that complains about the price, packaging or company, that's fine with me and make sense. However, they also filter out reviews about allergic reactions, and I think people deserve to know if it might cause allergic reaction.

Re: Fake reviews.

I never complained about the price. Never mentioned it in my reviews. I just wanted to let the others know about my very negative experience, reaction to this product, so they take it into consideration. That was all. I thought people have right to know, but I guess I thought wrong Smiley Happy

Re: Fake reviews.

I have to add, so just there's no mistake about it - I'm NOT allergic to argan oil! I was using argan oil before I tried this particular one I was writing about. And I'm still using certain other argan oil which I LOVE! So, no! It's not like "posting a negative Yelp review on an Ice Cream Parlor because you're lactose intolerant"!

Re: Fake reviews.

I have first hand experience that that Sephora filters their reviews. I wrote a review for Neurololiquid Volufill Youth Eye Serum.  My review was not a positive one. I waited and waited for them to post it but they never did. I finally emailed them and inquired  about what happened to my post? I received an email back, that was a format letter, stating it had to fall into their guidelines, blah, blah, blah.  I contacted them several times after that and I explained to them that my review fell within all the guidelines, So in the end, the last person that contacted me said it was out of their hands.


There was one post for that product that just sat there for 1 and  half months. It didn't really say much about the product, but it was not negative.  I just rechecked the review for this product, there are two more, but they are positive ones!


I finally was able to let others know about this product via Beauty Talk.  


All I can say to that is, Ha! Ha! I got the last word 


The worst biased reviews onesI have seen are on Perricone's website.  They people rave like a product is like the fountain of youth!


So, the answer yes there are moles planting reviews and  yes, they are filtered out.


With this in mind this is one reason I feel Beauty Talk is a wonderful reference to beauty products. We are all trying to help each other. We are not trying to sell a product.

Re: Fake reviews.

It would be nice to know what the review guidelines are. I've had 2 positive reviews not be posted before. I took a lot of time to write these reviews and they weren't even posted? I'm not sure what was wrong with them - I definitely didn't say bad words or anything.

Re: Fake reviews.

To: Jellybean917

I'll see if I still have that email.  I may have deleted it cause I was so agitated at the reponses. If I don't have it I'll contact Sephora.


I think it's so lame that we spend our time writing reviews and they don't post them.


Well, get this, for the post on the PTR, I would have thought they would have looked at the second review I wrote on the product. It was actually a question about my review.  They posted my review (question), it said; What happened to my review. That was such and embarrassment to me. I told them I wanted that to be taken off the website. 


I know. What gives with these so called reviewers!!!

Re: Fake reviews.


Re: Fake reviews.

Hi ladies! The "Fake Reviews" concern comes up a lot (as you can see, this thread was started over 2 years ago), but as I've been the Community Manager for BeautyTalk and Reviews since they launched, I can tell you without a doubt that Sephora reviews ARE NOT FAKE. Smiley Happy


We have over 2 MILLION product reviews on our website. That's a lot of reviews to fake (even I couldn't pull it off, and I'm on the internet all day). 70% of 2 million is nearly 1,400,000 reviews, which is still quite a few reviews to fake.


What I can tell you is that we do filter some reviews. Our review guidelines are pretty specific about what we can and do filter, but here are the biggies:

- If you post a review that saying you hate a product because of  how expensive it is, how much you hate / love the packaging, or how much you hate / love it based on something else OTHER than having actually tried it (yes, we delete positive reviews on this account as well). Also if you post a review on a brand new product that isn't live on the site or we don't sell yet, we will usually take it down, unless you explicitly state that you tried it somewhere else first. The running theme here is that you have to have tried the product first and are judging it based on it's efficacy. 


- If you state how much you dislike a product, and rave and rave about how much you love a similar product from a brand that we do or do not sell. We encourage you to write honest reviews on all of the products that you try (and I've denied many requests to take down negative reviews based on things that aren't in the guidelines - we won't take down a review just because you dislike a product). However, we do discourage people from raving about makeup brand "A" on makeup brand "B"'s product page. We try not to play favorites with our brands, so please go to makeup brand "A"'s page and rave about it there (or come to BeautyTalk Smiley Happy). 


- If you have a crazy medical / horrible allergic reaction to a product. Now this a tricky one, because we do realize that all products will not affect everyone the same way (which is why we encourage you to come to BeautyTalk!). But we do sort of look at this like posting a negative Yelp review on an Ice Cream Parlor because you're lactose intolerant. If you do have a negative reaction, please return the product and contact customer service. (And then come talk about it on BeautyTalk if you like). Talking about an allergic reaction is not the same as talking about the efficacy of the product, which is the purpose of our reviews.


Now, with so many reviews, it is true that we can't get to all of them. Also, it's the same lovely ladies who moderate our BeautyTalk page who go through the reviews, so I can assure you they're not deleting reviews for no good reason. Sometimes the software we use will delete reviews for no good reason (they're own filter-special-sauce caught something that they deemed inappropriate), and our mods will try to catch the okay ones and put them back. But again, they can't catch all of them, so if you think your review was deleted wrongly, please post a comment in our Customer Support Board.


Our buyers and our brands actually rely pretty heavily on our reviews to see what you guys love (and hate), so not only would faking reviews be supremely dishonest, it's not in our best interest. We also ask that all of our brands and employees be labeled with special "staff" or "brand" badges (much like on BeautyTalk) to identify themselves before they post reviews so that we are always upfront about who is posting what.


Again, please know that while we won't catch everything, we truly are doing our best to make sure we have the most honest feedback possible on our product pages. If you have a concern, please post in our Customer Service board. And keep writing great (and brutally honest! Smiley Happy) reviews!


Your Friendly Community Manager,



Re: Fake reviews.

“If you state how much you dislike a product, and rave and rave about how much you love a similar product ....”
- I understand where you are coming from, however, I feel like this is something that a review could be useful for and something that readers wants. I’m making this example up and hope it gets my thoughts across. Let’s say Josie Maran Argan oil’s product description states that it is good for all skin types. If I have dry skin, I would love it. However, for someone with oily skin this may be too heavy and cause clogged pores or breakouts, so they say they would much rather get Tarte maracuja instead. This review might then be deleted, no? But every product have people who love them, so if you delete it, then oily skinned people might see high rating on argan oil, buy it then get clogged pores; or people with super dry skin might get maracuja and are disappointed that it isn’t hydrating enough. Granted, they could filter reviews by skin type (this option is unavailable for some skincare products), or ask in the Q&A section of the product (takes a long time to answer), or come to beautytalk (do they know about it? They also need to make an account). However, now you are making the shopper do 3 times the work for something that can be cleared up by a couple of comparison review.


“If you have a crazy medical / horrible allergic reaction…. like posting a negative Yelp review on an Ice Cream Parlor because you're lactose intolerant. …Talking about an allergic reaction is not the same as talking about the efficacy of the product.”
- I can see where you are coming from. However, the world is not black and white and an adverse reaction could happen even when the person is not allergic. Here’s another made up example, let’s say people are complaining that Origins Brighter by Nature peel pads are making their face breakout, itchy or red or angry. If the reviewer is allergic to vitamin C, which is an ingredient in the pads, then yes you can say it’s a silly review. However, it is possible to have terrible reaction to a product even when you are not allergic. Let’s say lots of people are getting terrible reactions because the ingredients are too potent, wouldn’t that be good to know? And some products may take possible allergy into consideration, so the amount of Vit C is so mild or balanced with another ingredient so it won’t cause an allergic reaction, thus allowing even those that are mildly allergic to enjoy an effective product. How do you distinguish between those? Allergic reaction is still kind of related to the efficacy of the product, and unless the reviewer specifically states their allergy, the bad reaction might indeed be due to the efficacy of the product, no? Some people also may not know they are allergic, so if they have a bad reaction and see reviewers state they are allergic to lavender, then they know instead of wondering if they are allergic to glycerin or aqua etc.


That’s my two cents (ok ok, it's so long it might as well be 200 cents). Other than that, we just want you to know that we do appreciate the fact you guys take the time to monitor the reviews. I know I would tear my hair out if I have to sift through 345 of "make money here! btw this product is great” or stories of robbed Nigerian prince before seeing an actual review.


ps. Also, can you link us to the review guidelines? I think that will save some wasted effort for the detailed reviewers.

Re: Fake reviews.