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Fake reviews.

I get the feeling that 70% of the reviews on are fake-- posted by the product distrubutor. I always click on the user and see if they've reviewed other items or not.. I mean, almost every product has at least 4 stars total. That seems a little unlikely. It bothers me.... Luckily they have a great return policy so you can try things out yourself. Thoughts?

I actually don't think they're fake -- if they were writt...

I actually don't think they're fake -- if they were written by the product company or Sephora, they would (likely) contain proper spelling, punctuation and a better use of grammar than the majority of reviews have. Seriously, though -- I think four stars is pretty average on this site -- it's a "good" rating. While I try to be discerning in my reviews, I find myself giving four star reviews to things I don't absolutely love, but "liked" well enough. I will give lower-star reviews to products only if I did not like them. As is the case most of the time, I will like a product without being in love with it -- meaning I would rate it higher than average, but less than excellent -- i.e., four stars.


Also -- people often complain that their negative reviews are deleted, but it is my understanding that Sephora only deletes reviews (both positive and negative) that have nothing to do with the product itself. For instance, a one-star review that reads "I didn't even want to try this because it's too expensive for me" might be deleted, whereas a substantive one-star "poor" review that acutally cites negative points will remain.


: )

Re: I actually don't think they're fake -- if they were writt...

oh phew im glad Sephora tries to delete those totally irrelevant reviews. I once read a 1-star review that said something like "hate the product because it feels icky" UMMMM...DOES THE PRODUCT WORK OR NOT? lol. I feel like Sephora should hire me to delete those type of comments, i would have so much fun!

Re: I actually don't think they're fake -- if they were writt...

Just out of curiosity, I decided to check out my own reviews. I have written more than three hundred product reviews for Sephora -- and I keep track of what I have reviewed in a MS Word document (nerdy, I know). Of the 300+ reviews, every single one of my low-star reviews remains posted. I'm assuming this is because I took the time to address what I did not like about the product, and why it did not work for me personally. If you had a review deleted (or not posted in the first place), I would be curious as to what the content was.


During the initial Naked Palette craze, there were many, many people who submitted one star reviews that said -- almost verbatim: "I am so sick of this being unavailable!! And why are you deleting my reviews?!" -- those are the types of reviews that were posted -- and why wouldn't Sephora delete those? Whether or not a product is available has absolutely nothing to do with the actual product itself -- which is the point of consumer reviews. To anyone whose review was deleted, I would think about the content and how much it had to do with the product. If, by any stretch of the imagination, it did not have to do with the product, OR you mentioned a product NOT available through Sephora (anything from Chanel to Neutrogena), your review would not have been posted in the first place -- or it might have been removed, per Sephora's guidelines.


(Moving on from the original post) This is not the first time I have read about people doubting the authenticity of Sephora's reviews -- which, quite frankly, I fail to understand. I wrote my 300+ reviews for products that I tried and loved, tried and liked -- and tried and thought, "Meh." I wrote a ton of reviews over a short period of time simply because I was having a slow period at work. While I wish that I were, I am unfortunately not a Sephora employee -- just someone with a passion for beauty products and time on her hands. Lastly, as for claims that "no one" can try that many beauty products, I'm sure that Citizens Bank would be glad to verify my spending habits.


: )

Re: I actually don't think they're fake -- if they were writt...

I recently posted a 1 star review ( 2-3 days ago) on the Sephora Brand Face Brush and it didnt get posted. I just wrote that it was too rough on my skin and that I wish I did love it, because the price is awesome and it would have saved me tons of money on things like makeup wipes and toner. And this isnt the first time my negative reviews were not posted, so I dont understand why Sephora doesnt post my reviews, but keeps things like "too expensive" or "sick of this not being available" and "cant wait to try this!". So I dont think that the reviews are fake, but someone at Sephora is filtering out reviews to keep at least a 4 star average on most products. I know that on here reviews on the Clarisonic are 5 star, but on other places like QVC its much much lower ( well the overall score isnt lower, but there are a LOT more negative reviews there than Sephora has) and they give much better deals too. ( For $225 you get all 3 skin care brushes, the body brush, the pro machine and a bunch of full size skincare products from companies like Philosophy, Clarisonic and the like.)

Re: I actually don't think they're fake -- if they were writt...

Reviews may be removed if they do not meet our guidelines.

@Sephoramusthave and Tamelee - It looks like your reviews were rejected in error.  I've approved them and they should be up later today.  Smiley Happy

Re: I actually don't think they're fake -- if they were writt...

Thank you SO much keelybt!!

Re: I actually don't think they're fake -- if they were writt...

At any given point for any product, you can click on the reviewers name and the reviews of all the products they have reviewed will come up.  So if you feel like a review is fishy, check a person out and you can determine how legitamate they are.

Re: I actually don't think they're fake -- if they were writt...

Could you be more specific to what you posted the negative review on so that a moderator could respond for all of us to see?

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