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Dont like change....

It's going to take me a while to get used to this new forum.  I'm not one for change,  it does have some good features but I'm finding it a little hard to navigate.  Anybody else think good or bad?overall, I think I'll find it to be a good thing once I get used to it.

Re: Dont like change....

I'm not really a fan of the new layout. It's not that I don't like change, I like it when it's for the better. This layout seems much harder to read and follow for me. I've actually found myself coming to the forums less and less recently because of it. It almost hurts my eyes in a weird way. Smiley Sad

Re: Dont like change....

I like using larger letters and colors to split up sections for easier reading and now it's not an option, boooo.  I also like to see who hearts my posts and see how many views, that's why this page makes me feel good.  So it would be great if the moderators could look into our issues.

Re: Dont like change....

I'm finding it more and more difficult to navigate through because rather than have the most currently created threads show up on the main page, the main page now shows the threads that just have the most recent responses. I'm seeing threads from 2011 being sprung up, granted sharing information and updates is helpful, but I highly doubt anyone who made a thread in 2011 is constantly checking up on it in 2012 going into 2012.


This is flooding the main page with old threads that frequent forum users are responding to in a sense "dead" threads as opposed to being able to help the most current topic where the poster may still be online and looking for answers to.

Re: Dont like change....

@lylysa-  Yeah, I noticed that I was responding to posts from 2011!  I am reduced to checking when a reply has been posted to tell what's new, it's so frustrating because it is a big job to dig through a post with more than a few replies. Have you noticed any new improvements with the site?  It seems like nothing has changed for nearly a week. Smiley Sad

Re: Dont like change....

@prettyinpa- I know if I see one more post from 4-2011 I'm gonna scream there's nothing new to respond to and I'm not digging thru over a years post to reply or comment. And no nothing has changed at all in a week!

Re: Dont like change....

I haven't really browsed the makeup categories due to the flood of "dead" threads.  I can understanding reviving a thread that enables a discussion of a topic among everyone, but I don't think there's a need to revive a one question topic that may already have a bunch of answers to.


After the update, it looked like some older threads appeared before any users provided an updated reply.  

Re: Dont like change....

I agree lylysa this is just not getting any better and I was just looking at the same thing you are talking about. Something really needs to change. We're all on here trying to make the best of it, but it's gonna take alot.Smiley Sad  Can anyone see their own hearts yet? I can see the one's everyone else has but not the one's given to me.(UGH!)

Re: Dont like change....

I totally feel you, but I feel like we might give them a little time? I hasn't even been a week yet since they made the changes. If they say they're working on it I'm sure they are. (Compared to Facebook, where if you ask them about something after a change who knows long it takes for them to get back to you!)

Re: Dont like change....

Nope, I can't see my hearts yet either. Ahh, that was one of the fun things about spending time on here, seeing who gave you hearts and how many views your post got. I have no idea why those features would have been removed.

Re: Dont like change....

I don't know but the old forum was alot better.

Re: Dont like change....

I can't see my hearts either, the way I can even see any of them is if I go to my profile, to the "Hearts Given" to me area, click the person, go to their profile and hope it's recent enough where it's in their "Messages I heart" area. If it's not recent enough and they've since given more hearts to others, I can't tell what comment I've given that gained hearts!

Re: Dont like change....

Alright, after giving it almost a week, I can fairly say I'm not a fan of the new site.  The structure is the worst part for me-posts on the homepage are not listed in the order they were posted, but rather on the order people commented on them.  This causes some posts on the home page to be from a week ago, and others from a minute ago.  The old homepage was much more structured so that I could see the newest posts, the ask the expert posts, and the most hearted posts all in separate, organized sections, which was really great.


Another problem is the inability to view hearts given and received.  On the old site, I loved to be able to view which posts I had hearted recently, that way I could see if other people had commented on it or had responded my posts.


So while the site is functioning okay, I think the structure is disorganized which makes hard to navigate, and not as fun to participate in.  Thank you for listening!

Re: Dont like change....

I also find it odd that on your own profile page now there's no option to view your personal messages. In order to check your inbox you need to be on the main/front page of Beauty Talk, as opposed to before where you click your name and it brings you to your profile with the ability to check your messages from there.

Re: Dont like change....

Though I can see everyone's comments and responses here in this thread, it's not like that in another I just responded on. Here I can see people who comment to the original post by Makeupobsessed, and people's reponses to others, and their own, but in the other thread I went to, when I commented on someone's response, it was hidden and I had to click on the actual "comments" area to see it. This layout doesn't seem uniform in terms of what is or isn't shown. Not to mention, the "comments" option to click isn't even visible until you happen to scroll over it at the bottom right hand corner of a response. So if you're trying to check if anyone has commented back on anything you need to scroll over the bottom of each response's corner to see if more/new comments are added.

Re: Dont like change....

I've had difficulty typing in the subject line when creating a new topic.  It takes forever to get a few letters out.  The body of the message allows for faster typing.  I'm not sure if it's something on my side or Sephora's.  I left a note to's Customer Service board. 


Also, I haven't been able to locate Francois NARS reply to Sephora BeautyTalk questions.  Maybe I missed it.  I'll have to dig around BeautyTalk and see what's what.  I'll admit I haven't really done that yet. 

Re: Dont like change....

Hi ladies! We have been listening to your concerns and working hard on making some changes based on your feedback. We just updated BeautyTalk with some bug fixes and changes, so I wanted to let you guys know what's new (and fixed)!


Hearts are back! This was a bug, and it is now fixed. Now you can see the hearts you have been given on each of your posts. If you click on the number of hearts, you can see who those hearts were given by.


View all on profile page: The "view all" option on profile pages has returned. You can now see all of your recent activity and all of the messages you have given hearts to from your profile page.


List view: This is a new feature that we have introduced to give you more options on how you can view the threads in the community. This is more of a quick look page, where you can quickly browse the latest threads without the text preview. This list is also sorted by most recent thread, not most recent post, and it will show you what threads do not have answers. To see the list view, click on the bullet icon at the top right of the homepage (or category or board page) in between the list icon and the photo grid icon.

list view.jpg


Darker font: We realized (and heard you) that BT was a little hard to read, so we've darkened the font on all of the pages. Hopefully this helps.

- Bigger post box: We have enlarged the size of the post box so that it is now more comparable to the one on the old BeautyTalk. Now you can see more of your message when you are typing.


We really hope that these updates and fixes are helpful for everyone in our community, especially our most active users. Please know that we are taking all of your feedback into account, and even if things aren't updated immediately, changes take time and we are always working behind the scenes to make BeautyTalk a wonderful experience for everyone. There are more bug fixes and great updates to come in the new year that we hope you like!


Happy Holidays to everyone,


BeautyTalk Community Manager


Re: Dont like change....

Thank you!


Admist all the panic with the new website, I kind of forgot Sephora team is/should be on holiday schedule, too. =X


Thank you for the list view and hearts! yay! I was temporarily confused by the time on the right side (last response, not created, time). Does anyone else uses/read the hover text? I get confused by the little icons very easily and find hover texts very helpful (the little text/tag that appears when you hover over an icon).


*sigh of relief* Aahhh, my front page and view all my posts page are back. Now my (BT) life is complete.

Re: Dont like change....

Thanks Candace! You did an awesome job at taking the bad with the good and listening to all of our feedback. This is why we will keep coming back to beauty talk!Smiley Happy

Re: Dont like change....

Thanks for the update and for letting all of us know what's being added and fixed!


It really shows so much about this company and its employees to listen and take feedback so much from customers. I love that everyone here is willing to work with users and consumers to better things and not make it such a one sided business.


Kudos to the Sephora team for kicking butt and not getting consumed by the holidays!

Re: Dont like change....

Ok Candace now I'm ready to see the love you were talking about showing to the top contributors of beauty talk when is that going to happen?

Re: Dont like change....

Another important/big thing, are you going to implement a search function for PM?


I don't know how often others use PM and I didn't think I use that often, but now I've been here for a while, I've got pages of PM. It's a pain to find things without a search function.


ps. I know, if you really want to get into it, there's the whole hoopla about making it more like actual email system with folders/categories etc etc. But can haz search plz?

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